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Digital Technology in Healthcare

With the advent of the internet, a large number of businesses have started online transaction platforms which enable consumers to use their services from the comfort of their smartphones and other internet-enabled devices such as laptops, desktops and tablet computers. The movement towards a digital ecosystem ensures ease of interaction, transparency and enhanced reach for services which were once the domain of select professionals. While most consumer-oriented industrial sectors such as banking and retail have embraced digital solutions since the mid 2000s; the healthcare segment is finally catching up and is poised to be one of the largest consumer digital health solution providers in the near future.

Digital healthcare solutions have seen rapid growth within the past few years, with the total industry comprised of about 20% of the GDP of most countries across the world. The need for personalized healthcare solutions along with enhanced transparency, accountability and superior quality has given rise to the digital solutions such as clinic management and patient information management systems. AIS Technolabs is a premium software development organization and one of the few companies which provide solutions that use digital technology in healthcare to its esteemed clientele across the globe.

What are Digital Healthcare Solutions?

Digital health solutions are services which use the connectivity of the internet to facilitate communication between patients and healthcare providers. There are various types of healthcare solutions; some provided by digital health companies while others are integrated into the administrative processes of hospitals and other healthcare providers. There are various types of healthcare solutions, some of which are given below:

Patient Records Management

Most patients have a large volume of data which comprises of current symptoms, past cases, pathology reports, surgical procedural reports and so on. Patients Records Management Systems provide a single point of contact where doctors, healthcare professionals, insurance organizations and patients can all view their records. AIS Technolabs develops customized solutions for various organizations such as hospitals to enhance digital technology in healthcare and provide optimal patient records management solution to their clients.

Pathological Data Collection

The advancement of technology has enabled pathological data to be quantified at the patient’s desired location. Devices such as blood pressure monitors, blood sugar level monitors, heart-rate monitors etc. are nowadays as common as consumer electronic goods. A large number of these devices also contain interfaces which can connect to smartphones for easy records maintenance. AIS Technolabs creates custom smartphone apps which interact with these devices over common connectivity protocols such as Bluetooth to enhance the digital healthcare experience for both manufacturers as well as patients.

Seat Reservation Solutions

In the 21st century, almost all services from taxicabs to hotel rooms to airline tickets can be easily booked using online solutions. Unfortunately, most hospitals still use antiquated telephonic booking systems which are prone to human errors, and are thus quite unreliable. However, hospitals, clinics and pathology laboratories have adopted online booking solutions for patients, with a large number of them adopting digital health solutions to streamline their operations and make their services more readily available to patients. AIS Technolabs has develops customized solutions for healthcare providers which facilitate in booking clients for a wide variety of cases.

Benefits of Digital Healthcare Solutions

As with all other industries, the adoption of digital health solutions is the next step in the evolution of the healthcare industry. The industry is one of the largest in the world by terms of total GDP, and with people starting to integrate healthier lifestyles, the industry is poised to grow phenomenally within the next decade. Digital solutions have a wide variety of benefits; some of which are:

Remote Patient Care Solutions

Online technologies have been proven to provide superior healthcare solutions in remote and far-flung areas. Using services such as video conferencing, patients can interact with doctors and healthcare professionals face-to-face for faster and improved communication.

Real-Time Data

High-quality database management systems help hospitals and other healthcare solutions providers integrate the myriad forms of data about patients into a single system, which can be accessed by the requisite parties through the internet. Such solutions enhance transparency and link hospital administrations and insurance companies to the healthcare professionals for faster processing of data.

Accurate Diagnosis

The proper availability of online patient data has allowed computer systems to augment the functioning of doctors, with expert systems developed to diagnose diseases with a high level of accuracy.

Digital Health Companies

Digital healthcare is becoming the new norm of the day. AIS Technolabs has been successfully assisting many digital health companies with rapid product delivery of exceptional products to the marketplace. Our expertise in healthcare information technologies is well known. Throughout the years we have been developing HIPAA and other regulatory compliant solutions, a fact that we are proud of.

AIS has been working with Digital Health startups and established digital health companies by empowering them in all phases of software development life cycle.
We offer full spectrum of services starting from product design, development, deployment, and support for the highly regulated and technically complex health software.


With the ubiquity of the internet, the vast majority of industries have shifted to an online platform for ease of doing business, and the healthcare industry has also joined the fray and is becoming one of the most inter-connected industries, with in-depth coverage of services being provided through digital means. As an organization, AIS Technolabs aims to provide superior digital solutions for healthcare companies across the world and transform the industry towards greater convenience and transparency to help its esteemed clientele.

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