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The insurance industry is quite competitive with so many independent agencies vying for the same customer. In our experience, we have seen most insurance agencies struggling to create unique content. Therefore, we can help specifically with SEO for Insurance companies you bring leads to your site organically.

Our team at AIS Technolabs is one of the most versatile digital marketing teams in this field mainly due to our degree of expertise and passion to rank high in search engines. As search engines continuously change their algorithms, we always keep ourselves abreast of these changes and adapt to them to give you the desired results.

Little changes can push your brand higher in search results. One such change is using Insurance digital marketing. AIS Technolabs is one of the leading providers of digital marketing services and caters to your business needs. With strong effective SEO alone, we believe we can boost a firm’s growth and give them a long-term competitive advantage in the industry.

Any company’s digital engagement success depends largely on their digital marketing strategy. For this reason, we contribute more to the development of Insurance digital marketing strategy framework than anything.

Data analytics:

We use raw data to analyze business trends and transform them into useful insights to drive business decisions. This is particularly important in an industry like yours, where trends keep evolving. Therefore, it is a must to monitor them consistently.

Content creation:

When creating content, we would like to think that we are in the business of helping others. This principle helps us build relevant and fresh content at all times.


It is crucial to think along the lines of a search engine and work on your site’s design because what works for you may not work for Google. We use tools to see your site as search engines do in order to cater our digital marketing efforts to search engines.

Did you know?

Just a portion of the market shows almost 100 billion searches made on Google every month mainly for content, services and products. This only proves how important quality content building is.

SEO for insurance agents:


Until now keeping track of changing insurance rates only might’ve worked well enough for your business, however, you are now required to muster the most changing rules of SEO for Insurance agents to earn traffic. Without a strong SEO strategy, you might try to get away somehow but your results will likely be short-lived. In the world of SEO, content is important and without content, there is no conversion.

Insurance SEO


Search marketing both on-page SEO and off-page SEO are central to our Insurance SEO strategy. By using many tactics as mentioned below, we ensure to market the unique value of your brand with Insurance website SEO.

Search queries:

The words users’ type when searching for your brand carry extraordinary value. In other words, these search queries or keywords can make or break when attempting to driving traffic to your site. If you desire to be most users’ answer for Insurance questions, we can help you get there by building strong search query strategy in order to help you stay relevant and yield an exceptional rate of return compared to other types of marketing.

On-page optimization:

You can simply change the position your brand ranks by focusing well on optimizing your on-page features. We ensure to focus on each and aspect such as title tags, Meta tags URL structures and different versions of your site content. For instance, we focus on applying few effective techniques on keyword usage and targeting so that we can create pages that are well-optimized.

Off-page optimization:

Often, things that matter to search engines are away from your website. We strive to optimize your off-page factors because off-page SEO gives search engines the information about what others think about your site. Our team works on building links, improving content, and increasing influencer marketing to build trust and value for your users.

Site integrity:

With so many unscrupulous websites on the rise, it costs the integrity of your site and content if you’re not vigilant. These websites usually scrape content from other sites and publish into their own tricking search engines into thinking they are the originator. We take measures to protect you against scraping and maintain your site’s integrity.

Insurance social media marketing


It is not enough to just exploit few social media platforms selectively for advertising to gain attractive results. Clear Insurance social media marketing strategy is a must in order to obtain the return on investment in your online marketing activities. We will help you identify the most appropriate social media channel for your business and focus on those to offer consistent results.

Google Analytics:

Apart from many best tools such as HootSuite and Semrush, we use Google Analytics to measure your results diligently.

Keyword research:

We focus on keyword research not only to offer an ROI but also to help you understand your customers. If you’re not sure about right kind of traffic accessing your site, then it is important to study metrics and understand the value of your keyword. The best part is, we will help you understand easily.


As search engines constantly improve to provide best possible results, we too strive to make the brands we work with more relevant. In the end, your reward is satisfied searchers, who are engaged with your brand. For this, we prominently focus on few features:


  • Easy navigation
  • Availability of actionable information on your site
  • Relevant to modern browsers
  • Offer high-quality content

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