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Enterprise Mobility In The M-Commerce Business

Mobility in the context of business has become an indispensable part of working style. When the business itself is e-commerce based, then the role of mobility increases further.E-commerce which is based on the idea of fast selection, quick transmission, and timely delivery, cannot keep itself away from mobility. The various functions that are involved in an E-commerce setup require real-time updates and information sharing so that both the buyers and the seller are aware of the flow in the process.

In recent times M-commerce as a part of e-commerce has expanded its base both in terms of revenue and customer preference. Today most of the e-commerce transactions are done through mobile and other handheld devices. The increase in the usage of mobile devices among consumers signal online transactions 24×7.

The increase in the number of transactions put pressure on e-commerce business to timely dispense each and every customer request. To achieve this mobility is the only solution. Hence, we see an increase in the number of m-commerce firms opting for enterprise mobility solution.

What is M-Commerce
M-commerce in practice can be seen as a sub-categorization of e-commerce domain. To put it in simple terms, M-commerce can be defined as the practice of buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as smartphones and personal digital assistants.
Mobility and M-commerce
Enterprise mobility in the context of m-commerce brings in a whole lot of opportunity in terms of revenue growth and customer base expansion which a firm can’t afford to miss.

Enterprise Mobility solutions for M-commerce based business are offered by software and IT development firms that are aware of the needs of an M-commerce setup. Many M-commerce firms have adopted enterprise mobility solutions for their business and the benefits of this adoption are highlighted in the growing revenue figure and expanding market base.

Adoption of enterprise mobility in your M-commerce business brings you following benefits:
  • Real-time updates of your inventory
  • Easy updates in regards to delivery of the product by those operating in the field
  • Ease of tracking and locating the flow of their order by the customer
  • Quick integration of various departments like operations and Sales to provide updates regarding cancellation or replacement of an order
  • Ease of access of information to the customer (in case of tendering of a service to the customer) as the customer can have the complete information about the quality of service delivered.
  • Real-time update of the net productivity of each department in the organization
  • Market capitalization and revenue growth can be observed on day to day basis as the data be revised each day by the concerned department
  • Any request from the bottom of the pyramid can flow to the top in a seamless manner
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AIS Technolabs

AIS Technolabs has been a pioneer in offering enterprise mobility services to firms working in various domains of the economy. Having worked with clients from across the country,AIS has developed a good and holistic knowledge of the m-commerce domain and has satisfactorily served enterprises working in this domain.With a vast experience of tendering software and mobility solutions, AIS is an established name in the business.

You can expect following benefits when you choose us as an enterprise mobility solution provider for your m-commerce business:
  • Well-designed architecture for integration as a part of the mobility
  • Effective software solutions to manage and track the integration and sharing of data
  • Sheet of data uses according to business
  • A dedicated team of professional and data managers to work on your solutions
  • 24×7 assistance in case of any issue
  • Facility for having mobility consultation in a quick manner
  • Assistance in transition towards mobility of your enterprise
  • Additional support or help at market competitive rate
  • Incorporation of client specific needs in the design and development process
AIS Technolabs is offering these services at highly competitive rates. Having the experience of tendering such solutions from quite sometimes, AIS happens to be the perfect fit for addressing mobility needs of your m-commerce enterprise.
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