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Enterprise Mobility For Educational Institutes

With technology systems evolving and the introduction of cloud-based systems, the term ‘Enterprise’ that was earlier used within a limited group of people has expanded its reach to small-medium sized organizations.

The education industry is experiencing technology transformation in almost every area. From providing digital training to conducting online examinations or anything in between, this industry is on a transformation spree.

As conventional systems of learning, teaching and researching are consuming a sizable amount of time and research. Organizations and analysts predict that mobile applications will be an essential component in the growth path of education as an industry.

Why enterprise mobility for education?

Education today is not confined to a particular geography, instead, it is now universal, and as more and more people are realizing this fact, it is giving rise to Enterprise Mobility. The phenomenon of enterprise mobility has injected a new life in the learning sector, making teachers reaching out to students across the globe through upgraded business models, strategies, and operations.

The education sector has reaped many benefits from enterprise mobility like the back-office support where educators respond to students’ requirements instantly by availing the services of back-office systems. Also, enterprise mobility has helped teachers or institutions seek the assistance of mobile technology to device social CRM strategy and implement constructive steps to boost interactions with students. Also, with transformed IT infrastructure, mobility has resulted in improved learning, prompt decision-making, and more efficient institutions, all at controlled operating costs.

Enterprise Mobility for Educational Institutes
Enterprise Mobility has touched the life of all, from students to teachers and other admin staff of a school or educational institute. Enlisted are the points how enterprise mobility has helped:
  • The mobile app provides for an interactive two-way messaging platform between teachers and students,
  • Mock examination for student’s preparation
  • Customized learning for a subject-specific learning program that can provide different kinds of learning materials through the cloud
  • User-defined Survey App that’s used for research purpose in a specific subject.
  • Document Management System for the institution
  • Case-based training app that can be used to facilitate case-based learning system
  • Knowledge-base that can be accessed and searched via desktop, web, mobile or even tablet
  • An app that is created to promote your educational institute exclusively
  • Fee collection and online reminder system
  • Video eLearning System powered by Cloud to stream over different platforms such as web, mobile, and tablets
  • Students remain connected anywhere and anytime with their institutes, staff, and friends.
  • Using Social networking applications, a student can share course details link, form groups, and upload project work.
  • Accessing online resources, blogging, chatting with other students and teachers help students to learn effectively.
  • The teacher can reduce the amount of time spent in the classroom by explaining new topics and discussing knowledge by providing online material.
  • Students remain updated about timetables, classes, and exams.
  • Students can get news updates related to coming events and activities of institutes, colleges, or schools.
  • Students remain aware about the upcoming exams and keep the record of previous exams and results.
  • Admission details, availability of seats, categories of a seat, etc. are available.
  • administrators can manage student data, track student performance, and understand the impact of new teaching ideas.
  • The search facility is available for searching different courses to get information about it.
  • Students get to view campus and surrounding area of colleges or institutes, and get the contact information of universities and colleges.
  • Reduce the physical burden on students. Parents of student remain aware of all study materials, course, and exams.
  • Provide alerts related to class cancellation or change in time.
  • Help to send a single message to the whole class.
  • Provide endless Learning material available on different subjects. The learner can access latest learning material. Feedback and information can be sent directly to the learner.
  • Teachers can assign different assignments to students and students can submit assignments through mobile devices.
  • Learning through audio and video modes

The primary goal of mobile devices is to keep everyone updated and connected in this modern world of technology.

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