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What is a Codeigniter Development Company?

Speedy codeigniter website development using world’s best known technologies and modern features

Codeigniter is a PHP framework that has recently gained its deserved position in the market. It is an open-source platform that enables developers to provide rapid Codeigniter website development, while making it highly feature-rich and user-friendly for higher user engagement. AIS Technolabs, globally rewarded Codeigniter development company, ensures a wide array of high quality Codeigniter web development services. If you are looking for Codeigniter development service providers, you’ve come to the right place.

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How can you find the best Codeigniter development company in 3 simple ways?

1. Inquire about Codeigniter development company at AIS

You can inquire about the Codeigniter development services provided by AIS Technolabs. You can contact us through phone calls at +1(917)746 0700, emails and chatbots.

2. Get more information regarding Codeigniter development company

You can have meetings and discussions with our team of developers to provide you complete and relevant information regarding the Codeigniter development company. You can clear all your doubts and queries at that moment without any hesitation.

3. Enjoy your Codeigniter Development services

After giving us an opportunity to serve you, you just need to relax and enjoy your Codeigniter development services provided by AIS Technolabs.

Custom Codeigniter Development Services

Codeigniter is one of the best development frameworks of PHP development language. Being the best Codeigniter development company we aim to offer tailored Codeigniter development solutions to create highly customized, user-friendly, Codeigniter website development. Get efficient Codeigniter solutions to make your business operations more seamless using resourceful PHP framework for highly customized solutions for your industry specific business needs. Using the latest Codeigniter development tools, we deliver futuristic solutions to our clients worldwide. We have the most experienced Codeigniter developers in the industry. Having more than 10+ years of experience in the industry, we deliver competitive IT solutions that suit your requirements and are within your budget. We also provide you with post development support. We have a dedicated team of customer service executives that work round the clock all throughout the year to manage your problems and resolve queries related to the websites and apps.

Why Opt for Codeigniter Development?

Codeigniter is a PHP framework based on MVC pattern that has become developers’ and users’ favorite. It offers great flexibility in coding, security and scope for major customization of the products. It is an open-source platform that comes with all the necessary features for well-planned development of dynamic websites. AIS technolabs is known for offering Codeigniter development services to take advantage of the world’s most sought-after PHP framework for building feature-rich web applications. Codeigniter has a rich set of comprehensive libraries to help developers build engaging, light, and high performance websites. As it offers built-in security tools and clear documentation, it is a trusted choice of several programmers and users across the globe.



Codeigniter is highly simple to set up and this brings more ease in the development process. Being an open-source platform, it is the first choice of several developers.


Codeigniter offers out-of-the-box features to make migration from any other platform to it extremely easy. It ensures that data on your current platform is migrated on your new platform without any hassles.


The framework comes with a built in security feature that makes it very easy for developers to provide multi-dimensional security for our websites and applications.


Having a well defined MVC structure, Codeigniter module development makes management of large websites and applications easy and offers great flexibility in building complex features


It allows easy data abstraction that means even the most complex data can be easily represented and used for business insights.


Codeigniter has strong community support that makes it easier for developers to find answers to any complexities they face during Codeigniter module development or more.


Coding in Codeigniter is extremely simple.Codeigniter module development allows your application to run smoothly and provide superior user experience to your customers.

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Our Codeigniter Development Services

AIS Technolabs is a globally known Codeigniter web development company offering you a wide range of business solutions that allow you to make a standalone position in the market. Customizing our web and app solutions to match your unique requirements, we make sure high quality is at par at both user end and at admin end. With a unique set ofCodeigniter web development services such as ecommerce development, Codeigniter API development, Codeigniter module development etc, we give a major thought to your needs and convenience on the usability of world’s one of the most sought-after PHP frameworks. We use Docker to create, deploy, test, and run apps easily on the server to standardize your environment. You can choose to hireCodeigniter developers for your next project and get the best results.


We are a leading Codeigniter website development company where we provide you feature-rich and high-functionality websites usingCodeigniter technology with custom designs, and modern solutions


Hire us for Codeigniter application development allowing you to simplify your business operations using the latest technology for security, features and flexibility.


We help you develop web portals that offer your users security and feature-rich interface to perform their tasks and stay engaged with your platform constantly.


Get Codeigniter API development allowing you to increase the efficiency of your platform and get more aligned with your modern day trends.


Our Codeigniter Content management system development services allow you to get a dedicated dashboard to manage your content on websites and applications, helping you boost your business.


Get a brand new Codeigniter website or enhance the scalability of enterprise through Codeigniter api development from the globally-leading Codeigniter web development company.

Why Choose Us?

Having more than 10+ years of experience in building websites and applications, we are a globally acknowledged Codeigniter development company that offers modern-day business solutions, well aligned with the latest market trends. Our Codeigniter development services include a wide variety of web and app solutions including Codeigniter web development,Codeigniter API development and more. You can find solutions for your every business need built on Codeigniter technology. Experience and quality is served in our solutions as we are one of the bestCodeigniter development agencies in the industry. Our team of expert professionals use Gitlab CI/CD to ensure quick delivery of projects. Our industrial experience combined with our superior Codeigniter development services make us the first choice of people as a leading Codeigniter web development company. Clients can hire dedicated Codeigniter developers to build dynamic websites that are responsive and work across all the devices.

10+ Years of Experience
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Frequently Asked Questions

A. We are a leadingCodeigniter development agency with 10+ years of experience inCodeigniter website development, applications,Codeigniter module development,Codeigniter API development and more. We are known for our expertise, our successful delivery records, client retention, know-how knowledge and clean codes.

A. Once you have shared your project details, our technical experts will analyze the work needed to be done for your product. Using that information, we help you determine the number of Codeigniter developers you will be requiring to complete the project with your timeline. The number of developers X total hours of work X cost per hour = development cost of the Codeigniter product.

A. We assign dedicated project managers on all our Codeigniter web development projects that keep in touch throughout the development process. Also, we provide you weekly and monthly reports on the progress made on your project. Apart from that, you are always welcome with any query you have regarding your projects.

A. Yes, we have a 24*7*365 days online support placed in order to resolve any query. Our technical experts will help you in case your products have any kind of bugs.

A. A strong and interactive userinterface is generally provided by the companies offering codeigniter development services. Additionally, these companies provide open-source platforms to facilitate the operations of dynamic and high-performing websites for any businesses.

A. Companies having extensive experience in MySQL and PHP based applications, thereby providing proper codeigniter development services with a fully-integrated featured set-up are considered to be the best company specializing in codeigniter development services. AIS Technolabs is one such, which has recently got the approbation of the best codeigniter development company in USA.

A. In India, we at AIS Technolabs, considered as one of the eminent offshore codeigniter development companies, provide inexpensive and affordable web development services through a codeigniter platform. Developers working with us are quite experienced and acquire proper knowledge and grip on the services. Hence, you can outsource your work to our developers, thereby getting a wonderful and satisfactory experience.

A. The best way to do codeigniter development is getting in touch with our experts. They will be the best one to guide you for the same, while making the process convenient and easy for you.

A. If you wish to get the best codeigniter development services at an affordable cost, then contact our team at AIS Technolabs. We would be grateful to associate our hands with you, thereby providing you with consistent and efficient solutions.

A. The open-source application, facilitating a robust framework for the creation of all dynamic web development solutions, integrating itself with a powerful PHP base is known as codeigniter development. Through this, businesses can also get stronger and efficient security while delivering their services.

A. To hire a codeigniter development service provider, check if the following are offered or not:

  • Quick response
  • Immense support
  • 100 percent client satisfaction
  • Customized and professional solutions

If all these are offered by the service provider, then consider it to be reliable and move on.

A. Before outsourcing work to a codeigniter development company, scrutinize properly, if the company provides:

  • Quick-efficient solutions
  • Cost-effective rates
  • Quick delivery
  • Substantial proficiency

If all these framework are incorporated within a system, then outsource your work to that specific company.

A. To do codeigniter development online, take help from a reputed company like us, at AIS Technolabs, as we provide:

  • Data Security
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Technologies and tools
  • Robust infrastructure
  • High-quality services
  • Expert team

All these, with a quick turnaround time will help you to do codeigniter development online.

A. You can hire a codeigniter development company in India through various ways. However, a codeigniter development company must provide:

  • Proper Data protection and Support
  • Daily work updates
  • Efficient technical support
  • Quality solutions

A. If you are striving for a valuable service, AIS Technolabs is the best place to look for. With an experience of over a decade, we provide efficient services at the point of your click. So without wasting any time, contact us.

A. Experience and budget are the 2 factors that you should look for in a company. AIS Technolabs, is the one having both along with persistent deduction towards their duties.

A. The codeigniter development work involves the use of programming languages along with interactive PHP scripts. With our programmers, you will not have to worry about those, as it is going to be take care by us.

A. An agency or an organization that specializes in building a website with a PHP framework for ensuring high interactivity is known as codeigniter development company.

A. To purchase the codeigniter development services from us, contact our support staff, who will record the complete functionalities that you demand for your product and deliver them to the developers for further processing.

A. To avail of the best codeigniter development services, AIS Technolabs is worthy of every penny you wish to invest in this wor, thereby getting accloaded as the codeigniter development service provider.

A. You can get your business started with us, at AIS Technolabs and get it transformed digitally using the codeigniter development services. You can also avail our free strategy by filling out the form below, thereby doubling and enhancing your revenue.

A. The easiest process to find a leading codeigniter development company, will be:
Search in the web with our company’s name “AIS Technolabs”

  • Visit our website
  • Get in touch with us
  • Discuss your requirements with our experts.

This will be the best and the most efficient way to find a codeigniter development company online.

A. Generally, companies providing codeigniter development solutions, do develop and initiate the process quickly. However, at AIS Technolabs, you can avail the service instantly, without even waiting for a month. Our codeigniter developers are well-aware of the framework and the rules for developing the solutions, while maintaining proper flexibility and fast-quick around time.

A. Companies that provide affordable codeigniter development solutions, never compromises on quality, thereby providing proper best-in-grade services, within competitive market rates.

A. To get your codeigniter development work done easily, make your enquiry today by filling out all the details in the form, specifying your name, e-mail id, phone number, estimated budget details, country, and drop a message along with it in our website, at AIS Technolabs.

A. We, at AIS Technolabs, provide cost-effective solutions to our customers. However, our basic charge for codeigniter development services ranges from $2999. Hence, you can easily hire us, as we have recently been awarded and acclaimed as one of the best codeigniter development service provider.

A. In India, service providers following a client-centric strategy are considered to be the best among the rest, specializing mainly in the best codeigniter development services. However, the developers associated with these companies also possess firm knowledge, thereby creating innovative solutions to facilitate all the business operations.

A. To do your own codeigniter development work online, get partnered with us, at AIS Technolabs, and get your work done simply and easily. Developers working with us are skilled in processes likecoding, development, and configuration.

A. To select a codeigniter development service provider company in India, send your proposal to us, at AISTechnolabs, We provide services, thereby maintaining:

  • Consistency
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Security

With all these you can understand the dependability of an organization.

A. Developers at AIS Technolabs with proper knowledge of optimization, can develop the codeigniter development services quickly and expeditiously. Hence, if you are looking for speedy solutions, do approach us immediately.

A. Using the framework of codeigniter development, the cost of developing a website may depend upon-

  • Development costs of the website
  • Number of people (team size) assigned in that specific project
  • Scale of the website

These are a few essential factors that determine the costs of codeigniter development services.

A. Codeigniter development services are valuable and worthy. It is through these services you can incorporate SEO Services, thereby enhancing the ranking of a website, using proper link-building technologies and Google-friendly keywords.

A. One should always outsource the codeigniter development work to India, as companies in India specialize in:

  • Driving growth
  • Reinvents the applications using their technologies
  • Provides economical solutions
  • Drives innovation, thereby providing optimized result-oriented solutions.

A. With steady advancement in Indian technology, it has become an excellent hub of highly skilled developers who will provide codeigniter development services, thereby driving enough revenue and growth.

A. Companies providing affordable codeigniter development services from India are well-skilled in the nitty-gritty PHP framework techniques, thereby providing scalable and best-suited solutions. To choose these companies from India, check if they are supporting the clients 24/7, providing proper maintenance, offering services in a lot of applications, and maintaining efficient performance. If all these are included, then you should really choose that company for future collaboration.