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The cryptocurrency has become a market of billions of dollars, and it is very likely to benefit all leading market players. As a result, both established companies and startups seek solutions to get first-mover advantages in the crypto market. This has boosted the popularity of software development for the cryptocurrency exchange clone. A uniquely designed cryptocurrency clone script accelerates the implementation process. It enables potential owners to earn a quick return, using the ready to be built backend and easy to use customized frontend.

Crypto-currency is also viewed as a potential alternative to conventional financial system problems. Every business has the opportunity to create revenue sources today and, in the long term, through the development of their crypto-exchange platforms.

At AIS Technolabs, we help companies and start-ups to navigate their cryptographic development journey. With our ready-to-build crypto exchange solution, we help you start your cryptocurrency exchange platform in the shortest time. The security of our platform and robust infrastructure lead to a quick, safe, and authentic cryptocurrency exchange platform.

We also focus on creating a custom cryptocurrency clone script from scratch, dependent upon your business needs. We are one of the best cryptocurrency exchange clone development company which will enable you to begin your journey towards your customized platform.

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On our cryptocurrency exchange clone, the administration can control the entire platform functionality using the admin panel. With its opulent data dashboard, it shows a real-time view of the crypto-currency exchange and transactions.


We are having the option of integrating all the languages around the world in our cryptocurrency clone script. This enables us to customize the language as per your need. This will help you to expand the reach of your cryptocurrency exchange platform.


Our well-designed Binance clone comes with API. The API connects any source code according to the need of the program. It is the most common way for the external exchange to be connected. It gives the exchange platform implicit support.


We design our coinbase clone script with two-factor authentication, which allows extra security to confirm the user’s identity. This is done by using both private keys and a QR scanner. Our experts will ensure that your exchange is extremely secure.


The trade engine in our poloniex clone script works to rapidly balance buying and selling orders without being inactive at any speed. It has got the necessary effective trade control over the exchange.


Our high-performance exchange platform supports a maximum number of transactions without any downtime. The quick pace helps boost the trading experience in our coinbase clone.


We enable you to handle various cryptocurrencies through a single wallet which supports seamless transactions in all our cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Our advanced solutions make smooth transactions with securely encrypted multi-signature wallets as well as hot and cold wallets.


This feature allows you to add your targeted keywords in the cryptocurrency clone script. This will help your company to be founded by all potential customers.


Our Binance clone script allows marginal trading that amplifies your earning potential. It also multiplies your market gains, enabling you to execute more complex, active trading strategies.


We ensure that the best security measures, such as knowing your customer and anti-money laundering, are integrated into our coinbase clone script to get rid of illicit transactions and protect your wallet.


The incentives and bonuses and the commission which follows trading draw more crypto-traders. Our cryptocurrency exchange platforms can be integrated with referral benefits, which are advantageous for the users.


To attract more people, we provide high liquidity in our poloniex clone script. It reduces transaction delays and helps to make immediate use of funds that create a large number of new orders.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone

Development Services

AIS Technolabs provides comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange platform development solutions. We also provide a white label cryptocurrency exchange software solution. It is also the most cost-effective, simple, and fastest way to launch your own cryptocurrency network. As a qualified Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Firm, AIS Technolabs offers the most uniquely built cryptocurrency exchange applications which help to make crypto-transactions quicker and safer.

Our team of experienced and highly skilled cryptocurrency exchange developers designs the best script for cryptocurrency exchange trading software with unique and user-friendly features. We guarantee full end-to-end service regardless of the size of your enterprise and the most suitable exchange ever for all of your business needs.

Get in touch with us for a uniquely developed cryptocurrency trading platform software to suit your commercial needs, which will help you to earn quick revenue within the shortest period of time.

Various Types Of Exchanges Of Our
Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone

Centralized Exchange

Centralized exchanges are the pioneer of the exchange in the cryptocurrency world. In a centralized exchange, there is a central authority who conducts the whole exchange process. The transactions managed by the platform provide the user with adequate security, but the users are not allowed to have full control or access to their private wallet keys. We offer robust and scalable solutions for centralized exchange that work best for your company. We provide white label scripts for uninterrupted trading for popular Centralized Exchanges like Binance.

Decentralized Exchange

In decentralized exchanges, there is no central authority, unlike centralized exchange. In a decentralized exchange, the exchange happens in an automated manner directly between the two end-users. The minimized risk of theft from hacks is a significant advantage with these kinds of exchanges. We offer the most advanced decentralized crypto exchange script, which helps conduct the exchange with high-level secure transactions.

Person To Person Exchange

Person to person is a modern crypto-trading model that allows direct trading between buyer and seller without any middle person.

The traders are allowed to communicate with each other and accordingly can start the trade.

The exchange facilitates mechanisms for escrow protection to ensure an increased level of security and privacy.

We build highly scalable and personalizable applications with our experienced team of developers according to the need of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time required to set up the exchange?

The standard feature exchange can be deployed within the shortest amount of time. The deployment time of the exchange platform varies depending on the customization needs. Please get in touch with us for an exact estimation of the time frame.

What are the cryptocurrencies which can be traded on our platform?

Our exchange is exceptionally versatile and is available to all fiat and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and all other leading cryptocurrencies.

Do we support scalable exchange?

Our developed cryptocurrency exchange platform is entirely flexible and is open to modern technologies and new developments in the cryptocurrency exchange field. We design solutions in such a way that it supports easy scalability and customizability for any customized requirement.

What are the security features available on our platform?

We have equipped our exchange with advanced and robust security features such as 2 Factor authentication, multi-signature wallets, and various other protections. Also, in our cryptocurrency exchange platform, an anti-phishing code is enabled to provide maximum transaction security.

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