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AIS Technolabs is a reputed company with years of expertise in the IT sector. As a leading IT service provider, our company is associated with many small and big firms who are in search of a good hybrid app development company. Most of the companies’ searches end at our door. Our hybrid developers are among the best in the country. So, if you are looking to hire hybrid developers, your search ends here. To hire dedicated hybrid developers, you just need to get associated with our company and you will get regular updates from our team of experts. There are several other services that we provide, which includes WordPress, HTML services, yahoo store development, clone apps, game development, etc.

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Hire Hybrid Developers

Our Expertise with Hybrid Developers

Every business nowadays wants a distinctive presence across all platforms, this makes the relation with the consumers more interactive and frequent. In today’s world, it becomes important to hire experts who can develop hybrid apps, which combine elements of both web applications, and native apps. To look after a company’s digital presence and help build your brand presence across various platforms, we provide every help through our professional hybrid programmer to your company.

The teams at AIS Technolabs comprises hybrid developers who are updated with the latest trends in the app markets over the internet. They use the best practices of hybrid app development to provide great benefit your company and create an unparalleled digital presence.

Top Benefits of Developing Hybrid App

Hybrid applications are basically web apps with a native app packaging. Upon downloading the app from an app store and after installing it locally, the native app packaging is able to connect to whatever capabilities the mobile platform is able to provide via a browser, which is embedded in the app. The Hybrid apps are popular these days. Most of the small and large enterprises hire expert hybrid developer to write code for a mobile app once and still accommodate multiple platforms. Some of the main benefits of the apps you will get if you hire dedicated hybrid developers from our company:

Easy Development

Due to the unified code base of the hybrid apps for mobiles, the companies will not have to spend money separately for developing multiple versions of the same app, to cater to different platforms. The application framework allows the hybrid programmer to build a single version, and use it for different platforms with the help of a common code base.

Native Experience with Simple Backend

The native apps deliver excellent user experience, hybrid apps provide similar experience along with keeping the back-end structure of the app simple. The UX of the app remains seamless even while fixing and updating the app across various platforms. The users of the hybrid app enjoy fluid native feel with no difference as they shift from one platform to another.

Low Cost of Development

The most noticeable advantage of hybrid apps is the reduced development cost. If you hire hybrid developers from our company, they can help you create hybrid apps, which enables targeting of multiple platforms without maintaining numerous code bases. Unlike the native apps present in the market, hybrid apps use a single code base for various platforms. Thus the cost is reduced as single base code is used.

High Performance

The hybrid apps provide you high speed performance, similar to native apps. In some cases the hybrid apps developed by our hybrid developer prove to be faster than progressive and responsive apps. The main reason for this higher speed is the non-dependency on any network communication. This will help you gain a competitive edge.

Offline Support

Many of the mobile applications suffer from the common problem of limitation. This limitation is due to lack of offline support. The offline accessibility feature helps the hybrid apps to overcome the challenge of extended loading time. So, the end user of the application has an uninterrupted session with the app, while accessing the app’s data. This minimizes performance glitches.

Attractive UI/UX Designs

Mobile apps built by our hybrid developer offer a consistent and attractive user experience across iOS, Android platforms. These applications are about making it work for the smartphones by holding the web. The apps adapt faster to various device screens for a faster display of data and seamless streaming. The phenomenal UI experience even improves the chances for the application to be approved by the app store.

Multi-platform Support

On a regular basis, the hybrid apps have no limit to how much they can expand, so they support almost all platforms if they are popular. The performance of the app depends on the framework used to build the apps. If you hire dedicated hybrid developers, they can create great, interactive hybrid apps that work flawlessly across leading mobile platforms.

Hassle-free Integration with Other Apps

The hybrid apps developed and created by our hybrid programmer are able to easily integrate, and are accessible from the mobile device’s file system. The feature of this integration with the Web-based services is also present in the created apps.

Easy Maintenance

Another benefit of hybrid app development is its easy maintenance. For the native apps, there is a need to roll out new versions with every update, but it is not the case for apps developed by our hybrid developers. So, hire hybrid developers from us. A hybrid app bypasses versioning and makes app maintenance easier. One can maintain the app just like updating a web page and that too in real time.

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Our Hybrid App Development Services

With our services for development of hybrid apps, there is an ultimate scope of gain for you, as they can become the single source of marketing channels, because of their effectiveness. Nowadays when there is a huge increase in the number of people using their smart device, there is a need for online brand marketing strategy by the companies. For this reason, the businesses across the globe can think of building native apps for a dedicated platform of hybrid apps that works across multiple platforms.

PhoneGap Development

We have an expert hybrid developer team familiar with PhoneGap software development framework by adobe system. They specialize in web development languages like HTML, CSS and Jscript.

Sencha Touch Development

We also specialize in Sencha Touch development. This is a cross-browser application development framework based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The use of this software allows hybrid programmer provide active database support to ensure high quality and optimum performance of mobile apps.

React Native Development

We work with React Native Development also, which allows the web developers to develop robust mobile apps using their existing knowledge of JavaScript. This software framework offers faster mobile application development, more efficiency in code sharing across iOS, Android and the Web, without any compromise with end user’s experience or application quality.

Flutter App Development

We have expertise with Flutter app development. Flutter is an open source UI which is developed by google. This software is also used to develop apps for iOS, Android, Linux, MAC, Windows etc.

jQuery Development

This simplifies the functions of HTML, which includes traversing, event handling, animation and Ajax interaction. Upon providing these simplifications, it helps in rapid web development. jQuery simplifies various tasks as there is less code to write and this is a JavaScript toolkit.

Maintenance and Support

We at AIS TechnoLabs, provide all support and maintenance, so that your applications run smoothly across various platforms. Once you hire hybrid developers, they provide full support to you during the entire process of development.

AngularJS Development

This is used to extend HTML’s syntax and allows you to use HTML as your template language. This eliminates much of the code that you otherwise need to write in order to make the application work properly.

HTML5 Mobile Development

This is a web development application. The apps that are developed using this framework are coded to be served over the web to a variety of device types.

Node.js Development

We have experience with Node.js, which is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for the easy development of scalable network applications.

Why Hire Dedicated Hybrid Developers From Us?

In today’s world where there are many companies offering services related to app development, there must be some thoughts prevailing in your mind, why you should choose us for the Hybrid app services, and invest your time, energy, and money on the services AIS TechnoLabs provide instead of choosing some other company. We have a large pool of experienced and skilled Hybrid app developers for hire. The reasons to us are as follows:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Native applications are built specifically for the platforms on which they are installed. However, when it comes to changing the platform, new versions with code need to be developed for that platform. Hybrid applications combine the features of native and web apps, so that they can operate on different platforms. Apart from this the time required to develop hybrid apps is less as compared to native apps.

The company has a predefined process, following which you can interview the hybrid app developers. This process will be explained to you in detail during the interaction sessions.

There is a provision that we provide, which enables you to choose the hybrid developer. This is a mutual decision from both the company and clients end. Thus, we ensure that the best quality of product is delivered to you.

Regular updates will be provided to you. As a company we know the importance of communication and so we focus on providing the details related to the project development to the client on a regular basis.