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Creating a job board software is no mean feat and requires a lot of patience and hard work. PHP has long been the scripting language of choice when it comes to creating web apps that need a sturdy backend. One way to go about creating a job board is to create a job portal script from scratch in PHP. With the advantages of modular programming in PHP, it is actually a very systematic way of creating a job board script. At AIS Technolabs, we make sure to create only the best program scripts in terms of efficiency and power. Our experts make sure that the job portal PHP script that they create is sturdy, easy to use, and effective.

The biggest problem with any job portal software is integrating a multitude of features that go into the same platform. But our expert programmers at AIS Technolabs create solutions that allow for a large number of features and has room for more. We even hand over the job portal in PHP source code if required by our clients. There are lots of other ways to go about a job portal script and one of them is a Coroflot Clone Script. The Coroflot is a marketplace script that we can clone in order to provide fast and easy solutions. Here are some of the things that you can expect from our job board:

Job Board Software

Job Listings

This is almost an obvious conclusion and the best way to earn money from a job portal by allowing job listings. Employers will pay a fee to get their jobs listed on the website. In some cases a small commission is charged from the order amount as well.

Urgent Jobs

In some cases, the job requirement may be urgent and as a result, the urgent listings need better exposure. This can be a premium feature for which there is a higher fee to highlight the job. Alternatively, such listings may merit a higher commission than usual.

Resume Ratings

Resume ratings go both ways – for employers and freelancers alike. There are lot of people who offer their services only to serious employers. At the same time, many employers hire only serious candidates with a solid resume and good ratings.

Payment Gateway Integration

It goes without saying that any job portal requires a payment gateway integration solution and more than one gateway. This is a feature that benefits the employers, the freelancers, and the portal equally by offering a convenient solution.

Advertisement Integration

There are lots of ways to earn a little extra something with the spare space on the website. Taking on sponsored advertisements generate a lot of income very quickly, especially if there is an existing user base or a rapidly growing one.

Advertisement Captcha

Captcha provides a lot of additional security against spambots and malicious HTML posts. At the same time, advertisement captchas require the user to watch an advertisement before they can comment or post. Make use of this feature to earn more and beef up security. The best thing is that they can be integrated almost anywhere.

Inbuilt Counters

There are inbuilt counters for almost everything on the job portal. This includes the number of listings, category management options, job applications, job rejections, and even saved jobs. There are also options to flag poor quality posts for review.

Source Code Access

The source code is the original code that is being run on the website. Get full access to the source code to monitor each module even better. Also, it is possible to get a second opinion from someone or shift to another service provider if at all needed.

Develop a Job Portal Php Script with AIS Technolabs

Our expert developers at AIS Technolabs have been making top class job board software that is fully packed with features. With all the services that we provide, there is no need to stress out about the quality of the job portal script ever again. We realize that something as urgent as a job board needs to be delivered on very short notice. Our company makes light work of creating a job board script and respects the client’s timeline.

With lightning fast delivery and full customer support, our job portal PHP script leaves nothing more to desire. We deliver the best job portal software in the software development industry and we do so with pride. Order our Coroflot Clone Script and watch your job listing business grow leaps and bounds.

Job Portal Software

Our Coroflor clone script is a bundled job portal software that enables you to get started with your own online Job Searching website. The software has been developed with the help of leading technology that lets you kick-start your job portal business in a way similar to Naukri, Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed, which is a multidisciplinary website that gives various types of jobs to job seekers across the globe.
Our job portal software offers various services to jobseekers and employers alike. This progressive platform does standard job listing and job search functions using keywords of location, category, etc. Here jobseekers can filter their requirement by location, salary range, special skills, company name, etc. It also allow the recruiters to search for the right candidate by using extensive filter options.The script can easily be used for other business verticals such as Career & Jobs, professional Job Portal etc.

So whenever you require a job portal software, you can contact us for custom development inquiries.

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