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The smartphone and the internet have revolutionized the way communication, interaction and transactions are done by humans. These modern marvels have allowed us to receive information at our fingertips, and various developers have created unique and exciting solutions that encompass a host of solutions from hailing taxicabs, to booking flights, to communicating with people to watching movies and videos. The capability of modern-day smartphones mirror those of serious computing devices of the day, and some have even surpassed those capabilities in a big way.

One of the most revolutionizing aspects brought on by the smartphone revolution is the proliferation of e-commerce. E-commerce allows people to buy goods and services from their preferred location, and get them delivered to their doorsteps. This has been a boon, not only for consumers, but retailers large and small alike. Large retailers get the option to use their existing infrastructure to provide goods and services to far-flung consumers, while smaller retailers get the option of tapping into the internet, shipping their goods outside their marketable range. AIS Technolabs creates customized e-commerce solutions similar to the Kohl’s e-Commerce solution for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, allowing consumers to purchase their requisite services from any location.

What are the Components of an E-Commerce App?
Any e-commerce app has two distinct and major components which work together in tandem to provide solutions to both consumers and retailers. These two sections are:
Back-End Solutions
The back-end solution comprises of a web app or a mobile app which is used by the retailers to update product information, including the product type; the inventory held for a particular product, and the product pricing information. These systems are usually accompanied by an automated solution which calculates the product price based on the pre-fixed margins set by the retailer, as well as use automated systems to calculate the inventory held.
Front-End Solutions
This is the solution which the end consumer sees on their mobile devices. The front-end allows users to book goods and services, and features an integrated payment solution to make direct payment for the selected goods and services. In addition, the front-end also incorporates a ratings and review system, allowing users to provide their feedback, which can be easily quantified to generate reports such as Net Promoter Score and other business metrics for retailers.
Logistics Solutions
The logistics solution is the final piece of the e-commerce puzzle. The logistics solution integrates with courier company APIs to provide both the users as well as the retailers the status of their shipments. For organizations with their own logistics solutions, customized APIs are created to provide similar solutions.
What are the Benefits of an E-Commerce App?
AIS Technolabs allows organizations to create their own customized e-commerce solutions which allow their clientele to directly browse and purchase goods over the internet. There are multiple benefits of the solution. Some of them are:
Ease of Use
The fundamental concept of a smartphone app is in its ease of use. AIS Technolabs creates apps that are easy to use for both retailers as well as end-consumers, ensuring optimal utilization of their time. In addition, e-commerce apps allows users to browse through the entire catalog of products from the comfort of their home or office; giving them superior choice before making a purchase.
E-Commerce solutions focus on transparency between the user and the retailer. With the help of technology, products can be tracked even during shipping, and the information can be relayed back to both customers as well as to retailers, often in real time. In addition, there is greater transparency as to the financial transaction between the seller and the buyer, with complete records for each and every transaction being kept by the banking authority.
Greater Market Reach
For retailers, this is the greatest boon, since retailers can reach out to consumers outside the sphere of their marketing reach. This allows a retailer to ship goods to the other part of the country with ease. Furthermore, since an e-commerce solution is working 24/7, consumers can choose to place their orders whenever they want to; increasing the overall business time for retailers.
What Does An E-Commerce App From AIS Technolabs Provide You?
A customized e-commerce app from AIS Technolabs adds a variety of benefits for retailers, both large and small. Here are some of the salient features of a tailor-made e-commerce app from the company:
Enhanced Design
For any e-commerce app, the design and the look-and-feel of the app is the most prominent aspect which a consumer sees first. The company has a wide pool of talented designers who can develop designs that reflect the needs and requirements of the retailers with modern design tropes to reflect the very best in typography, negative space, product imaging and product sourcing. Just like the Kohl’s e-commerce solution, AIS Technolabs incorporates the latest design trends to make your site attractive and appealing to a broad range of consumers.
Integrated Payment Solutions
AIS Technolabs has some of the most talented app developers who can integrate the preferred payment processing solution of their esteemed clientele. This ensures that retailers get their choice of payment solutions, and consumers find it easy to make payments. The company is able to create wallet solutions like Kohl’s wallet; an integrated payments and redeemable discounts solution like Kohl’s cash and inbuilt tools to reward frequent buyers and consumers.
Superior Navigation

The navigation system is an important facet of e-commerce marketing, and is part of the sales funnel for e-commerce organizations. AIS Technolabs has developed some of the most effective sales funnel navigation techniques which allow a user to go from the product page to the checkout page with the lowest number of taps.

With ecommerce becoming a mainstay in the way organizations are promoting and selling their goods and services, it has become imperative for organizations to adopt this modern and convenient form of transaction.

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