Human Anatomy App Development

The wonders of science and technology has made a large number of simple solutions a reality which would have been considered nearly impossible in the past. The evolution of computing technology has given us the power of erstwhile supercomputers in the palms of our hands. None of this is more true than in the medical industry where computer-assisted diagnosis has been revolutionary in treating a wide variety of diseases. The advancement of the medical sciences has taken a fresh leap; with the power of cloud computing, 3D graphics and increased usage of smartphones, healthcare have a greater reach amongst us. With this aim in mind, AIS Technolabs has developed customized human anatomy apps for both the general populace as well as medical practitioners.
What is a Human Anatomy App?
A human anatomy app is a mobile application which is used to view the various organs and body processes in great detail. The app uses the power of modern smartphone GPUs to render pixel-perfect 3D images of the human body. Such systems can be used to render various body function in great detail such as the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the limbic system, and the neurological system. AIS Technolabs creates tailor-made human anatomy apps that can be used in a wide variety of applications, from medical advice solicitation to education.
With the evolution of devices such as smartwatches, these apps can use the data from bodily functions to give a clearer picture of the functionality of the human body in astounding detail.Various bodily functions can be displayed in exquisite detail using such app. Some of the systems are mentioned below:
Who Benefits from a Human Anatomy App?
The human anatomy app by AIS Technolabs has a plethora of uses within the medical community as well as outside it. The app is the perfect companion for private doctors to explain the maladies of their patients in graphic detail. In addition, doctors can also show how the prescribed drugs or surgical procedures make necessary changes to their patients’ bodies.
The human anatomy app also plays a huge role in education. With the app, students need not dissect cadavers to understand the functioning of the human body. With high quality and detailed renditions, students can use the app to understand the functioning of the human body; the movement of bodily fluids; the expansion and contraction of organs; and the general structure of the bones, tissues, muscles, and other anatomical detail. Likewise, safety and health organizations can use the system to preach how to work safely in hazardous environments and simulate the effects of hazardous chemicals on the human body.
In the field of sports and athletics, such apps provide professional athletes with the details of how their body functions, providing telemetric data through the use of sensors and creating visual 3-dimensional renditions of the data for physiologists and other sport medical professionals to understand the functioning of core parts of the athletes’ bodies.
The Healthcare Trend in the Tech Industry

With more and more people moving towards a healthier lifestyle, technology has enabled people to know more about the functioning of the human body. Devices such as smartphones and smartwatches have become regular companions of people interested in a healthy lifestyle, and these devices feature various sensors and actuators which provide various forms of data delving deeply into the functioning of the human body. The human anatomy app from AIS Technolabs enhances this viewpoint by delivering superior 3-dimensional views of the human body within the palms of their hands. The app is tailor-made for the specific requirements of the users, with focus on any one particular body part, or a particular organ system; as well as a generic overview of the entire body.

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