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The introduction of computers and the internet has changed how people transact and interact with each other. There has been an evolution of a whole industry, the Information Technology or IT industry, which provides IT-enabled solutions to a large number of businesses across the globe. Most consumer-oriented industries have shifted towards IT solutions, which increase transparency and provide organizations with easy solutions which can be availed by the consumer at any point of time and at any given place. While the healthcare industry has been at the forefront in adapting IT solutions, most of the systems were designed to augment the diagnostic capabilities of medical practitioners and healthcare professionals, with limited solutions available for patients. To this end, AIS Technolabs provides custom healthcare IT solutions which provide an easy interface for patients to communicate with healthcare providers.

What Are Healthcare IT Solutions?

Healthcare IT solutions are systems which are designed to use computers and computer networks to assist patients and healthcare providers. There are three distinct healthcare IT solutions in the industry:

Diagnostic Solutions

Diagnostic solutions include machines and devices which help to diagnose a large number of patient ailments and augment the capabilities of doctors and medical practitioners to provide accurate and reliable diagnosis. Such systems include pathological detection units which detect bacteria and viruses in the blood, MRI machines to detect the electromagnetic flow of information in the nervous system, endoscopic solutions which provide a real-time video feed of the internal organs without surgical procedures and so on. Most of the IT solutions for these devices are provided by the manufacturers themselves since these devices are proprietary in nature and are patented by law.

Data Management Solutions

For most patients, there is a wide array of different data types which is required by the doctor for accurate diagnosis of a disease. These data types include historical data, past prescribed medicines, pathological reports, past and current surgical procedural data, as well as other data such as allergy reactions, substance abuse and food preferences. A single interface to retrieve such data is not only a boon for medical professionals, but also patients and third-party organizations such as insurance companies and even law enforcement agencies. AIS Technolabs creates tailor-made data storage and retrieval solutions with an intuitive interface to provide organizations and patients the facility to interact and extract data.

Interface Solutions

Interface Solutions: Interface solutions include solutions which helps patients to communicate and interface with doctors and hospitals for a wide range of requirements. Traditionally, the only mode of interaction with such institutions were either through telephone or via mail, both of which were prone to human errors and delayed reactions. The advent of the internet has created web solutions which provide face-to-face interaction through video conferencing, as well as other benefits such as online booking for hospitals and pathological laboratories, online retrieval of data and online claims management systems. As a pioneer in web technologies, AIS Technolabs provides simplified healthcare IT solutions for a wide variety of institutions and organizations within the industry.

Who are the Beneficiaries of Healthcare IT solutions?

The beneficiaries of healthcare IT solutions are manifold. Almost everyone associated with the industry can potentially benefit from the introduction of healthcare IT services which make diagnosis faster, improve accuracy and provide results instantaneously.

Doctors and Medical Professionals

Doctors and medical professionals can directly interact with the patients using modern technologies such as video conferencing, which allows for easier communication in far-flung regions. Moreover healthcare IT solutions can also assist in faster diagnosis of ailments using technologies such as artificial intelligence.


For patients, healthcare IT solutions is a boon. It allows them to communicate with doctors and receive feedback regarding their ailments. In addition, patients can book for services such as hospital beds and pathological laboratory solutions from their location of choice using online booking solutions, which also provide an approximate cost of the service as well as provide diagnostic data using the internet.

Athletes and Sports Professionals

Athletes are regularly exposed to potential damaging injuries due to the physical nature of their profession. Healthcare IT solutions allow athletes to monitor their performance, track their movement pattern and help coaches and physiotherapists in improving their overall performance. In addition, such solutions also provide telemetric records of performances which can help track the goals for such professionals.

With the world being ever-more connected to the internet, healthcare IT solutions have the potential to revolutionize the industry, allowing medical professionals and healthcare providers to provide top-notch services with minimal cost overheads. AIS Technolabs creates tailor-made solutions in the healthcare IT sector for its esteemed clientele spread throughout the globe.
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