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In today’s corporate world, everybody is looking to improve their customer service and productivity. Every firm is adopting the latest, cutting-edge technological advancements to its benefit. Until very recently, the idea of mobilizing the workforce and working from remote areas was alien to the corporate world. Nowadays corporations all over the globe and in various industries are using enterprise mobility solutions. They have now realized that the key to achieving success today lies in the integration of different departments as well as aspects of business through mobile applications.

Enterprise Mobility-The Current Trend

Investing in enterprise mobility solutions is a significant trend currently. It’s ultimately about creating a more streamlined, effective and engaging communication channel for customers and improving the customer service at the end. Even simple mobile apps are said to enhance customer engagement and access. Insurance apps have many unique features, and it allows its customers to:

  • Manage their policies
  • Make changes in their payment plans
  • Access insurance ID cards
  • Pay their bills
  • Obtain quotes for insurance
  • Request assistance
  • Find the nearest insurance agent for help

The features mentioned above are a great benefit for customers who are looking for more self-service options.

Mobile apps allow consumers to self-report an accident or loss in real time, send photos and other data about the accident, sign documents and even monitor the status of their claim on the app itself. This improves the self-service capabilities of customers.

Enterprise Mobility in Insurance Sector

On the internal side of insurance operations, mobile apps enable efficiency on many levels, including providing instant quotes, optimizing underwriting services, simplifying claims processing, and improving marketing efforts. Apps that provide document management and e-signatures also help in speeding up the process and reduces paperwork. This helps in the procedure of policy issuance and claims to be processed by receiving a quote instantly.

Marketing is more accessible to consumers through a mobile app. Insurers can easily promote new products and services and develop a closer and more personalized relationship with their customers. In retail and other mobile-savvy industries, insurers can build brand loyalty, and drive an increase in revenue. This can be achieved through push notifications informing about exclusive offers and discounts or other notifications about upcoming bill payment or expiry dates of policies.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility for the Insurance Firm

  • Agents and field personnel in the insurance company can spare more field time thereby being more productive.
  • Improved claims management that involves less paperwork and enables better decisions.
  • Systems can automatically be updated to achieve excellent customer service goals.
  • Applications that allow automatic tracking of fraudulent cases, updating of information, and paying settlement checks like the real-time back-office systems.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility for the Customers

  • Applications enable a single point of contact, so, clients can resolve claims faster and more effectively.
  • Less waiting in line as mobile apps provide better customer service where customers get access to real-time office systems to resolve queries.
  • Complaints can be resolved without a lot of paperwork.

AIS Technolabs- Your Technology Partner

Our experts help prioritize and seize mobile opportunities to engage customers, partners, and employees in the most cost-effective manner. Our solutions span the entire insurance value chain – from product design to underwriting to claims; hence we provide enhanced customer experience and improve employee and partner productivity.

AIS Technolabs drives mobility by identifying businesses that can be mobile-enabled. We pinpoint capabilities of a company that needs to be developed, along with the associated costs. We create technology and solution architecture that best fit your organization to deliver required functionalities for your mobile investments.

Our mobility solutions can help your organization with:

  • Enhanced customer and employee experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Improved customer and enterprise information access
  • Enhanced business agility and efficiency

The AIS Technolabs Advantage

AIS Technolabs understands the needs of the insurance sector and comes up with custom mobile applications that are powered by cloud systems. We provide state of the art enterprise solutions for all segments of the insurance sector. Our solutions not only serve the business’s primary information management needs but also contribute to taking the organization to a different level altogether.

  • We believe in combining technological expertise with specific domain experience, to deliver ace solutions.
  • Our center of excellence continually tries to achieve the best through our deliveries to the clients.
  • We believe in becoming an extension of our client’s team and become their long-term strategic partners, helping them grow their business, solve real problems and achieve goals.
  • Our services are cost-effective, and we take pride in providing the right deliverable after a thorough understanding of the requirements of the business.

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