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Around 60% of world population are using apps on their smartphones for some reason. Many people left accessing company like Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart and much more via their desktops because they use their smartphones to access services of these companies. Now, think what these companies would lose if they neglected to convert their respective websites to the Android app or other platforms! Everything; because these companies become more popular globally when they launch their apps for services. Now put your business website in a similar situation. Yes, you too lose potential customers if you do not take mobility seriously. Converting website to Android app will help you in targeting more customers and conversion for your business.

Why Choose

Android App Development

Over Others?

Easy portability to target multiple platforms in a single run

Converting website to app for Android is done using Java language. It helps businesses target various platforms in a single run.

Tools and technologies are free to use

Tools and techniques used to convert websites to the Android app are free of cost. Google does not charge any direct fee for letting mobile device manufacturers use Android OS.

Easy to Upload to Play Store

When you upload apps on App Store, it takes around weeks for publishing your apps. But, In case of Android apps, this time is reduced from a couple of hours to a day or two.

Our Areas Of Expertise

At AIS Technolabs we convert website to Android app from scratch. We develop custom Android apps to satisfy evolving demands of the modern business era. Our areas of expertise are




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Increase Your Business Success
With Your Own Android App

Having an app for local business has become essential due to change in customers behaviour. Nowadays, customers need an app that is intuitive, informative and, above all, interactive. Moreover, customers not only want to read information but also connect, order and get notification easily from your business. So as a business person, it’s your duty to fulfil the needs of your customers to get more conversion. Convert website to Android app today to increase your business success.

Our Additional Features for Business Android App.

Target and Manage Your Customers

Our Android app design will help you understand your customer better with the customer profile. You can easily personalize your offers and retain your customers.

Live Chat

Integrating live chat feature will help you reach your customers anywhere, anytime and send them personalised offers. Using this feature, you can quickly respond to customer requests and inquiries.

Effective Customers Retention

Coupons and mobile loyalty is an important tool to increase your customer retention. Reward your customer for their loyalty and turn them into returning customers.

Push Notification

Using this feature, you can send a message to your customers directly, and it is the perfect communication channel for daily updates, special offers, tips, events, etc.

Business App + Website

Convert website to Android app process. Whenever you update the site’s content, it will automatically update your app too.

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Why Hire Us?

There is a number of resources available to convert website to Android app and also convert website to iphone app. It is so easy that it doesn’t require the help of programmers at all. But, it doesn’t convert the whole website into an Android app. To have complete functionality and features in your Android app, the best way is to hire professionals. Because they go step by step process for app development.

Come to us with your innovative idea, and we serve you the best. We provide you regular updates about the work so that it will be like your project is being handled just next door. Our team for Android app development is skilled enough to handle app development for any category. Take the step towards smart business and send your project requirements today. Happy to serve you.

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