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Video Editing App Like Magisto

Video editing and video calling apps have become a craze among internet and Smartphone users these days. The instant connects and quick communication/entertainment that these apps provide is what that makes them popular.
A survey by PointsGroup revealed that in a span of two years (2012 – 2014),views on video related content increased by around 400% and of that increase a significant percentage of contribution came from videos viewed on mobile and tablets.
Creating a video editing app like Magisto is something that can be extremely beneficial in terms of revenue and profit generation. The success of Video editing apps like Magisto, KineMaster, VivaVideo that have already become popular among netizens substantiates this fact.

The market of video editing apps as a part of the entertainment industry has expanded rapidly in the last four to five years. People are finding it easy to watch and edit video on the go on their smart devices rather sit on a PC/laptop and do the editing with some tool.

This preferential change among the users has created a huge market for such apps. However, not all such apps go on to make a profit as they lack some essential and technical features that are required to woo the users.

A proper understanding of video editing app development ecosystem and the support of a skilled technical team of developers and coders are two most important factors in deciding the fate of your video editing app.

What Does it Require to Build an App Like Magisto?
Video editing apps like Magisto are generally used for tendering automated video editing and storytelling features to the users. These features work in real time scenario and are required to be incorporated carefully during the development and programming phase so as to avoid any glitch or bug during the time of their operation.
To build a user-friendly and effective video editing app like Magisto some essential components are required. These are:
Understanding of user preferences and the knowledge of working and operation of app development ecosystem is necessary before getting the app developed.
A team of dedicated and skilled coders is one of the most essential requirements for getting the app running in real time scenario. For this purpose, the services of an app development company can be availed or developers can be hired on the project basis.
Features are the most important component that makes an app trending among users. The more quality features an app offers the more are the chances of it getting top of the chart. A video editing app should have features like video recording in different modes, editing, automatic adjustment etc in order to showcase its utility to the user.
Capital is a crucial element around which all the other processes revolve. Having a dedicated amount of investment to be pooled in for app development (and other related activities like promotion) needs to be set aside at first place.

AIS Technolabs is one of the renowned names in the domain of mobile app development that is known for offering video editing app development solutions. The firm has served clients across the globe and has a strong network of clients globally. Being in operation for quite some time AIS Technolabs has served its client with the best app development solutions that suit their business requirements.

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The AIS Technolabs Advantage

AIS Technolabs is known for offering customized and need-based solutions to its clients at rates that are best in the market. Having catered to the app development needs of a number of firms the team at AIS has got a vast experience of handling complex coding and development problems.

When you choose AIS as your video editing app developer then you can expect
  • Timely processing of the solution
  • A team of experienced developers to work on your solution
  • Regular updates in regards to the progress in the process of development
  • Round the clock assistance for technical or other related glitch
  • Scalable and device friendly app
  • Incorporation of client’s need during the planning and development phase
  • Regular updates to keep your app running strong and fast
  • The easily navigable user interface
  • Real-time data processing capability
  • Additional service extension at a minimal cost
  • Facility of hiring developers on a project basis
  • The defined methodology of processing the solution

All this and much more can be availed when you hire AIS for tendering app development solution for your business. At AIS we know that how much importance an app holds for the growth and development of a respective business. This understanding helps us to mold quality solutions that are ideal for the requirement of your business and operation.

We are available to receive your inquiries at www.aistechnolabs.com One can visit the website to register their inquiry. Our team at AIS would reach you shortly post registration of your query with us.