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Is It Really Worth to upgrade to iOS 11 App Developer?

Apple iOS has been a symbol of panache, innovation, and efficiency all at the same time. It has a rare mix of features which is quite taxing for a 32-bit processor to handle..This is probably why Apple has been hinting at abandoning the 32-bit architecture altogether since the release of iOS 10.1. This is one of the fundamental reasons to upgrade to iOS 11 right away.
iOS app developers, all over the world, are going to be in quite a bind because 32-bit apps will not be supported by Apple devices until iOS 11 App Development process remains pending. In fact, once launched, the apps will simply show a message that asks the user to upgrade to the 64-bit version. Working on this clock can be challenging for developers without experience. This will result in massive losses among the audience unless you hire a decent iOS 11 App Developer. Here are the biggest advantages to shifting to iOS 11’s 64-bit architecture development today:
Performance Boost
Developing an app that is compatible with 64-bit architecture makes it run much faster and smoother than the 32-bit version. Also, it consumes fewer resources which means that it minimizes battery consumption even after prolonged usage of the app.
Better UI and UX
In its current state, the Apple App Store is due for some major changes in UI and UX. As a result, this interim phase makes it ideal for iOS developers to phase into a sharper and crisper UI and UX to stand out after the full rollout of Apple iOS 11.
Rebranding Opportunity
Any sea change in Apple’s UI and UX also allows an app to rebrand and relaunch itself and promote the same app with some new features. This is definitely a great chance to gain more users for the app with minimal advertising efforts.
Stable Business Metrics
Customer acquisition costs and customer retention costs are going to be too great to handle once iOS 11 launches with full force. Switching to iOS 11, before that happens will require some investment but will at least that will keep the numbers steady.
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Why partner with AIS Technolabs to Get Into iOS 11?

Everyone at AIS Technolabs is dedicated to create faster, smarter, and smoother app development solutions for all our clients. Not making a change to iOS 11 inevitably means that you lose out on a big part of your audience after the iOS 11 rollout. As an iOS 11 development agency, we can vouch for the benefits of making the shift early while the competition is still low. Using a 32-bit app in a 64-bit architecture is definitely an option but that just slows down the system because it depletes the resources too fast. Upgrade to iOS 11 as soon as possible to get ahead of the game.

A lot of people are concerned with the additional investment involved in hiring an iOS app developer to miss out on a part of the audience when they shift to iOS 11 themselves. This is a legitimate concern and not a lot of people can really see a need to shift to iOS 11 until it really takes root. Also, a lot of companies are still confused as to whether or not their 32-bit app can be upgraded to the 64-bit version.

In reality, all these things are subjective and require a closer look. Depending on the frameworks and libraries being used by the 32-bit app, it may or may not be convertible to a 64-bit version. If not, our iOS developer may have to create a new app from scratch. Alternatively, we can find updates to the existing library to accommodate the 64-bit library. Also, if needed, we can also find you a separate set of libraries that definitely work in the 64-bit OS. It goes without saying that we create solutions as per the need of the specific project and there is no fixed cost that we can quote right away without taking a look at it.
In 2017, during the WWDC event, Tim Cook predicted that 87% of Apple users will upgrade to iOS 11. This prediction was based on the fact that 85% of Apple users shifted to iOS 10 when it was released. What this means for companies is that once people make the switch customer acquisition and retention costs will be way too high to be feasible. We can help you to not only check and convert the existing 32-bit app to its 64-bit counterpart but also re-submit the new app with all the new specifications on Apple App Store. This is the ideal time to take action and make sure that your business does not take a major hit when iOS 11 eventually rolls out. Trust AIS Technolabs to come up with the best solutions on a deadline and with immediate results.
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