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Bitcoin Betting Script

Betting and gambling are the backbones of the casino industry. Betting is itself a billion dollar industry that has a broad base worldwide. Bitcoin betting is the modernized version of betting. Online Bitcoin betting platforms developed using bitcoin gambling script and Bitcoin betting scripts that are quite popular these days. Software development firms like AIS Technolabs offer Bitcoin betting script development services comprehensively.

At, AIS we understand the changing needs that are evolving as a part of advancement in the technological domain. To get your Bitcoin betting developed you can lay your trust on us. Bitcoin betting platforms implemented with advanced technologies developed using our Bitcoin betting script will help you to generate better revenue for your betting industry, you can’t miss having one.

We offer Bitcoin betting development solutions that can accept all kinds of cryptocurrency along with Bitcoins (BTC). Smooth transaction in electronic cash or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is ensured on Bitcoin betting script developed by us. AIS offers both Bitcoin betting app as well as web development solutions to its clients around the globe.

bitcoin betting script

Bitcoin Betting
Platforms – Craze
Like Never Before

Bitcoin betting platforms

Firms in online gaming and betting business nowadays are pushing for Bitcoin betting platforms. The result, number of Betting companies looking for Bitcoin betting development firms on getting Bitcoin betting platforms to garner some effective revenue for their business. To get Bitcoin betting platforms developed as per the needs of your business, AIS Technolabs provides solution and expertise.

For developing Bitcoin betting platforms, we use our Bitcoin betting script which are designed with effective and efficient features.Our robust script is pocket-friendly and easy to customize. You can easily add or remove features according to your ideas and business needs. We will provide you a separate script for web and app and some and adds on to it.

At, AIS Technolabs we provide you on time and budget-friendly solution what we are known for. Having worked with firms in India and Abroad we assure you quality and dedication in our service delivery.

Bitcoin Betting:
The New Dimension of Generating Revenue

For firms in online gaming and gambling Bitcoin betting is not a choice but a need. The very fact that gambling is amongst the highest grossing and revenue earning games online with the most significant number of active user base substantiates its importance. AIS is well aware of the revenue generating potential of the Bitcoin betting industry and hence designs solutions accordingly.

As per our estimate dating 2015, the size of online betting and gambling industry was touted to be more than $ 37 billion. This whopping amount can’t be ignored by firms which are into online gaming or are looking to venture into it. Thus, AIS offers a dedicated development solution in the face of the betting platform.

The growth of Bitcoin as a part of the cryptocurrency network requires the Bitcoin betting platform to accept this mode of transaction. Hence, Bitcoin roulette scripts are what that firm needs these days.

At, AIS Technolabs we have that knowledge and experience of delivering development solutions that work in sync with the needs of cryptocurrency transactions. We offer you flexibility in terms of choice of service delivery and assure promise to deliver solutions that can add value to your business.

Bitcoin betting

AIS Technolab as Your Bitcoin
Betting Software Developer

As a technological solutions delivery firm, we had built an extensive network of clients on pan India and global basis. The 3 Es that is the Efficiency, Efficacy, and Experience of our developers helps us to bring the best of the solutions on your table. If you are looking to get quality and assured service, then you can trust us for that without any hesitation.

We offer you the following benefits as your Bitcoin Betting software developer Company:

  • Ease of Transaction for the user with the betting platform
  • User record maintenance and profile generation feature
  • Location-based match finding for an online multiplayer match
  • Smooth user Graphic Interface
  • Wholesome development strategy
  • Need-based coding and design solution
  • UI designers to pay proper attention to the designing needs of the platform
  • Professional developers with years of experience
  • Development for maximizing performance optimization
  • Back-end support
  • Real-time gaming app development service
  • Scripting of the program as per client’s needs
  • Various options in regards to app development
  • Timely updates in regards to the progress in the development cycle

If you are looking forward to getting your Bitcoin betting platform, then we are here to help you. Connect with us any time to get your solution delivered.