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Enterprise Mobility In The Public Sector

The concept of enterprise mobility has already made successful inroads into the private sector enterprises and has resulted in enhanced productivity and growth. However, in context of public sector enterprises, the adoption of the mobility has not been that good.

Public sector enterprises, unlike their private counterparts, are required to deal with volumes of data and n number of customers/clients on daily basis. This data has to be updated and fetched on a real-time basis to ensure that the client (that is the public) is served in a quick and effective manner.

Public sector enterprises by their very virtue of being at the service of public carry the image of the government of the day. From license enrollment to passport issuance, public sector enterprises have to handle lakhs of people every day.

Since there are a lot of departments in public sector enterprises, it becomes necessary for them to be integrated as they should be aware of the progress in customer’s request/application as is processed by the respective department.

Software solutions are required by these public sector enterprises to channelize mobility in their enterprise in an effective sense. For these services, software and app development firms are hired. A good number of software and app development firms are offering specialized enterprise mobility services for public sector firms in a cost-effective manner.

Enterprise mobility and public sector enterprise

Mobility in Public sector enterprises has an additional element of advantage towards accelerating the growth of a nation. Unlike private sector enterprises where mobility leads to individual firm’s gain and growth, in public sector mobility brings in value addition in terms of efficiency and productivity to the public offices of a country.

Public offices are set-up that are dedicated to the service of the people and they require workflow and productivity that is of a top-notch level to serve the needs of millions in an efficient manner.

In this regards, mobility becomes an important adoption element for these firms if they really want to stand up to the Public welfare image of their working. Some of the inherent benefits of adoption of enterprise mobility in public enterprises are listed below:

  • Easy flow of customer/public request from multiple departments
  • Ease of governance with services available on the go
  • Public can save their time by making application/request online without visiting the office physically
  • Enhanced efficiency of service delivery in face of regular updates and process tracking
  • Cost cutting for public sector enterprise as paperwork and documentation gets replaced by cloud data
  • Productivity enhancement as more number of request/applications can be processed with the adoption of mobility in the enterprise
  • Profit enhancement and revenue generation
  • The public good character of the enterprise is relieved
  • The governance deficit can be narrowed down with enhanced service delivery as a result of the adoption of enterprise mobility
  • Saving of public money in face of reduced cost of operation

These benefits along with effective governance and public trust that would be gained post adoption of enterprise mobility add on to the ability of the concept of mobility to deliver the best.

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AIS Technolabs

Having worked with a good number of public enterprises AIS Technolabs has earned a name for itself in terms of tendering enterprise mobility solutions to public sector enterprises. As a known name in software and app development industry, AIS has garnered a good amount of knowledge and understanding about the needs and operational style of public enterprises. AIS Technolabs is known for tendering enterprise mobility based software solutions that are suited for the working and operational needs of the enterprise in a cost-effective and timely manner.

A client serving base expanding from India to abroad proves the worth of AIS as a quality service provider. The quality and efficiency that AIS deliver as a part of its software solution service is substantiated by the very fact that it has served enterprises from almost all the domains of the economy.

You can expect following benefits when you choose us as the enterprise mobility solution provider for the public enterprise:
  • Mobile app based monitoring for performance analysis of the respective department
  • Data collection in regards to the performance and productivity of each employee
  • Additional assistance or help at the market competitive rate
  • Scalable software/app that is compatible with all kinds of devices
  • Facility for clients to hire developers on project to project basis
  • Regular updates to keep your software running effectively
  • Need assessment of the enterprise based on various parameters
  • Customized and client suited solutions
  • Integration strategy crafted for the needs of operation of the enterprise
  • Ease of accessibility for public
  • Flexibility in operations due to channelization of cloud computing technology
  • Timely updates to the database in real-time without any bondage of working in an office based setup
  • Expert developers and solution providers to work on your solution
One can register their inquiries in regards to their needs in enterprise mobility solutions related software on our official website www.aistechnolabs.com. Our team would contact you shortly post registration of your inquiry.