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Fine-tune Your Business Operations with Powerful Web Applications Built on Laravel Framework

Laravel is one of the most trusted frameworks of PHP. It is known for its plethora of resources and ease of development. At AIS Technolabs, we aim at cherishing the essence of superiority the framework offers in building some of the most powerful web applications in the industry to simplify your business operations. With a team of expert Laravel developers, we stand unbeatable and are counted as the industry leaders in interpreting solutions for your modern-day business problems with custom Laravel web development services.

Expert Laravel Web Development Company

Simplify your business operations using our Laravel development services and achieve your business goals easily. We are a team of highly-motivated Laravel developers who can work wonders when it comes to curating modern, high-performing Laravel websites and web applications. Using various resources and abilities provided by Laravel, we make your project development time short and reduce your development costs significantly. At the core of our development process lies our dedication to give you a great degree of customization allowing you to have the scalability to grow in the near future.

With 10+ years of experience in the industry, we have worked with different clients across different industry verticals and helped them make their business grow. We serve clients across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and many more. You can be assured that you would receive world-class tailored Laravel web development solutions from AIS Technolabs. We enhance your websites and applications using the latest tools and technologies. Even if you want to upgrade your legacy systems, you can hire Laravel developers from the large pool of experts we have and modernize your system easily.

Why Choose Laravel?

Laravel being one of the first choices of development for PHP developers, makes people consider it for their upcoming projects or migrating from their existing PHP framework to it. Here are a few things that will end your search for the right technology for your project and choose Laravel for creating best in class websites and web applications to run your business operations smoothly. It is a highly secure and robust framework that ensures high performance and stability of websites and applications.

High Security

Security being one of the biggest factors ever, Laravel is one of the best PHP technologies that gives you more control and security in your operations.

Object-oriented Libraries

Using object-oriented libraries, a developer can make more cleaner codes and bring more cohesiveness in the features and APIs, resulting in better experience.

Enhanced performance

Laravel is a resourceful framework of PHP that makes development of high-performing web applications very easy.

Powerful Authentication

Laravel helps in highly secure building web applications by providing powerful authentication and this gives you an extra layer of protection.

Huge-experienced Community

Laravel has a huge community support that makes it easy for developers to resolve issues and seek help in case of getting stuck working on the framework.

Database Migration

One of the benefits of migrating to Laravel includes the migration of databases, which means no harm to your existing data.

Blade Templating

Laravel comes with Blade templating features, which helps in building large applications easily and makes coding very fast and smooth.

MVC Architecture

Laravel has a powerful MVC architecture that helps develop high quality applications and reduce the developers’ work load endlessly.

Easy Unit testing

Unit testing becomes more easy in Laravel that helps in ensuring the quality of your web application and websites are bug free, providing great user experience.

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Beat the Competition with Laravel Website Development Services

Get far-reaching Laravel Web development services at AIS technolabs that allows you to bring more ease in your business operations and allow you to beat your competition. We bring our globally-relied laravel development services at your disposal at competitive prices to help you make your business processes easier with Laravel Websites and web applications. The use of dependable Laravel modules that brings more speed and agility into the operations. Here are a few wonders we can do with Laravel technology.

Custom Laravel Web Development

Customize your websites and applications right from the design frontend to the backend as per your needs to always stay at the top of the game and gain upper hand in competition.

Laravel Enterprise Development

Our Laravel enterprise development services are aimed at helping you develop dedicated products based on your business operations and customize them to match your unique business needs.

Laravel Restful App Development

We provide Laravel Restful App development, which gives you the power to add more features to your product, let go of the obsolete features, integrate modern solutions in a cohesive manner to increase your business efficiency.

Laravel Extension Development

Increase the efficiency of your existing business solutions by adding extensions to them built on dependable Laravel technology.

Laravel Ecommerce Development

We help you build user-friendly, secure and industry-specific laravel ecommerce websites with a dedicated admin panel to keep up with business operations and gain data for promising business strategies.

Laravel Migration Services

Secure Laravel Migration services allow you to migrate from your existing PHP framework to powerful Laravel framework, for added security, features, and agility in business operations.

Why Choose Us

Years of experience in developing highly-scalable solutions for businesses has given us major insights in the problems that can potentially hurt any development project. By curating our development operations by keeping in mind what we have learnt has made us one of the best Laravel web development companies in the world. Here are a few things that make us your choice for Laravel website development. Using Gitlab CI/CD, we ensure faster delivery of projects. Our company uses Docker containers to ensure the security of the backend of the applications.

Agile Methodologies
Talented Workforce
High Performance & Speed
Great Flexibility
High Performance And SpeedCost Efficient
Easy Communication
End-to-end Development
Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing helps you to find the best set of services and skill sets at reduced cost. Having an inhouse team can be costly and also, you are prone to abandonment by any of your hired resources, this can increase your development cost and also delay the project for an uncertain amount of time. Since we offer you contract-based services at competitive prices, you can hire us as an outsource partner for Laravel web development services, without worrying about any of the above mentioned problems.

Once you share your project, our consultants will contact you to know about your project requirements in detail. Having ample information about your project, we determine the time of development, amount of work that is needed to be done and the number of resources that will be required to complete the project. After that, we can tell you about the development cost of the Laravel website.

Depending on your product requirements, we closely analyse the features, technology and trends that your website is in dire need to make an impact in your industry. With detailed analysis, we can help you determine the time needed to build a fully-customized Laravel website.

Yes, we can help you in migrating from any PHP framework to Laravel for websites and applications. We have a dedicated team that allow you to migrate your websites and applications from any other platform to Laravel without compromising the security of your existing data.

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