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Coaching App Development

The yearning to learn new things has been at the forefront of the growth of human civilization. It is through learning that we humans understand our surroundings, our own body and how a large variety of things function in our everyday life. The quest to enhance human knowledge is an everlasting endeavour.

The vast improvement of technology in the 21st century has allowed humans to connect to each other across the globe in real-time, allowing for greater exchange of knowledge and ideas. This has allowed for the development of apps that help in teaching and coaching of students throughout the world. AIS Technolabs, a premium mobile and web application development company, provides custom-made coaching apps for organizations, educational institutes and individual educators alike.

What is a Coaching App?
A coaching app is a mobile application which helps students to learn. There are various types of coaching apps, some of the most prominent ones are:
Hands-On Coaching Apps
Hands-on coaching apps helps users and students to learn a new concept using a ‘hands-on’ approach, where they learn the concept by doing various tasks related to the concept. These systems are used by various organizations to provide their staff with an easy teaching methodology while also working for the parent company. Hands-on coaching apps are best for teaching pupils technical skills such as programming languages, as well as other topics such as foreign languages
Game-Based Coaching Apps
Game-based coaching apps use the interactive nature of video games to provide students with the ability to learn a wide variety of concepts. Game-based learning methodologies are apt for small children and people with disabilities, who require interactive systems to engage with them at an emotional level, using the fun aspects of play to provide learning mechanisms.
Video Coaching Apps
Video coaching apps use videos as the primary means of delivering knowledge. These videos can be lectures, slideshows, graphic animations or a combination of all of the above. Video coaching apps allow content creators to easily upload and update their videos, with a seamless and user-friendly touch interface of a modern smartphone.AIS Technolabs is one of the leading developers of customized coaching applications for a wide variety of systems, from mobile devices to desktop computers.
What are the Benefits of Coaching Apps?
Coaching apps have a large number of benefits compared to traditional classroom learning methodologies. These benefits include:
Coaching applications provide greater interactivity between the pupil and the subject matter. Often, the use of interactive elements allow users to try their own things while learning a subject, and it improves the rate of learning through the trial-and-error method.
Self-Paced Learning
Traditional classroom learning modules are dictated by the pace set by the instructor. While it is often the case, the instructor is a subject matter expert who often outpaces a large portion of the classroom. Coaching apps allow students and pupils to learn at their own pace, and even re-try previous activities or watch older videos to gain a better perspective over the subject matter.
Unlike traditional classroom-based learning models, coaching apps are built to be highly accessible across a wide array of computing devices, from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablet computers. As a result, the pupil need not attend a classroom to learn a new skill or concept and can get it from their preferred location of choice.
This is extremely important for professionals who want to acquire new skills but cannot devote the time to go to a classroom-based teaching institute. Similarly, educational institutes can also benefit by providing their skill and expertise to a wide range of people, irrespective of geographic boundaries.
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Learning Through Coaching Apps: The Way Forward
Computers and computing devices have traditionally been the domain of mathematicians who used the faster ability of computers to perform extremely complex calculations in real time. As the industry progressed and computing devices became consumer electronics devices; the benefits of these hard-working scientists could be finally transformed to enrich the lives of ordinary people.
The use of coaching apps as a means of training have gained a huge momentum since the 2010s, with smartphones spearheading the online coaching revolution. With greater accessibility to knowledge and a wider scope for applications, these apps not only serve as a viable source of revenue, but also quench the human thirst for knowledge and a desire to know more about the unknown. To this end, AIS Technolabs creates customized apps for school tailor-made to suit an organization or an educational institutes’ exacting requirements. The application utilizes the power of the smartphone; with full compatibility for iOS and Android operating systems; as well as other bells and whistles that need to be implemented in the application itself.

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