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The wonders of the modern internet and the technological capabilities of the smartphone has revolutionized communication, interaction and transaction. A modern smartphone is not just a telecommunications device, it is a portable computer, with the ability to undertake a wide variety of tasks that were not possible even a few years back. Text communication on mobile phones have been standardized with the 2G protocol launched in the mid 1990s, with SMS or short messaging systems being the precursor to modern chatting apps.

Google has been a major force in the internet industry, with its search services entering into the modern lexicon; and its services and products such as Gmail, YouTube and Android being market leaders and innovators in their respective spheres. With its huge array of consumers, Google has launched Google Allo, a smart and interactive chat and communications mobile application with top-notch security and a large number of in-built functionalities. To provide organizations with similar customized solutions, AIS Technolabs has built a messaging app like Google Allo with a similar set of functionalities.

Why Does Your Organization Require Smart Apps?

Smart Apps are apps that use insights to judge user behavior for different use cases. The fundamental principle of smart apps include finding out how the user behaves and responds to actions, as well as gain insights on the types of messages the user receives and the responses the user sends back. Using all of this information, AIS Technolabs is able to create a ‘map’ of user behavior, and uses artificial intelligence to pin-point the most appropriate responses, with more expressiveness in interpersonal communication.

Apps like Google Allo aims to provide answers for text messages, without requiring the user to type any input; thereby saving the energy and effort invested in chatting. AIS Technolabs aims to provide a complete 360-degree chatting and communication experience to improve interpersonal communication; with the aim of making chats more engaging, smarter and the chat app more efficient.

What are the Features of the App?

The app developed by AIS Technolabs comes with a myriad variety of features, each built into the app to enhance communication in various ways. Given below are some of the most important features of the app:

Smart Reply

The most important feature is the smart reply feature. Depending on the nature of the incoming message, the app is able to find out a list of probable and appropriate responses, and present them to the user as choices for their message. Using the insights from these choices, the system uses machine learning to improve the auto-generated response for the future.

Smart Emojis

The app is able to find out the ‘emotion’ behind the message being sent, and can also present the user with a range of appropriate emojis. Similar to the smart reply feature, the smart emoji function uses machine learning to improve the given options for recommending appropriate emojis.

Message Font Size

The app features a useful customized setting, allowing the user to increase or decrease the size of the chat font while composing the message. This feature is not only limited to text fonts, but is also applicable to emojis, allowing for greater expressiveness while responding to messages.

File Transfer

The app features an in-built file-transfer mode which allows the users to share various file types through the app. Other than image files such as JPG, PNG, and GIF; the app can also transmit PDF files, ZIP archives, documents such as DOCX and XLSX, Android APKs for installing other apps, and MP3 audio files. In addition, the system also features an integrated file viewer and audio player to view these files directly from the app.

Selfie Clips

Selfie clips are short 5-second or 10-second selfie videos which have become popular in various messaging and social media apps. Using the front-facing camera, the app allows users to record selfie clips and send them to users directly, with additional control, using emojis and graphics to enhance the videos.

Incognito Mode

To ensure that the chat is completely private, the system uses top-notch crypto-security solutions to encrypt messages at both the sender and the receiver’s end; eliminating the threat of eavesdropping apps and systems. In addition, private notifications and chats have a built-in expiry feature in encryption mode, which deletes them completely from both the sender’s as well as the receiver’s device after 24 hours, ensuring maximum security for private and personal communication.

With interpersonal communication becoming the mainstay of smartphones and slowly replacing social media as the preferred mode of interaction, the Google Allo like App by AIS Technolabs allows organizations to provide top-notch communications solutions for their own consumers. With increasing threat of eavesdropping and security vulnerabilities being targeted by hackers, the superior encryption solutions allow organizations to communicate with their users with complete privacy and security; as well as provide their clientele to engage in the same with minimal hassle.

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