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We Take Up Your Challenges Which Are Our Challenges
AIS Technolabs PVT LTD is an IT based solution provider for all sorts of business. We are an ISO certified company having the certifications of an ISO 27001:2013 AND ISO 9001. Our company is based at Ahmedabad but has its offices overseas in the United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates and the United States. With a humble beginning around five years back, now we have handled over 600 clients. We have successfully handed over more than 3900 projects. Our clients are spread in over 20 nations all over the world. We have been able to retain our customers at 80% rate which is a clear sign of customer satisfaction.

A strive for excellence

We believe in constant endeavors to bring out the best solutions for our customers through constant experiments. Our Center of Excellence is in the constant process of trying to achieve the best in our deliveries.This Center comprises of a group of people from diverse backgrounds with rich experiences who act in brainstorming sessions and bring out the topmost concepts and the best practices of the industry to bring out a better solution through the collaborative approach.
Centre Of Excellence
All the persons who function in the Centre of Excellence are masters in their own field of core competence. Their orchestrated approach brings in the harmonious effect of the most modern apt IT based solutions for the clients.This attitude of our company has made it to be counted among the top growing IT companies. We aim to serve more clients both I the country and overseas with sustained standards of our services.
No room for mediocrity
In the world of flux, what people want is change, and the change should be for the superior. As a company poised for becoming a leader in the field of IT based solutions, our target is always the bird’s eye. We have kept our approach in this manner so that whatever we churn out should be of the best in quality stunning and beneficial for our clients.
Removing all obstacles
Our Centre of Excellence works with the new and upcoming trends in the IT sector which can furnish the nest business impacts to our clients. There are several technological obstacles that are generated before organizations. We take up these challenging issues, work upon them, to bring out the best and the most effective solutions.
Leverage the most of our talents
At AIS Technolabs PVT LTD, we devise solutions for you which can not only solve the business challenges of the current times but also remain safe with being well equipped technologically and uniquely ahead of the modern competitive scenario along with having an edge over the rivals by way of highly modern IT base solutions.
How It Works

The process of the Centre of Excellence is a constant strive for excellence as it is the run after excellence which only can bring success. There is no value of mediocrity in this hardly competitive world, so constant honing is the only solution to existence.

Our Excellence team is always in the process of rigorous exercises. They are conducting elaborate research on hew all these technical issues can be resolved in the most befitting manner so that the client’s business gets a boost and no adverse impact gets generated.

We leverage our highly experienced staff that have been veterans in this field and prepare unmatchable web based solutions that can take up any challenge in the world. Our actions are totally customer centric. We take up your challenges as our own and leave no stone unturned before we reach to prepare the best packages for you.

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