Django Vs. Laravel 2024: Which Is The Absolute Best?

django Vs. Laravel 2022 Which Is The Absolute Best

A web framework is a software framework developed for deploying web applications without any challenges in the process of web development. Web frameworks help to improve the efficiency of web development work.

Here, we will compare the two most robust web development frameworks -Django vs. Laravel, to find which is the most appropriate framework for your use.

Django is an open-source framework developed by Django Software Foundation and written in Python for developing complex websites and web applications.

It follows a model-view-template architecture, and it is popular for lightweight features involving the development of web applications smoothly.

Laravel web development services were developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It follows the model-view-control architecture, and the built-in feature allows web developers to simplify the complex task of developing web applications.

So, to decide the absolute best framework for the development of web applications, let’s start comparing the two frameworks depending on various parameters:

Learning Curve:

If you want to choose a web framework for your web development, then you must check whether it is easy to learn or not. Django is a Python-based framework that is easy to learn.

Python is a user-friendly and convenient programming language. Hence, it makes it simpler for developers to use Django.

It offers better readability for coding with clean formatting, simple syntax, and the use of normal English.

Besides, the attributes of Python make the accessibility of Django quite simple with fewer errors.

On the other hand, Laravel is a PHP-based framework and is a bit complex to learn as compared to Django.

The syntax of PHP is similar to C, C++, and Java programming languages which use intricate punctuations. Hence, it takes longer to learn Laravel.


It is essential to consider the performance of the programming language while choosing a software framework. Users want their application to perform as fast as possible, as no one has enough time to wait for a website to open. Django offers high-speed performance due to the usage of Python.

Python has become exceptionally faster after upgrading to Python 2, thus improving the speed of coding compilation and execution to develop web applications. Laravel web development services are loaded with many built-in features. It also works on the latest PHP 8 that offers good performance. But, Laravel uses components from previous PHP versions, which reduces its efficiency.

Application Architecture

When selecting a web framework, you should consider the design patterns of the application to build your website with creative ideas. It is advised to treat the software framework as a guide, not a strict procedure.

Django follows the Model View Template (MVT), an architectural pattern, to develop web applications.

It helps the users to create a more unique and personalized website. That is convenient for managing various platforms such as social media handles.

Laravel uses the Model View Controller (MVC) type of design pattern while developing web applications.

It works as an interface between view and model components to process data and provide output. MVC also lets the user control the application entirely for enhancing its looks.


The use of web frameworks highly influences the scalability of web applications, hence considering the crucial role of scalability while developing web software.

The web framework Django uses Python - a highly scalable programming language, which makes Django scalable by default.

It works seamlessly with various technologies while maintaining optimal performance.

Django is very efficient in handling high traffic. It facilitates scalability by using various operations, such as load balancing implementing cloud and CDN solutions effortlessly.

With Laravel paired with a load balancer and database, one can achieve horizontal scaling. However, Laravel built with PHP offers less scalability as compared to Python.


While developing any website, it is crucial to maintain the security of the web environment to prevent cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities.

Django is built with the Python programming language, and it is one of the most secure languages. Django framework uses a secure user authentication system to manage accounts and passwords to protect your application from threats.

On the other hand, Laravel web development services use a PHP-based programming language which also fixes various security issues.

Laravel uses hashed passwords that don’t allow passwords to be saved in plain text format. But there is a security risk associated with Laravel being more affiliated to Django.

Database Support

A database is the collection of orderly information related to an application or website. It is essential to select the appropriate database to support your web development procedure.

Django supports databases such as MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL. However, the SQLite database is a built-in feature of Django. This database is used for testing and development.

Django works with every database seamlessly to allow users to add third-party libraries and packages.

Laravel supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, and SQLite databases, just like Django. The expressive ORM makes the process of interacting with these databases simple. The establishment of multiple database connections can be configured with Laravel.

Microservices Compatibility

If you are developing any web application, you must look for microservices compatibility with the web framework. Microservices are organized and highly maintainable that offer reliable and frequent deployment of complex applications.

Django web framework has built-in security and rapid development features. That is compatible with microservices architecture.

The complex Django projects are broken down into microservices functionalities to offer more scalability to users. You can include ML and AI features in your web applications using the Django framework. Laravel supports microservices as PHP is also compatible with them.

In the case of Laravel, the applications are broken down into small building blocks which have different functions that interact with one another using language-agnostic APIs.

Which Web Framework Is Better? Django Vs. Laravel

Which Web Framework Is Better? Django Vs. Laravel

The discussion about which web framework is the best – Django vs. Laravel, always remains in the center. It is quite complicated to determine which framework is best for web development. The Usage of framework relies on the development process of various types of projects.

If you choose the Django web framework, it offers you faster performance for your web development as it uses Python programming language.

Laravel framework is slower in performance and scalability as compared to Django. Django provides developers access to a lot of tools for completing projects more efficiently.

Hence, Django serves as a better framework for your web development projects when we consider the comparisons between both web frameworks.

However, Laravel also offers developers effective web development solutions. And that is why Laravel web development services are so prevalent in many industries.


After all the discussion about the comparison of Django vs. Laravel, we can see that Django stands out between the two frameworks.

Django is ahead in performance and security, but this isn't everything while choosing a web framework. Laravel is simple and easy to handle; hence many developers still use this web framework.

So, if you want to build customizable dynamic social media sites, ML integrated apps, CRM for an e-commerce website, security apps for companies, etc., then Django is the right web framework for you.

If you want to build an interactive website, create an advanced application, SEO-friendly web application, etc., then Laravel can guide you through it.

Service of Laravel Web Development & Django Both exhibit great features, and it becomes even more difficult to choose one over the other.

A simple way to select the appropriate web framework is considering the type of projects you will be creating in the future.


Sunny Chawla
Sunny Chawla
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