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Laravel is the PHP platform that provides an enjoyable and genuinely satisfying creative experience with easy authentication methods, object-oriented libraries, MVC support, and the inclusion of an innovative tool called ‘Artisan’.

At AIS Technolabs, we provide comprehensive Laravel web application development solutions for all sizes of enterprises from startup to big enterprises. Our vast technology experience in Laravel mobile app development and web application development helps us offer the best Laravel framework development, integration, and customization services for a wide range of industries across the UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, and others.

Our experienced Laravel developers have the most updated and practical knowledge that helps us to provide the best solution for your business. If you want to develop your website or laravel mobile app development using Laravel, explore our Laravel application development services now.

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Customized Laravel Web Application Development To Suit Your Needs

Laravel is a PHP open-source framework that is most widely used for web application development. Laravel offers unique features like a flexible packaging system with a variety of options for accessing a connection database as well as resources that help build and maintain modern applications.

AIS Technolabs has covered all the journeys from Laravel right from the Laravel launch on 9 June 2011 up to the new Laravel 7 launched on 3 March 2020. If you want to update your current solution to the new version to exploit the Laravel framework’s robustness along with the latest developments, AIS Technolabs is your right partner. We use Gitlab CI/CD to accelerate the project. Docker containers ensure rapid deployment in a secure environment.

Why Use Laravel For Web And Mobile Application Development?

Laravel web application development offers a diverse range of benefits for the programmers and users. It has the simplest codes to multiple bundles or a stress-free coding. It also allows the developer to deliver a modern and unique website and mobile application. With the help of our dedicated design and development, you can avail of the best Laravel application development services from our team. We specialize in bespoke software and mobile solutions using the latest tools and technologies.


One of the key reasons why developers prefer Laravel is that it provides a lot of object-oriented libraries. This allows designers to use class codes and libraries that are pre-written.


Every project needs continuous improvisations in order to sustain the technological advancements and that is the unique benefit with Laravel. Laravel provides continual improvisations with the newest and newly added features and functionalities.


Laravel makes authentication very easy to implement. The configuration file for the authentication has many well-documented options for modifying authentication services.


Laravel supports the Model, View, and Controller (MVC) method. The MVC method is a way of arranging code such that each element has a particular function. The MVC approach improves overall performance, simplifies the coding process, and makes it easier to follow along with other developers.


Laravel is developed with a view to continuous testing. The platform provides easy support methods allowing us to test web applications and laravel mobile app development expressively. An integral part of Laravel, which involves unit tests that detect and avoid the problems. Unit tests can be performed via the artisan command-line tool.


Another advantage with Laravel web application development and laravel mobile app development is security. As Laravel serves as the intermediary between the user and the server, it protects itself from malicious actors.


Laravel framework is modular in function. Laravel has got a number of pre-built functions and structures are used to build responsive web applications in a time-efficient method that helps to deliver the web application and mobile apps faster in the market.


The location function of Laravel provides the convenience of restoring strings in different languages. This helps to support the Laravel mobile app development in several languages.

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We Offer Extensive Range Of Laravel Application Development Services

Our Laravel developers are perfectly skilled in providing the Laravel PHP framework’s latest and unique advantages. The flexibility of our team in providing clear code for the copious bundles to build reliable and enticing websites to help our customers achieve their primary goals using Laravel framework’s extraordinary offerings.

As a Laravel application development company, we use this open-source platform to develop scalable, real-time custom web development, and business solutions. The framework works best while designing web apps and websites of high quality. Laravel application development services encourage stress-free coding and modular programming. We offer a comprehensive range of Laravel app development services based on its unique properties.


AIS Technolabs is backed up with expert Laravel developers to deliver customized Laravel application development services with the best in-class features and functionalities. Improve the UI/UX of your application, enhance backend output, or integrate your application with legacy systems with the help of our Laravel web application development solutions.


Our developers have the ability to build completely functional RESTful solutions in Laravel API generator packages. You can reach your audience with RESTful APIs and can communicate with other third-parties such as mobiles.


Any solution developed by us will be thoroughly checked before being launched into the market. As a trusted Laravel development company, Our QA team ensures the solution published from our desk is indeed flawless. We use advanced tools and techniques to ensure the solution is bug-free and flawless.


Your current application may or may not be running on the PHP platform, but the migration phase can be without any bugs with the aid of the right collection of porting and migration technologies. Our team of Laravel experts will ensure seamless migration of all of your data.


Our robust support and maintenance services have already helped us to satisfy a number of customers. We offer app support and maintenance services to ensure that the applications run seamlessly.


We offer custom enterprise Laravel solutions that reap huge benefits for your organization. Our approaches are customized to the needs of small and large companies using state-of-the-art tools and technology to create a competitive advantage.

Why Select Ais Technolabs For Laravel Development Solutions

AIS Technolabs is a leading Laravel application development company that has gained a high degree of expertise in delivering out-of-the-box solutions for clients across the globe. You can expect both competent and highly creative web and mobile applications built by our expert Laravel developers. We will help you to build simple CMS apps for complex ecommerce websites at the fastest turnaround time without spending a fortune. We have a world-class infrastructure that gives us an advantage in the production and execution of projects of any scale, based on Laravel technology. We have provided comprehensive Laravel app development services covering the design, creation, testing, and maintenance of web applications that are user-friendly for a diverse set of clients.

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We have a large and highly competent development team, recruited by our thorough screening process, starting with at least two years of technical excellence to experts with almost two decades of experience in the industry. Our Laravel developers and market experts stay updated with the latest in the industry to ensure the best solution for you.

Yes, you can easily switch to Lavarel for improved performance from your existing legacy system. As one of our flagship offerings, we provide complete Laravel migration services to our clients.

Yes, you’ll be able to communicate with the hired developers on a regular basis. Our developers provide regular updates to the clients about the progress of their project.

Yes, you will have full ownership of the source code developed for your Laravel project. With the utmost integrity, we pass ownership of your source code to you.

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