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In this world of e-commerce having a website is not enough. With expansion in the user base of mobiles and tablets, it is necessary that the online presence of your business is user-friendly and scalable.

Websites these days are attracting far less traffic as compared to the apps. Though initially lighter and mobile-based version of websites bought some business and growth of users, in the recent times having an app has become a sine qua non for your business’s online presence.

Convert website to iPhone app is a good possible solution to which most of the firms are turning to. Having a presence among app users is very important considering the fact that more than 80% traffic and over 50% of the business comes from app-based users.

Why you need an app
for your business?

As per the report by Statista the number of app downloads across various platforms like Windows, Android, iPhone would cross 352 billion by the time we reach 2021. The report says that at present the number of app downloads is around 197 billion.

Even if these huge numbers are ignored there are plenty more reasons to convert website to responsive iPhone app

Ease of Navigation

As per the surveys conducted among users it was found that customers and visitors find it difficult to navigate and transact through a website based interface rather than an app-based interface. An app provides users a precisely designed interface where they navigate and locate their desired options with ease.

Customer behavior

It is easy to locate customer’s behavior and preferences when you track his movement on the app (as compared to the website). This would help you to place crucial information and graphics in the right place so that they catch the due attention of the visitors.


Conversion rate of a visitor into a customer is quite high in case of the app-based interface. Since app provides customized and trimmed down version of your website with only essential elements it’s easy to move the attention of the visitor where you want.

Visibility of your brand

Having an app for your business adds to the visibility your brand in the market base. Since the app can be shared and highlighted on various social media platforms it becomes easy for you to penetrate your presence deep in the market.

Satisfaction of customer

The single most important thing about having an app for your business is the satisfaction of your customer base. This one reason is for what each and every business out there tries out its best.

AIS Technolabs has a good amount of experience to converting websites into iPhone apps and also website to android app. With an experience of processing thousands of app development solutions for our clients, we bring you the best IT solution for your business.


AIS Technolabs

With a pan India presence and global client base, AIS Technolabs has all that you search for in your web application development company. As a renowned name in app development domain, AIS Technolabs brings to you an opportunity to enhance the marketability of your business online.

Choosing AIS Technolabs as your website to iPhone app service provider brings to you following benefits

Cost Reduction
Secure app
Additional features
Data security

These with other benefits like offshore web development, Android app development, and other development solutions are also extended to the clients, at reasonable and market competitive rates.

Final Say

Considering the importance of app it is highly essential that you move on from your older website-based online presence to a newly developed web app. Converting your website into iPhone app along with an android based extension is the idle solution for multiplying the revenue growth of your business.

We at AIS understand the importance of an online presence for your business and hence are committed to deliver the best out of our available resources. For inquiries and other details please visit our official website and register your details. Our team at AIS would get back to you.

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