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Law firms are just like any other business in the fact that they need marketing to gain more business. The modern age of digital marketing has made law firm internet marketing not only feasible but crucial to success. Some of the biggest elements include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing. The biggest challenge with advertising online is the fact that everything is out in the open. Anyone can leave a scathing review at any time.

To this end, law firm reputation management is a huge part of both client retention and acquisition. Search Engine Marketing is a broad term and it involves several key aspects, one of which is the online reputation of the brand. Brand building through SEM is no mean feat and at AIS Technolabs,we understand this fact.That is exactly why we offer reputation management as a part of our law firm search engine marketing packages. Some of the best approaches we take for our clients are:

  • Local Listings: Every time someone looks for a law firm, they look for three things – affordable rates, convenient location, and a superb reputation. Setting up local listings in more than one online directory, it gives the local SEO a serious boost and makes it easy to get more clients. Boosting sales through local listings is a strong and positive measure.
  • Incentivized Reviews: There is a huge difference between fake reviews and incentivized reviews. Clients can have wonderful things to say about the business and its practices but that message needs to reach more people. Incentives push clients to take the time out to post detailed reviews online on different platforms such as Yelp, Yahoo, and Google.
  • Positive Marketing: Positive marketing is a way of getting in people’s way when they search for something. Marketing positive content that is geared towards the firm or the attorneys steers the potential customers away from bad reviews, negative remarks, and derogatory statements. Doing this can build a solid brand organically and it treats the firm as a living organism that changes dynamically over time by connecting to the prospects.
  • Damage Control: Spammy content and negative reviews bring down the brand image. More often than not, the negatives gain more traction than the positives about the firm. It is possible to report these comments and get them removed from the web page in order to do some damage control. If there is nothing negative to find, new clients will keep coming.

Law Firm Search Engine Marketing

The best thing about law firm search engine marketing is that it is extremely well balanced. We at SEOExperts, are completely aware of this fact. Our continuous efforts not only bolster the brand image quickly but also keeps improving the SEO of any website. Through tireless efforts, our law firm internet marketing specialists at AIS Technolabs have made hundreds of law firms across different countries gain a lot of business. The dedicated team of professionals that we have with us,have worked night and day to turn even severely damaged reputations around.

Law Firm Reputation Management

The hard truth about a law firm is that not everyone wins every single case and in many such events the clients blame their attorneys for not doing better. One scathing blog post can damage the reputation of the entire firm overnight. Our team of law firm reputation management professionals understands exactly what is at stake for you and makes it their top priority to turn the entire situation around. AIS Technolabs will make the best of a bad situation and keep the clients rolling at the same time.

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