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How To Create An App Like Instagram?

Expand Your Business With Innovative Instagram Clone App Development Services

A lot of established organizations and startups have been inspired by the rapid growth of photo-sharing apps like Instagram to create their own personalized Instagram clone app, enabling users to publically share pictures and videos.

So if you are also looking to recruit the best mobile app developers to build native Instagram apps for Android and iOS, then you are at the right place. We have a group of experienced developers to customize your own Instagram like application. We are reinventing Internet-based photo and video sharing applications with advanced tools and technologies for both iOS and Android devices.

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How can you create your own app like Instagram using our Instagram like app script in 3 simple ways?

1. Buy your own readymade app like Instagram

You can buy your own readymade app like Instagram which would deliver you the best solutions and even be cost-effective. We can help you add your company’s logo and brand to it.

2. Add custom features to your app like Instagram

We can help you add custom features to your app like Instagram. We can do all possible customizations to fulfill all your expectations and requirements.

3. Hire dedicated developers to develop your own app like Instagram

You can hire a team of dedicated developers from AIS Technolabs to create your own app like Instagram from scratch, exactly the way you want it. We have vast experience in the field of development of apps like Instagram.

Make An App Like Instagram

With Our Experienced Developers

Want to make a React Native Instagram clone app? But thinking about how to build a top-featured app like Instagram? We have created over 100 photo and video applications, and many of them have secured their positions in the top tier of photo and video apps successfully. We also added many useful features to make it the best React Native Instagram clone app. Our Instagram like app features help the users to share photos/videos, manage profiles, and stay connected via messaging with friends.

We have a professional mobile application development team to customize and build apps like Instagram. Recruit the best mobile app developers to create native Android and iOS Instagram apps. Our team follows the agile product development process with the main goal of creating the best user interface to create top photo-sharing apps such as Instagram. It enables users to upload images & videos with only a few simple taps on the phone.

Advanced Features Of

React Native Instagram Clone App

Instagram is considered to be one of the world’s most successful social media applications due to its photo-sharing and user interaction features. If entrepreneurs want to build an Instagram app along with photo sharing and chat functionality, then our professional developers will do it for them. Customers can easily employ our best Instagram Clone developers to build an app like Instagram by using the latest trends, advanced tools, and technology.

Upload Videos

With our Instagram like clone application, users can upload images and videos directly from the library or from the smartphone’s camera. It enables users to upload multiple videos without much effort.

Video Management

Using this function, it is easily possible to edit images using various filters and editing tools such as crop, color combination, rotate, straighten, and perspective correction. You can add the filter for your users and upload the image/video to the app.

Login Using Social Media

Here, users can register for the app with their social media accounts instead of using an email ID and completing all of the details.

Profile Settings

A full profile can be maintained by users, including all details such as name and email address, fans, followers, the total number of photos/videos posted, and images tagged.


Our Instagram like clone app allows users to create a watchlist based on the view history. The users can also customize the list according to their preferences.


Users may subscribe to the organization or person profile. This module allows users to see and watch the total number of user posts, the number of followers, and the videos and images that are posted.

Ratings and Reviews

Our Instagram clone app allows the users to post ratings and reviews against the posted videos and images. Not only that, users can access other users’ feedback and ratings.


It enables users to receive alerts in real-time when someone likes their images/videos, sends a request for addition, mentions them in a comment, or any behavior relevant to them.

Content Search

This feature enables users to use their name and username to search for another user, including friends, family, or someone else. Your users can only press the search function to search for individuals and enter the name or user name of the user.

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Benefits Of Instagram Like App Development

One of the most common social media applications in the world is Instagram. When it comes to photo sharing and user engagement, no other smartphone app has even come close to Instagram’s success. So if you want a social media application with chatting and photo sharing functionality, Instagram will provide you with a great source of inspiration, and we can get it done for you if you’re looking for an app much like Instagram.

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Admin App Features Of React Native Instagram Clone


The admin dashboard provides an overview of the operations within the app.

Manage Users

Depending on their activity, the administrator can manage/remove/delete user-profiles. The full descriptions of their profiles can be viewed.

Image Filters

With our app, the admin can view and manage images posted by users. They are able to delete images that breach the rules of the application.


Each user has a personalized news feed based on the individuals or websites they follow, their interests, and likes. The admin can manage the newsfeed of each user from their module.

Video Management

The app allows the admin to edit the videos, add filters/effects, and change their brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. to enhance their quality.

App Settings

The admin can control the entire setting of the applications and manage the users or business profiles. Upon meeting the criteria, the individual posts can be accepted.

User Features Of Our
React Native Instagram Clone App


With various options such as email identification, telephone number, or social media identification, our Instagram clone React Native app makes registration/login to the app a simple matter.

Social Media Login

The social feature of our Instagram clone open source allows users to log in to the application using their social media credentials. Not only that, the users can share posts from Facebook and other social media networks and invite various friends.

Images and Videos Upload

Our Instagram clone open source lets users upload their profiles with their photos or videos. A summary, hashtags, location tags, and other users may be attached to the message.


Via the chat option available on our Instagram clone open source, users can chat with fellow users instantly. They can share posts, GIFs, photos, and videos as well.

Quick Registration

Enable drivers to fill in basic details from inside the app and upload appropriate documents such as passport, vehicle registration documents, etc.

Quick Registration

Enable drivers to fill in basic details from inside the app and upload appropriate documents such as passport, vehicle registration documents, etc.

Follow and Like Posts

In the Instagram clone React Native app developed by us, users can search for profiles of their favorite users or companies or discover posts that fit their interests or trends.


Each user’s newsfeed section is curated according to their likings and preferences on our Instagram clone open source application. When required, users can load it so that they can view new posts from individuals they follow.

What Business Model Do We Follow?

In-between Ads

In-between Ads

Monetize your mobile app to make money and earn huge profits with in-app ads. Plan the right strategy to provide a better consumer experience.

Mobile Version

Premium Access

Provide access to premium features to the users and boost market penetration. Users get extra benefits by paying for additional features.

In-app Purchases

In-app Purchases

Our team creates true value with in-app purchase models for your mobile apps. You can bolster the users’ trust in your brand and generate revenue.

Cost Of Instagram Like App Development

The cost of Instagram like app development is dependent on many variables. The basic cost of the Instagram clone’s Android and iOS platform is dependent on the architecture, design, and technologies used. The cost depends on the device you are choosing for Android or iOS or both. The more devices and OS your mobile app supports, the more testing and adaptive features like resolutions and screen sizes are needed.

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Instagram Clone React Native App Development?

The Instagram clone is a white-label social media solution ready to be customized and launched. It is an excellent choice for businesses that want to join the social media app market in the near future. As with the Instagram application, all features and functions of our built solution can be bundled. We can add many useful features to make it the best app like Instagram. Features that help users share photos/videos, manage profiles, and stay connected via messaging with friends.

At AIS Technolabs, we aim to help companies launch their social media applications in the shortest lead period in their niche. Another major benefit is that we are developing the solution at a reasonable price. Contact us, to easily launch the Instagram clone react native app, and help your users communicate globally without any trouble.

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