Unity Developer – AR & VR Designer

Experience :
2 to 4+ years’ industry experience in game-based software engineering, augmented reality and virtual reality development
Job Description
  • Expertise in C# and/or C++, Unity 3D
  • Oculus and HTC Vive experience
  • Deep knowledge of networking, specifically for game development applications
  • Knowledge of the current Unity platform, including the latest UI
  • Ability to understand an optimize 3D math calculations and algorithms as they pertain to game logic
  • 3D and Design skills
  • Self-motivation and self-directed learner
  • Experience programming network protocols communication (ex:
    UDP/TCP, HTTP, Bluetooth)
  • Ability to document your code clearly and thoroughly
  • Experience starting projects from scratch or jumping into an existing
  • Embedded or mobile systems experience
  • OpenGL / Direct3D experience
  • Experience with 3D Graphics (ex: OpenGL, DirectX, 3D matrix mathematics)
  • Experience with Android / iOS development
  • Experience working with integrated teams a plus
  • Experience using Unity’s engine and tools
  • Work on cutting edge virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.
  • Rapidly develop prototypes and experiments drawing on past VR and AR project experience
  • Work with 3D artists on model preparation for Unity
  • Develop Unity applications/games
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest Unity SDK developments
Minimum Requirements : Openings –  2
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