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Digital marketing for a dentist is advertising dental services on the internet. It involves reaching more promising patients by using any of the marketing methods available on the internet to publicize their practice and connect with promising customers. These methods include: Creating an interactive mobile friendly website, registering your dental business with Google My Business (GMB), optimizing your website for Search Engines, using social media marketing, using online and offline ads and lastly, continuously analyzing and adjusting your practice to stay on top.

The need for digital marketing to improve dental business increases day by day with the ever-growing popularity of mobile phones and tablets. Gone are the days when handing out business cards makes you look like a clever dentist, it’s the 21st century where people only turn to their phones, tablets and computers to search for answers.

Why choose AIS Technolabs?

Now, you do not necessarily have to jump into every kind of digital marketing available to succeed. That can turn out to be an expensive mistake especially if you dive-in unguided. Reason being that some digital marketing practice is really expensive and can literally drain you dry, especially when you are just starting out and have a minimal capital. Initially, they might seem inexpensive but as time goes on and you reach deep into a fierce online competition with that witty rival who is also practicing just 4 blocks away from you, it becomes hard to stop. Secondly, there are lots of con-men lurking around hoping to prey on naïve dentists and bleed them of their hard-earned cash. Another reason why it is not advisable to venture into digital marketing without help is because digital marketing requires a lot of proper research and planning to become fruitful, starting from a study of the demography you practice, to your potential customers, your competitors, your budget etc.It takes time and effort to get things right and more often than not, dentist who have tried alone haven’t been able to crack it. The smart thing to do is talk to a digital marketing company like AIS technolabs. We are not only a leading software development firm in India, we are also among the top dental digital marketing firms in the country. With scores of delighted dental practicing customers, who trust us with their marketing operations as they concentrate on their dental practice.

Some digital marketing procedures can do well as standalone attempts. Whereas, others would require joining two or more different procedures to thrive. For example, it is possible to engage in social media marketing without necessarily creating a website. However, for methods like SEO and SEM you’ll need to create a website and register with Google My Business (GMB) to avail yourself of the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Dental PPC

Dental Pay Per Click (PPC) simply put is a type of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that allows us to bid for ad-words or keywords put together by search engine corporations like Google search for a dentist like you. When these words help guide a visitor to your website, then you are required to pay a sum of money called Cost Per Click (CPC) to Google.

It is like an auction with Google being the auctioneer and common key words or sometimes referred to as AdWords as the auctioned items. Suppose Google auctions some words you are interested in as a dentist, words like: ‘Perfect Smile’, when you signal your interest in acquiring it, Google will create an advert with a backlink to your landing page, usually a website, webpage or a blog. When a visitor looking for dental advice opens Google search and types in anything containing the words ‘perfect smile’ the advert created by Google linking visitors to your landing page appears on top of the Search Engine Return Page (SERP). Interestingly, you are only billed when the visitor clicks on the link and is directed to your website.

The two key factors that determines where your ad ranks on the SERP are your Maximum Bid (MB) and your Quality Score (QS). MB is the amount you a willing to pay for AdWords. Whereas, QS measures the relevance of your services to the user and the value of your landing page. Your QS is weightier as compared to MB and the product of both factors as compared to fellow bidders determines not only your rank but also the amount you have to pay for a successful throughput.

AdWords metrics factors

Getting the best out of PPC depends on three things:

The Keywords or AdWords you bid for:

Although Google search sees a lot of traffic, we will make sure to select the right keywords that are not only relevant to your practice but also popular enough to appear regularly on searches.

Your landing page:

Our practice is to bid for keywords that are related to topics and contents discussed on your website or webpage. This will give you a high-quality score.

Quality Score:

A high-quality score means you’ll pay less for SEM operations which will translate into lots of profit for your business.

Like every internet marketing campaign, it is always a wise practice to talk to an expert at AIS Technolabs before venturing into PPC. We hope to hear from you soon.

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