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In simple terms, SEO is the practice of creating a framework of on-site and off-site elements of a website to ensure that it has high visibility in the search engines making it accessible to an increased number of users. In turn, it generates profitable revenue for the business.The birth of SEO has transformed the way we do business changing the traditional approach and making markets highly competitive. It has revolutionized every nook and corner of the business it has pervaded.

Lately, the area of law practice has realized that the use of SEO for law firm websites could unlock the potential for success in the business. As it is true that many tactics for optimizing your brand are available, it is also true that SEO strategies need to be tailored specifically for the legal industry.

You need a comprehensive marketing strategy plan to formulate and execute law firm SEO services. We, at AIS Technolabs, understand that the legal industry carries a lot of risks. We offer multiple services and cater to the needs of each service uniquely. For instance, areas such as criminal law, corporate law, business law and more may need unique approach and adding service pages for each offering. You might’ve had SEO companies promising you results but haven’t found any.

With our personal experience and a team of lawyers, we are here to solve that problem for you. Since we understand that the legal industry is unique and our marketing strategy and SEO services need to be tailored to the law firms in order to make a difference.

On-site optimization:

Before we even begin crafting a search engine optimization strategy, we see that your website is built to rank high. Whether your law firm has already established a website or you’re just starting out, we will help you tweaking, changing and building your website from scratch to ensure high visibility in search.

We cover everything from incorporating selective keywords naturally into the title, meta and heading tags, writing high-quality blogs posts and page copy, optimizing page loading speed to integrating social sharing within your content.

Off-site optimization:

The time and efforts you spend improving your off-site factors will determine your success in improving your brand performance because for search engines like Google off-site factors are more important and as they yield genuine results.

When your brand is mentioned in pages, forums and discussions, again and again, it is mainly because you are able to offer what most people are looking for. In a way, it serves as a word-of-mouth marketing technique to build your law firm. Whether it is creating a high-quality profile with scope for many backlinks to your site, implementing social sharing techniques, or using social bookmarking, we are the best seo for law firms.

Keyword strategy:

Even before starting any of the SEO steps, it is important to focus on building a strong keyword strategy. Similar to other industries, lawyers should focus on keywords with purchase intention that drives your website visitors to calls to action so that they will immediately sign up for your services.

Our team has always been successful in building strong keyword strategies since we find out what people in your industry are searching for. Based on those searches, we formulate your keyword strategy to keep it more relevant and practical applying the keywords with high search volume.

SEO audit:

As the search engines, people’s needs, law firm industry and for that matter the internet itself are evolving, the SEO strategy built today may become obsolete in a couple of days if it is not constantly monitored. What is relevant today may not be applicable tomorrow. Therefore, we conduct regular SEO audits for your website to analyze the factors we’ve built incorporating into your SEO strategy. We analyze, measure, and make changes whenever necessary so that we can help you stay at the forefront of evolving trends.

In the past, when any change such as a signature algorithm, competitor’s success or webmaster guidelines updating has occurred we’re able to help our clients since we were up-to-date at all times. We believe that being proactive keeps us in control in handling and satisfying the many clients we serve a day in and day out.

Link builder:

Building links are one of the top factors that can change a page’s rank. In fact, it can change the fate of a sinking business to a soaring one. In the law firm industry, we will help you attain links from legal industry specialist firms in high numbers. As we believe the greater the number of high-quality links pointing to your brand, the better the rankings of it will be.

Content creation:

Creating a quality content is one service where there is a stark difference between legal industry and others. The crucial element here is not to make the content interesting but informative and available. There may be tens of thousands of pieces of information about different areas of law practice. It can only work out well if it’s written by experts in the law firms.

Our role in content creation:

Although our role seems limited while creating content, we help you in organizing a vast amount of information in a logical manner. Since it all boils down to how much of your content can easily be found by your visitors and making sure that it is relevant to the visitors seeking your services. This is where, we step in helping you identify the areas of attention, and of research so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Call to action

In comparison with other industries, call to action for law firms are different and need a unique strategy. You would have different kinds of clients seeking help; therefore, it is important to keep multiple contact methods available such as phone, email, Skype and Whatsapp etc. We will also guide you through the placement of your call-to-action field in the most appropriate space to land your potential clients effectively.

Google analytics:

The one reason you need to focus on analytics is to be aware of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are essential to your law firm. It is not only important to acquire leads every day but also know precisely where they are coming from. In order to have a full picture of where your leads are coming from we will help you track your email signups, Ebook downloads, measure your conversations with tools like Ngage Live, and Mongoose Metrics etc

Law firm SEO Expert


Thanks to our unique approach to SEO for law firms we have always thrived in spite of the changing markets and evolving SEO trends. A one keyword -stuffed content would never work for a dynamic industry such as legal industry. With the presence of diverse needs of the public, it is excruciating to meet the demands of the exact interests. This is where we step in and help you target your content with the exact need of your audience. We go through a step by step process by researching the content your audience needs, helping you create quality content and finally analyzing the impact of the content built. Due to our soundproof strategy, we are known as the law firm SEO experts in the industry.

Law firm SEO marketing:


As much as SEO marketing sounds mysterious, in reality, it is far from it. The mystery lies in the way search engines have formulated algorithms surrounding SEO and the factors which determine typical site rankings. However, this mystery is the main factor why AIS Technolabs team is always exploring law firm SEO marketing and others to evolve and ace the game parallel to the evolving of search engines.

In our law firm SEO marketing, we strive to maximize visitors to your website by building useful content, trust and value in order to see that your site ranks high in the search engines. In addition to these, we craft various strategies to target different needs of your law firm’s unique needs.

Local search marketing:

Unlike other industries, marketing in the legal industries is quite different because the rules and regulations vary according to the state and region. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to establish a local search marketing that takes local aspects, rules and limitations under consideration.

Search engines like Google give complete preference to local search monetizing them with ads. This makes local SEO more valuable than ever. We help you in targeting local legal and traditional directories, maintain your Google My business profile and manage your site with location-based terms to compete strongly in this area.

Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is not what it used to be a couple of years ago. It has changed from driving under the influence approach to a more informative and useful approach. Instead of just posting links to get the attention of your audience, it is important to build trust and value. The only way to do this is to write your content in groups and forums, build a buzz around your brand by building your online presence as an expert in the field.

Improving social profile

If you want to improve your social media profile for generating results for your business, you need to have a clear purpose in mind. The first step is to review your business objective so that you stay on track from the beginning until the end. Often, we see businesses starting out with one purpose and reaching a totally different one at the end. In order to avoid this, we follow a method of making a list of ‘whys’ to better understand your goals and meet the original expectations. Each law firm’s goals may vary depending on the type of clients they handle. As such, they may have a wide range of goals to improve the social profile. For instance, it may be to increase the online recommendations or customer service or client referrals. It may also be to improve your brand awareness or improve the trust factor. Therefore, we sit down with your team to review your goals and put a spotlight on your desired outcome in order to engage with the kind of platform in the first place.

The second step is to check if the information being posted, whether it is relevant to your audience and also checking in to see if it aligns with your initial goal. When your posts are focused on providing information to the audience and addressing their concerns as closely as possible, it results in sharing and reposting of your posts resulting in promoting your brand and content, fulfilling your business goals and generating additional client-base. To do this appropriately, you may need to research to find out what type of information would be best suitable and influence most of your clients. We conduct regular surveys and analysis so we can keep improving your social profile consistently.

The next step is to know what social platform out of the many will match with your business requirements. We will help you choose one or more and craft your law firm search engine optimization, not based on which platform is popular, but the one which fits in with your business goals, the type of audience you want to reach, and the results you want to generate. Our team uses few support tools along with analyzing your needs to determine where you can place your best bet.

The frequency of usage is also important and there is no right answer for it as well. How often you use your social account depends on the level of engagement you receive on each platform. What would actually be important is the consistency should be maintained. Whether it is the frequency of use or representing your brand, a consistent voice should be maintained.

Lastly, listening and answering the queries of your clients is crucial not only to know more about your audience but also building yourself as a brand who listens. This way, you can be aware of business like you, the strategies they use, and the sentiments of your audience towards your brand.


Facebook is a valuable marketing and professional networking tool for lawyers. By using Facebook business pages to share articles or blog posts containing information you have written, news articles that quote you or your firm and any other information that shows that you are an expert in the law practice can help you stay at the top of the minds of your audience when a legal matter arises.

Facebook ads are also a great marketing tool as they are designed to deliver your ads to highly targeted market. You can choose to set your parameters as precisely as possible in order to generate better responses. In addition to these, it is important to tread carefully in the world of Facebook by staying away from any controversial issues so that you don’t run a risk of alienating the very audience you’re attempting to reach.


It is surprisingly easy to maintain your social profile on Google+ community. You can simply join a few topics related to law and share your best piece of content after you’ve gained insights on the kind of information shared across. The key is to be consistent, which can prove to be valuable as you can get many social signals needed for your site.


LinkedIn should be at the top of your internet marketing strategy if it is not already. In order to appear professional, it is more important to have a LinkedIn social account and also have access to executives from all the fortune 500 companies. It is convenient to share your articles, posts, videos or even comments showing your expertise in the industry and connect with executives from best brands. In fact, you can be as direct as possible compared to many other platforms and reach out to anyone for advice or recommendations. We will help you leverage this and other platforms to build credibility and connect with as many people as possible. We will also use Google analytics and other tools to find out the levels of engagement to dig deeper and understand how many people visit your page, the time they spend and the number of visitors turning into leads.

Guest posting:

While guest posting on popular law blogs can establish you as a trusted brand while driving traffic to your site or blog, it is also a great way to connect with new readers. We will guide you to be a good guest blogger so you can add value to someone else’s blog. This way, you are building a long-term relationship with other bloggers in your industry. This way of relationship building can grow your influence and will likely lead to more visitors to your site.

It is also one way of building links to your website improving your SEO strategy. Whether it is Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others you can always be sure to be found in the top rankings. On the other hand, you can reach out to other law experts and allow them to guest post on your site as well. This way, you can build great quality content, introduce diversity within the content on your site, and build mutually beneficial relationships.


In simple words, Quora is a relatively new question and answer site. You can precisely target your market by answering questions related to law practice from time-to-time. We will help you leverage Quora as a source of referral traffic. The best part is, it is very simple and does not take much effort compared to the other platforms. Similar to Quora, Pinterest can send a ton of referral traffic to your other social media platforms. For reasons such as targeting a specific age group falling between 18-34, a group of informed and curious audience, and with over 100 million unique monthly visitors it is one of the irresistible platforms.

Local press and Media relations:

To make your voice heard proactively, the best tools to use are our press and media. We develop local press and media opportunities such as media exposure, public speaking engagements, and rankings and rating management in order to boost your online marketing efforts.

With the increase in online reading space, the business models of local press have changed considerably. However, as much as the need for the online presence of your brand is crucial you would still need the traditional press to spread the word. Therefore, we help you out by reaching out to media outlets and journalists so that they can report on your news anytime you want to build local awareness of your brand.


When talking about Search engine marketing, the primary words that come to mind are optimization and advertising. Search engine marketing is a form of marketing which promotes websites by increasing their site rankings in SERPS, otherwise known as search engine results pages by implementing optimization and advertising techniques.

Components in SEM:

Paid search such as PPC (Pay Per Click or Call)
Website conversion
Landing page optimization

Before long, SEO was also included in the Search engine marketing category, however; with the recent evolvement of trends and the complexity of both SEO and SEM, they lie in two separate domains. While SEO focuses on improving your brand or site performance to ensure that it ranks high in organic search engine rankings, SEM mostly works on the principle of paying to play on the Search engine results pages, which means that you use paid advertisements to target users, who are searching for a similar keyword online.

We choose to work with both SEO and SEM because it is always good to gain lot more leads than expected by implementing both these practices. It has also proven to boost the speed with which we can build your brand and generate additional leads.

Law firm SEO Company


You can now fully focus on your tasks as we run our SEO strategy always to perfection to satisfy your fastidious eye. When working with legal industry, we understand that there is so much at stake. For this reason, we tread carefully to move in the right direction because we believe in building long-term collaborations with our clients building a lifetime of promise and deliverance. For this reason, brands looking for law firm SEO Company directly reach out to us. And, we consider that this is a privilege of a lifetime that we build with brands such as yours.

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