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For a dental company, first of all, you have to create something for people to find you. An online presence through a befitting dental website that showcases your core values as a dental practitioner should be the target. When people visit your website,they often visit your competitor’s website and make comparisons. If your website is found wanting in basic features, you will lose prospective clients to your competitors. So, focus on satisfying your audience primarily. Here are some pointers.

1. Design:

A website’s appearance determines the first impression that a prospective patient will have when he visits your website, keep it appealing, intuitive and organized.

2. Page Loading speed:

This is a break or make factor, your website should beat other similar websites to the draw. If it doesn’t, people will continue to avoid your website.

3. Content driven:

Give your audience a dose of quality content and they will always return for more.

4. Direct them:

Send them to your building. Your contact page should be a detailed directory. Add office addresses, Images, phone numbers, email addresses, maps etc. they should be able to find you easily.

Searching for a competent company that will satisfy your internet marketing needs can be time consuming and troubling. Talk to us at AIS technolabs, we are among the top 10 leading IT solutions company here in India and currently have a number of fulfilled dental client.

Are you being found? – Winning the search engine battle

Now that you are adequately armed with an impressive website, the next valid move is growing the online popularity of your website and pulling more traffic your way. And, what better platform to avail than the prominent search engines like Google and Bing. However, vying for the top spot of a Search Engine Return Page (SERP) is a struggle due to the growing awareness of digital marketing in the healthcare sector. You’ll have to contend with other dental establishments who intend to remain on that vantage spot. But, you can win if you collaborate with us. We are the trusted dental SEO company with years of experience under our belt.

How does AIS help in Dental SEO?

Dental SEO service defines the extensive activity that is performed on and off your website to ensure that when anyone searches for dental information on a search engine, your website will appear first or among the top search results that is displayed on the user’s screen. Our dental SEO expert task starts from your website. He optimizes your website with SEO-friendly-features that attracts ‘web crawlers’ and matches the requirements of search engine algorithms. Next, he surveys and strategizes marketing schemes that translates into productive leads and implements them both online or/and offline. Finally, he devices a feedback mechanism, a progress meter, that measures the outturn and adjusts his strategy accordingly.

Dental SEO marketing

One effective online method many dental SEO professionals employ is the Bait and Link method. This practice originates from the pattern of attracting fishes with a bait and then reeling them in for the catch. Likewise, a creative SEO personnel puts together substantive bait-like contents in the form of blogs, images, videos etc. with a couple of strategically placed keywords and clickable links that directs users back to the website. The composition is then dispersed all over the web, on social networking sites, online forums etc. When such materials are assessed they draw in visitors towards the website. This tactic works to improve the popularity of your website on the internet and then makes it valuable for search engines.

Other SEO practice involves paying online marketing giants like Google, Facebook etc. for ads that showcases your practice and boldly displays your website domain. Payment Per Click is one of such, you only pay when links have successfully directed people towards your website.

Dental SEO company

The whimsical nature of SEO makes it a hot bed for fraudulent con-men all out to swindle uninformed dental practitioners and break their trust for considering SEO for their dental practices. Nevertheless, credible dental SEO companies that perform thriving dental search engine optimization abounds and we are one among them. For years now, we have been dedicated to provide excellent web development services as an IT consulting and internet solutions provider. We possess a credible reputation among our customers and have continued to earn their trust and honor.

We are a Dental SEO Expert

Considering the arduous and time-consuming operation of dental SEO marketing, many dental specialists hire an inhouse SEO expert that work and maintain the position of the website on search engine return pages day in day out. However, this is not a one-man task. Freelance content writers, visual graphic illustrators, website developers etc. will have to be involved one way or the other for a productive dental website SEO campaign. This is what makes AIS Technolabs more effective, we are an all-in-one functioning company, from consultancy to website development and marketing, we have dedicated and skillful personnels that will handle all your internet marketing needs.

Our company optimizes your site so that it comes in the top 10 rankings by Google. Google displays your website to everyone who searches for dental related information, they go through your appealing website, like what they see and try to ring, email or visit you. This is what your competitors enjoy and what you miss out on when you shy away from consulting a us. Don’t wait, talk to us now!

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