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If you enjoy spending time watching cat videos on Facebook, YouTube or instagram you are not alone, in fact in 2015 it was estimated that while adults spend 3 to 4 hours a day on social media, teens spend an average of 9 hours a day browsing, posting, watching or chatting on social networking websites. However, underlying those captivating cat videos is a 36-billion-dollar market that just about anyone can tap into. This market is called Social Media Marketing (SMM). It is an essential ingredient of digital marketing and is today, redefining the fundamentals of online marketing. But, just how can you as a dental practitioner skillfully wield this dominant tool to the advantage of your operations.

It is tempting to think that jumping into social media platforms and marketing a brand is a piece of cake. But, in reality social media marketing can become very expensive and frustrating if you take a wrong turn.

There have also been instances where firms invest heavily in creating and promoting a Facebook page only to have the page suspended for an offence the firm is not even aware of.

Truth is, we live in an era where endorsement makes the difference and people will opt for a brand with a pleasing online aura, which is bittersweet. Bitter, because there are no inbetweeners, if your firm is not implementing the correct methods, you’ll lose out. However, if you work with a marketing team like AIS Technolabs that focuses on value and audience satisfaction, you’ll win big. This is because we have been doing this for years now and have learned all the grey areas of internet marketing. Our team of SEO marketing professionals apply ethical methods that are not only successful but are safe and appealing.

Let us discuss 5 steps we at AIS technolabs implement to achieve a successful Dental social media marketing campaign

1.Set a realistic target:

There are several digital marketing platforms like SEO, SEM etc each operate differently, they are designed to draw up more leads or customers for your company. It is usually a wise practice to avoid putting all your marketing eggs into the SMM basket initially. We always create realistic goals for our SEO and SMM teams. We analyse which marketing methods are fruitful and act accordingly.

Additionally, SMM functions properly when it serves as a means to a well-defined-end, for example it can be used as a complaint page where your unhappy customers seek solutions or a
fanbase page where your satisfied customers come together to relate their experience or just as a feedback tool for listening to your customers response to your services. Whatever the case,we try to understand the main objective, because other activities will be shaped around this primary objective.

2. Learn and Strategize:

We study your audience. Here are some questions we ask: Who are your current audience and how do you expect them to benefit from SMM? What age, sex, location and interest will you be targeting as potential clients? This will help create valuable contents that will work on them.
Next, we study a couple of social networking websites and get to know which one best fits your marketing goal.

3. Value Driven Content:

An SMM expert is also a creative content master since that is a trademark of SMM. Nonetheless, doling out hundreds of poorly contrived posts in quick succession will only get your site blocked, banned or suspended. Instead, we channel all the resources into creating one extraordinary post that will be worth the like and share of your audience. However, we are consistent with our posts and publish only at peak times.

Again, colorful and eye-popping images is another efficient arrow in the quiver of a SMM expert, like videos they give life to your posts and attract attention. Other instruments are write-ups that teaches, inspires, guides or solves people’s problems.

4. Respond:

Thousands of firms are becoming aware of the benefits associated with social media engagements.

Your engagement on a social networking page is believed to mirror the degree of attention you give to your clients and will be used to judge the level of effort you put into satisfy them. We dedicate a team of staff to handle your social media account. The team will be occupied with actively observing and interacting with your customers, listening to their concerns, doubts, suggestions or corrections. Answering questions when necessary and if there are no readymade answers present, promise to look into the situation and get back to them.

5. Create a feedback mechanism:

Our staff carefully keeps a track of all your operations. We make video archives, photo galleries etc. and match them with the outcome they return..

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