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Engage gamers on the best online poker game ever

As poker is a game of mathematics and calculations, to develop the best poker game development that runs well on Mac OS is very much important and necessary. To develop a Poker software for mac you are required to have a set of high quality software tools and experienced game developers for the best experience of Poker on the mac. If you wish to develop a Poker software for mac, you would have plenty of choices available, but AIS Technolabs gives you the best Poker experience for your mac and develops the software which fulfills all your requirements and expectations.

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How to develop the best poker software using our script?

1. Purchase our pre-built poker software

At AIS Technolabs, we have built poker software development by a team of experts and professionals. You can purchase the poker software and add your company’s logo to it.

2. Customize your poker software by us

At AIS Technolabs we can help you add custom features to poker software development. The customizations entirely depend upon the client’s choice and requirements.

3. Hire poker experts from AIS

You can hire a team of experts from AIS Technolabs if you wish to develop the best poker software development from scratch. Our developers are highly skilled and experienced in developing the poker software.

What is the best Open Source Poker Software?

It can be a good idea to build a feature-rich Poker game using an open source script. We are a leading open source poker software development company helping clients build engaging games for their business. Making use of the latest tools and technologies, we develop interactive poker software for delivering an amazing gaming experience to the users.

The experienced Poker game developers at AIS Technolabs have huge expertise in working with a lot of clients and helping them achieve their business objectives. Whether you need the best poker game software for Mac or Android, you can rely on us for awesome solutions.

Features of The Admin Panel

Manage Delivery Person
Player Management
General Settings
Ticket Management

Get In Touch
Get In Touch
get in touch!
do you have any question? our experts will be happy to help.

Features for the Players

Profile Management

Allow your users to easily manage their profiles and add their personal information, integrate their social media accounts for personalized experience.

Chat Room

Private and group chat room integration to make your gaming app the best online poker software that makes gaming more interesting and engaging for the users.

Add Friends

Allow your users to add friends, integrate their social media accounts, invite people, refer their gaming community to magnify your revenue generation.

Money Deposit and Withdrawal

Give your users a secure money deposition and money withdrawal platform that allows them to perform their transactions using cards, e-wallets, and more.

Get Help

Make yourself available to your users at one click. We give you chat and email customer help features, allowing your users to easily reach out to you for query resolvement for better client servicing.

Game History

An all-inclusive game history tab allowing your users to track down their past games played on your platform and keep a close track on their transactions as well.

Additional Features of Our Poker Script

Club Management

Create and manage the virtual poker clubs built on different platforms with great convenience to add, remove or expand these virtual club communities.

Authorized Poker Script

Rich gaming experience ensured through years of experience in coding for high-end compatibility between features, backend and frontend.

Random Number Generator

Use of globally accepted random number generator algorithms, approved and licensed by top gaming license providers.

Host unlimited tables and number

Post development, we provide you the game source code that allows easy creation of unlimited tournaments, and games for unlimited players within the setup.

Live Video

Well-synced video chat features allowing players to video chat live with their fellow players. This feature can be enabled or disabled by users.

Multi-Language Support

Poker game development with multi-language support gives each player the freedom to use the application in their preferable language.

In-built Game Engine

Poker games with integrated game engines to handle the game logics and other user generated data to reduce your development, and management costs.

Progressive Web Apps

We help you build web applications with fast loading pages, allowing users to save them on their desktop or mobile home screen and enjoy a hassle free gaming experience.

Agent Module

Create a management hierarchy within the admin dashboard by restricting or granting access to important information as per their usability. We allow you to create four modules of agents, including super admin, agent, sub agent, and child agent.

Full Statistics Tracking

Easy to track statistics, allies, wins, folds, transactions, biggest wins for helping users and admins to easily track their entire interaction with the software.

What are the Benefits You get When You Opt for Our Poker Software Development ?

We have done it before and we can do it again. Hire the best poker software development team, globally known to develop feature-rich online poker gaming platform that runs seamlessly on multiple platforms of your choice. We always make sure that the security between the online transaction, user data is highly guarded by the use of dependable technology, and the UI of the software is fresh, user-friendly and appealing for users to spend more time on your applications. With a robust dashboard, built to make your business operations as simple as it can get, we provide you everything you need to make your master poker software people’s favourite gaming application.

Save time

Our Best Poker Software Development Gaming Solution

Best Online Poker Software for Every Platform

Get cross platform poker software development that reduces the development time and cost significantly. We help you build online gaming solutions that run seamlessly on different platforms including the web and mobile devices. We offer high quality Progressive Web Application development solutions for engaging the gamers.


Desktop Version

Create Poker software for Mac and Windows that are feature-rich and run seamlessly across all versions of desktops.


Web Version

Allow your users to directly start playing your online game on web over powerful web applications, built with all the necessary features and security.

Mobile Version

Mobile Version

We help you build powerful, secure mobile games that render high-end gaming experience over iOS, Android, Windows and more.


Upgradation and Customization Service

Already got a poker software? No worries, we can help you build new features and integrate them in your current poker software or you can choose to build a software from scratch with all the required customization of your choice. We also provide you with a highly-flexible resource hiring model. You can choose to hire game developers and pay only for what you actually require.

  • Upgrade : We help you in the migration of technology without hindering your current software data. We also help you in creating other features as per the latest trends and make the gaming experience better and engaging for the users.
  • Customization : Get customized poker game software development services that include character designing, game development, field designing, backend development, integration of important APIs and much more.

Our Expertise in Game Development

The proficient game developers working with us offer end-to-end gaming solutions to our clients across the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and other countries. We build exciting and addictive games for a great user experience. Being a leading poker software development company, we have developed a lot of casino, 2D, 3D, slot games, betting games, and cash games for different clients across several industry verticals. We use Dockers that ensure standardization and productivity of the games.

Casino Game

We are backed up with a team of expert poker software developers who excel at casino game development services with enhanced performance.

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Slot Game

Our team is committed to add value for the clients’ businesses by developing out-of-the-box custom slot games matching their exact requirements.

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3D Game

AIS Technolabs understands the pulse of the gaming industry, and develops interesting 3D games for the clients worldwide.

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2D Game

Keep your users glued to their seats with exceptional 2D game development services from our expert team of professionals.

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Why Choose Us?

Poker is one of the most loved games around the world, and to turn their love into a mobile, web or desktop gaming experience, hire AIS Technolabs game developers. We help you in building engaging online poker games that make you one of the most loved master poker games available on the market. Feature-rich and immersive, we make sure your users stay with you all throughout your business lifecycle. Gitlab CI/CD ensures faster delivery of the projects.

Best Game Studio

We have the best game development studio that allows us to integrate additional elements such as sound, animation and visual elements to your games for better user experience.

Expert Game Developers

Hire industry’s most regarded game developers for best online poker software development. We have experienced game developers and visual artists to build unique games.

Seamless Communication

We are easy to reach out during and after the game development project. We assign you a dedicated project manager and offer round the clock support to answer your any query regarding development progress or any problem with the product.

Flexible Hiring

We offer a wide range of engagement models to help you hire developers on an hourly, monthly and yearly basis to work on your product and deliver optimal master poker software.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work exclusively for the designing and development of the product. The legalities other than the development and product entity should be handled by the client.

Once you have finalized all the needed features in the poker game software, we will help you in estimation of time and number of developers and visual artists you will require for poker software development. Once you have agreed on that, we will provide you the hourly cost of these developers or a fixed cost for building you a poker application.

We at AIS Technolabs, are professional and skilled in Poker Software development. The online poker software provided by us is built using an efficient and a robust script by our extremely talented poker software developers. Henceforth, through them, we deliver bespoke solutions, which makes us stand out among the rest in the market as the best online poker software provider.

There can be no denial of the fact that Software is the driving force behind the world. Hence, it is only after the development of the software, you can build robust applications, to facilitate their working on your smartphones and mobiles; this entire process makes life unimaginable, automatic, and more unthinkable, thereby acting as a fuel in case of business perspectives and in gaining more ROI to maximize the business.

We at AIS Technolabs acquire extensive experience in developing Poker software. Further, our best-in-class Poker Software solutions help to attract a huge amount of audience, thereby providing them with brilliant gaming experience; resulting in high-levels of user engagement in the platform.

To get your Poker Software development project started, draft an email to us specifying your needs and requirements that you wish to add extra in the development process of your Poker Software, we will reach back to you.

Yes, we do offer both- Poker Software for mac, as well as Poker software for Windows. Hence, the users can choose whichever platform that suits their needs better.

Some major benefits of Open Source Poker Software includes:

  • Cost-effective and Affordable
  • Secure and Transparent
  • Flexible and Agile

These few features ensure the software to perform and operate effectively.

The Poker Software for Mac is built to work and consolidate with the rest of the poker networks. This suggests that the users won’t be limited to compete with anyone and everyone. However, this implies that the Poker Software for mac is compatible and a reconcilable software like the others.

Open source Poker Software refers to the software that is distributed under a proper license, thereby allowing the users to study, modify, and use the source code for every purpose. Apart from this, the Open Source Poker Softwares are also created in a collaborative manner.

Yes, being the curator of the world’s most regarded gaming applications, we suggest some features, and burgeoning trends to include in your poker software for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and others to improve the game experience.

We can help you to create the best poker game software for a number of platforms including iOS, Mac, Windows, BlackBerry, Web, Android and much more. As per your needs of development we can provide you the deployment details.

Master Poker Software is computer programming used to run a master poker website/mobile application. It is specially developed to meet all the requirements of a Poker Site, thus enabling the system to execute all the live tournaments smoothly without any possible glitches.

As the name suggests, this computer program is pre-built and takes only a few days to prepare for each delivery. It has now become a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for both the clients and the developers. Since the framework is already built, it involves fewer complexities in completing the project.

Master poker software is a vital part of the website/mobile application development process. It is a powerful computer program recently introduced in the advanced technological world. It helps poker lovers to play against computer players marked as the professional-grade. The development of such computer programs is known as Master Poker Software development.

With the increase in poker websites/mobile application demands, there is also a steady increase in the demands for readymade open source poker softwares. This has lured new ventures to enter this industry. As a result, there is a significant hike in companies providing readymade poker softwares in the market. Among those notable organizations is AIS Technolabs, who is in this venture for the longest and offers the most reliable services to compete for an ever-changing technological environment.

If you belong to those who are constantly looking for affordable services, yet reliable ones, AIS Technolabs is their ultimate destination. With our team of experts, we will offer you the most efficient, cutting-edge solution within a limited budget.

Since building a master poker software involves technical aspects, hiring a professional developer will be a smart choice. With AIS Technolabs, you will be able to access the industry’s top developers with knowledge of cutting-edge technology within a standard budget.

There is an ocean of companies present today providing Open Source Code Poker Software development services at various alternative prices. However, things become even more critical when it comes to open-source code as it helps build up the platform’s base. Therefore, it is best to move with such companies who have years of experience in this field. AIS Technolabs is the best example of having experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge about the latest programming languages.

Open Source Poker Software involves many complexities and often can take up to several months to complete the development process . However, with AIS Technolabs, we can provide you with the ultimate product within the least time possible.