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The hospitality industry is one of the growing and most dynamic industries in the world. During the last two decades, with new digital innovations, the hospitality industry has evolved drastically giving rise to new business models changing the way customers now interact with the brands.

Keeping these constant changes in mind, there is a need for strategies that are designed to meet the hospitality digital marketing needs and to deliver results consistently.

With a strong digital marketing strategy, there is virtually no limit to your ability to scale towards success. At our AIS Technolabs, we can boost your hospitality business growth with robust digital marketing services and provide you with unique client experience

Strong analytics:

You can now learn more about your audience and to measure your SEO results. We will help you increase your website engagement and improve the overall impact of your marketing.

On-Page SEO:

We ensure that optimization levels for the content on the site are high at all times while making sure that it provides good user-experience for your customers.

Off-Page SEO:

Whether it is building inbound links or improving natural links to your site, maintaining strong trust and confidence in the search engines is crucial. For this reason, we see this as our priority.

Technical SEO:

Our team of AIS Technolabs are adept at building advanced technical SEO aside from strong content. With a strong technical SEO, search engines find it easy to access, crawl and index your website increases.

Hospitality internet marketing


Regardless of the size of your business, we will help you reach a wide range of audience with strong hospitality business internet marketing strategy. Our top to-do list includes capturing the interest of your audience. Hence, we build online marketing tactics around this idea. When trust is built, connections automatically happen.We’ve seen that happen in all our content marketing endeavours. The bottom line is we know how this stuff works.

Google Map integration:

We bring you a seamless Google Map integration, so you’re connected geographically. You can choose to embed Google map platform so that you can run your delivery operations accurately using the real-time location information.

Design and Performance audits:

Hospitality online marketing is a highly dynamic term, which is equally challenging with a need to measure it constantly in order to cope with the changing trends. To deal with this influx, we conduct regular design and performance audits so that we can tie up some loose ends as and when they occur.

Video advertising:

Video advertising is extremely popular and most sought-after channel by users. For businesses such as yours; it is undoubtedly a great channel to build strong brand engagement by connecting with your audience at anyplace and anytime. We play an important role in crafting a perfect video advertising strategy as we rely on research and clear execution to drive greater brand engagement.

Social advertising:

Every social media platform is different and we build advertising strategies that uniquely cater to the needs of each platform audience, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. At AIS Technolabs, we use social advertising to deliver consistent results and yield an ROI whether it is through content marketing, influencer marketing, microblogging or photo sharing.

You can now run hassle free campaigns as we are here to support you to better target your new and returning customers.

Local marketing:

Location-based marketing is more valuable in hospitality business than any other. We build a strategy that targets your local traffic day in and day out so that we can connect your services to the urgent needs of people. By doing this, we have been progressing greatly while increasing the brand conversions of many hotels we have worked with so far. By localizing your site, we can make your brand more relatable and accessible to your local traffic.

Hospitality SEO:


When you’re looking to increase your visibility or attract more customers, hospitality SEO is the right place to start. In today’s online world, people make decisions about hotels in split seconds looking at the website rankings, online reviews and brand presence. In fact, a successful SEO strategy can turn a sinking business into a profitable one with time and talent. With so many restaurant businesses at every corner, it is important to be unique and we understand this challenge and embed it into all our marketing efforts.

With the right keyword strategy, we can ensure people find your website. As these can change from time to time we keep surveying to keep our keyword strategy relevant at all times.

With so much of high-quality photos and video content on your site, you may forget the fundamental need for pages to load quickly, which can ultimately harm your overall SEO efforts. The good part is we also keep these fundamental needs in mind, so you can enjoy best client experience with us.

While competing with the likes of your industry, building links can seem impossible but it doesn’t have to be so. We will help you in acquiring links with a number of tactics in order to scale your SEO.

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