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The Internet is rightfully called the electricity of the information age and as our electronic devices get more ubiquitous and more powerful, it goes without saying that our existence as humans will continue to undergo changes effected by the internet. For instance, the way we buy, sell or advertise basic goods and services is a far cry from how it was done 20 years ago. Today, we trade faster, easier and more efficiently on the internet than we ever did as humans. You must be thinking how can an internet marketing attorney boost productivity.

Attorney Online marketing

Attorney Online marketing describes the activity of trading and advertising legal services on the internet. It involves making use of online digital technologies such as SEO, SEM, content marketing, Social media marketing etc to spread awareness about your services and catch attention of prospective clients.
How has it been able to pull off such a humongous success story in a relatively short time? Let’s consider three advantages internet marketing has over traditional advertising.


Every businessman in a suit and tie knows the impact of crowd media, whether it is a super bowl in the United States of America or a Cricket world cup final in faraway India, the giant stadium screens are passionately sought after by insightful business persons who understand that where there is a crowd, there is a market. However, with over 6.3 billion electronic devices used by 70% of the world population to access the internet every day, your firm has a far greater chance of reaching a potential consumer.


Unlike traditional advertising like the print media, TV, Radio, Banner advertising and cold calls that has no medium to receive feedbacks, online marketing is a two-way interactive procedure that is capable of collecting feedbacks which contain valuable information that can be used continuously to remodel the approach a firm uses for a better result.


Online marketing is built around consumer values, it studies the patterns and habits of today’s audience, and integrates the findings as core ingredients when cooking up a marketing campaign.

The fundamentals of online marketing make it a congenial tool for attorneys, because not only does it give you a spotlight shot but also helps you filter off passersby and leaving you a pure undiluted audience that are looking for you.

The challenge however, is identifying efficient ways to generate more leads using online marketing without forcefully shoving your merchandise down your visitor’s throat. At AIS Technolabs we make use of a three element approach, designed and perfected by our Attorney Marketing Team. It involves planning, directing and selecting the right tools. With years of satisfyingly handling every marketing concerns of our lawyer clients, we are easily the best attorney Internet marketing firm in the country.

First we device a plan

Every sort of marketing campaign requires proper planning and so does online marketing. First of all, as an attorney you need a brand, then you need to set goals and priorities, you need to have a definite budget set aside for the transition. Our Attorney Online Marketing team just does that.

Select the right tools

There are countless tools out there that profess to assist lawyers market their brand, making it laborious to select the best tools that fit. We help you select the right tools for your business. Depending on the level of competition around the region you practice, the demography and sometimes behaviorism of the audience you want to reach, your tools will need to vary. For a single legal practitioner in a small county, setting up a custom mobile friendly website and registering the domain name of his website with online business listings like Google My Business (GMB) as well as local directories will get the job done. However, an attorney practicing in a highly competitive region will need more than just a website to pull clients to his doorstep. He’ll need Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys (SEOA) to position his brand at the top of the competition. He needs Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that involves Pay Per Click Management (PPCM) which simply put, is the paid version of SEO. Moreover, most effective of them all is Content Marketing, which involves creating blogs with contents that teaches, inspires, guides or solves people’s problems and spreading them all over the internet on social media, online forums etc with backlinks that point people to your website.

All in all, the internet is here to stay and so is its effect on marketing as a whole. Which is a good thing, when leveraged properly, considering how effective and successful online marketing has been.Talk to us now, we will be happy to help you.

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