5 Fundamentals that Every Beginner Android App Developer Must Know

There are few cool features that are essential for an app. While adept programmers are busy with designing and building the app, if you are a beginner then check out the 5 vital fundamentals that you must possess!

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1. Proficiency in the Language

Android App Development

XML and Java are two main programming languages in the field of Android App Development. It is essential to be proficient in these languages as these are the prerequisites to develop applications.

A beginner android app developer must be aware of packages, objects, generics, strings, collections, concurrency, and interfaces of both these languages. With adequate understanding of both these languages, it is possible to develop a powerful and robust android application. Hence, as a beginner, you must be aware of detailed knowledge about these languages.

2. Knowledge of Proper Development Tools and Environment

Android App Development

Another essential fundamental that a beginner android app developer must possess is familiarity with build automation tools and integrated development environment. With the Android app studio and Eclipse tools, you can learn the basics as well as other things that are great to enhance the code.

Apache Ant, Gradle, and Apache Maven are finest tools to learn. Also, these tools are familiarizing to source control tools and concepts. A better understanding of these terms and concepts offer how the platform functions and employ the Git Pocket Guide.

3. Familiarity with Application Components

Application components are vital for building blocks of the Android application. Each of the aspects is a distinct point through which the system can enter into your application. Though each one of them occurs as its own group and plays a particular role, there are some of which that rely on each other and not all are precise entry points.

The 4 distinct types of application components are –

Activities – It is an aspect that showcases a single screen with the user interface. Activities function together to create a cohesive user experience in the application. However, one of them is independent.

Content Providers – This component manages a single set of application data. Through this feature, you store the data in the file system, SQLite database, on the web or can be modified. This feature is also useful for reading and writing data.

Services – This aspect runs in the background to perform work for long-running operations or processes. It does not offer user interface.

Broadcast Receivers – This component responds to system-wide announcements. Most of the broadcast receiver arise originate from the system. Though a user interface is not displayed it is possible to create a status bar notification.

Activating Components – It is a synchronized message referred as intent that activates 3 out of the 4 aspects. Intents also link individual aspects to each other at runtime where to aspect belongs to the app or not.

4. Knowledge of Android Application, Fragmentations, Loaders, Tasks, and Threads

The market for Android is fragmented hosting distinct devices and operating systems. If a device supports more versions then it will need more maintenance and testing. Even the alternate is true!

Also, you need to have appropriate assets, fonts, and layouts that will ensure you have best possible experiences in numerous screen characteristics. Sometimes you might have services for background tasks that must run regularly but at times the situation might be different. If you want to deliver a smooth and great user interface then you need to have a thread that is never blocked.

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5. Make the Correct Choice of Required Tools

Android App Development

The simple tools that you require are Windows PC or Mac, any sort of Eclipse and Linux, the Android SDK and ADT Plug-in. You can visit the installation guide online to know the correct procedure to set up a development environment. It has documentation of every vital thing.

Some of the unique parameters of Android are –

Performance– You must always revert to user input within few seconds. If you are not able to do so then the operating system will not respond you.

Lags of more than 100ms– This must be noticed by the users. As mentioned the UI thread must never be blocked as it is only one.

Limited resources– There are wake locks mechanisms that force the device to perform certain aspects and to sleep the battery manager.
So, these are the important fundamentals that every beginner app developer must be aware of!

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