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Gone are the days when you were up to your neck with manual excel calculations and mastering complex formulas to get a task done. More and more people and businesses are turning to convert excel into app. This is mainly due to two reasons. First, you can simply save your time and simplify your day-to-day operations. Second, you can convert spreadsheet to app and simply make money off of it by selling it on App store.

It sounds too good to be true but we can help you from the start to finish so you can achieve your task with our expert help. Because this is what we do helping our clients and businesses realize and reach their vision. AIS Technolabs is committed to offering services such as web application development, mobile app development, custom-made software, software design services, SEO and other marketing services and many more. We will help you empower your workforce with a tailor-made application with custom-made formulas, tables and formats on Apple or Android devices.

We start by making a simple prototype in order to test your design idea leaving room for customization at every point of the process for you. Then, based on your need our expert team of developers will match your requirement with the best possibility.

Convert Excel To
Web App

The problem with maintaining an excel database are many. When individual excel files are shared through emails by one user to another, the received files may be corrupted, compromised or have confusing data. All this can hamper the decision making process of a company. If the data lands into wrong hands, then it can lead to further misuse. With multiple users, the need for version control also arises. All this and more gives rise to Excel Chaos.

In such a scenario, converting your excel files to web apps is the best solution. Our company AIS Technolabs gives you the advantage of easily turning your existing Excel spreadsheets to web apps that can be managed from any location. AIS servers are built on the highly-scalable and robust Microsoft SQL Server, which can handle databases of almost any size.Our user guide provides all the information you need to convert your Excel files into an easy-to-use web app, and our support team is always ready to guide you through the process if required.

Solutions in the following
Business Areas

Collecting data
made easy

Looking back at the days, when you had to evaluate accounts, note them in a notepad and input the same information in the spreadsheets on Excel to the present days of inputting information on the cloud-based spreadsheets. However, functionalities specific to the field such as data collection with specific formulas are still not easy. You can convert excel to application and change the way you collect data when you can simply carry it on your mobile device and work on-the-go.

Financial calculations
made easy

Calculating mortgages in an instant is not easy. In the financial industry, you need to move fast and be accurate but not at the cost of carrying heavy laptops typing in calculations to evaluate the mortgage quote. We bring you the functionality of integrating your mortgage calculating spreadsheet to a web app and find answers in an instant.

Configuring products
made easy

Are you dealing with clients, who are seeking customizable products? We understand the necessity of being able to change quotes and updating them without having to spend lot of time. Therefore, we can set up formulas wherein you can enter your product customization rules and prices which will immediately give you quotes as per the changes in an instant.

Business calculations
made easy

It’s nice to have an ROI calculator handy all the while making your powerful sales pitches. We can build one for you integrating the calculator in the right format to work on all your mobile devices.

Selecting products
made easy

In a business or technical setting, you are required to select from long lists of product variations. With custom-made formulas, the app can work as a selection tool showing you what products to select.

Highly Responsive

A highly responsive HTML template is the basic need for improving the design need of the system. It is built well in accordance with different web browsers and mobile devices making web pages automatically expanding on the wider screens of iPads, laptops and desktops.


We ensure that your spreadsheets run smoothly on all devices be it Android or Apple. Our focus is on ensuring that the app remains stable so that it can run just as a native application.

Cost Effective and Risk-Free

It is cost effective and chargeable only on the changes made since we charge a small one-time fee and since we welcome customizations or any alterations until you get the right product to fit your business needs.

Offline Capability

In order to avoid the fear of losing your data, you can also choose to have the offline functionality whenever needed as the information can be stored locally on your devices and connect to the internet later and sync your work easily. With this offline capability, you can create forms for instant quotes, live surveys, online orders and many more.

Shared usage

We treat this spreadsheet as a shared database in order to integrate a shared functionality wherein two or more team members can share the same spreadsheet and work collaboratively with colleagues in real-time. One feature that has been missing in excel is of shared functionality creating a mess when the same document is worked on by more than two people. Thanks to Google sheets, this problem has somehow resolved. However, we work to improve the speed with which one can make the changes simultaneously.

Easy Customization

As business rules change frequently with respect to prices, discounts, and regulations etc so does our work and documentation. Convert excel to web app in order to keep pace with these changes. All you have to do is make changes to the spreadsheet and regenerate or refresh the app.

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