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Photography, face swapping, and picture editing apps have attracted billions of downloads as a result of the expansion of sharing and social media network. Social media users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc have been relying on photo editing, picture swapping apps to share media and their experiences.

Apps like MSQRD that are totally dedicated to making face swapping and photo editing experience of the users a treat, have fared well in terms of a number of downloads and shares.

To develop an app like MSQRD,the aid of a technical team of coders and developers is required. In case someone has knowledge and skills in coding and development of such types of apps, then he/she can develop a similar type of app and can earn profits.

However, most of the time it is seen that those with the idea of having an app like MSQRD developed for their business don’t have the technical abilities to develop an app. In that case, mobile app development companies come to the rescue. Developing a face swapping mobile app is a task best served by mobile app developers as they have the requisite experience and skills to handle the needs of such a complex coding ecosystem.

How does this app work?

Before opting for a face swapping app like MSQRD for your business, it is necessary that one is aware of the working and operation of such apps.

These apps basically fall under the entertainment category and allow users to have fun with their clicking experiences. The app offers various inbuilt modes, faces, picture enhancement and editing options to users to give the desired look to their picture.

These apps have seen a good amount of traffic in the recent time which can be substantiated from the fact that MSQRD is among the top app under the entertainment category in the play store.

Benefits of such app?
The popularity and demand for these apps already speaks a volume on why one should opt for them. However, apart from popularity concept, these apps have other crucial benefits that one can avail post getting them developed.
Some of the expected benefits of having such app are:
Considering the fact that lifestyle and entertainment app industry is expanding day by day having an app like MSQRD means that you have a great source of potential growth and revenue generation in your kitty.
With proper maintenance and regular upgradation you can make a visibility as a brand in the app market.
Growth and Revenue
Apart from the direct source of revenue the app would earn, you can use your app to generate some more benefits by allowing the app to host online ads for other apps and brands.
The connect which you would develop with your users through such an app would help you to expand your user and market base when you come out with some new extension/app.
AIS Technolabs

AIS Technolabs is an established name in the domain of mobile app development. With an experience of tendering to the needs of a wide client network, AIS Technolabs has ensured that the clients are left with satisfactory faces once they lay their trust on us.

AIS Techno labs has successfully developed various apps under entertainment category for its clients. The need-based and customized solutions that AIS offers are unmatchable. The good understanding of entertainment app development ecosystem and a team of skilled developers who have a mastery of handling complex coding solutions, makes AIS the perfect choice for face swapping mobile app development.

Once you choose AIS as your app development service provider you can expect following benefits from our side as a part of our services:

  • We develop our strategy according to client needs
  • Smooth functionality and interface of the app developed
  • Competitive rate for app development solution
  • Quick processing
  • Experienced developers to work on your solution
  • Use of clone scripts of popular apps to make app user-friendly
  • Testing and analysis of the app based on multi-parameter
  • Adherence to standard coding principles and rules
  • Apps for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows
  • Apps that are compatible with the latest version of the mobile operating system
  • Post app development assistance and guidance
  • 24×7 technical support on call
  • Regular updates for your app
  • A scalable app that can run on both mobile and tablet

We at AIS make sure that our client’s trust and faith on us remains intact when they approach us for their app development requirements. To ensure that, we work tirelessly.

Inquiries can be registered by clients at our official website Our team at AIS would reach you shortly post submission of your query on the website.

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