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Online marketing has provided a very easy way for the businesses to reach their potential customers. Same is the case for lawyers. Realizing this, more and more firms have started to invest in online marketing as a way to generate clients. To perform the online marketing tasks for them, the lawyers are hiring SEO experts. In today’s competitive world, you can see a large number of legal SEO companies claiming that they are better than the others and confusing their customers.

We, AIS Technolabs, can provide you with solid reasons why we are better than the rest of our competitors and we can also help you in being the same. With a rich experience in this industry and customer-centric approach, we provide the precise marketing strategies that allow your brand and ultimately your website perform exceptionally. We have with us an experienced team of professionals that is well-aware of the emerging trends in the domain of digital marketing. These professionals understand that every business has a different set of challenges and unique requirements, and provide customized online digital marketing solutions that meet their specific needs. Working in this way, we help our clients to stay ahead of their competitors. Our distinctive approach towards legal online marketing has helped us earn appreciation by the clients and have established us as one of the best law-firm SEO companies in our industry.

The Role Of Legal PPC In Helping You Get Found By The Potential Customers

We provide SEO services for lawyers and law firms that help them in standing their grounds in this extremely competitive market. Our system ensures best legal PPC practices to help you target the relevant customers and legal SEO practices to get you exposure in front of hundreds of potential customers. Whenever someone clicks on your PPC ad, they land to your page and in this way, PPC methods help your website in getting found. In addition to this, we use other unique methods also to promote the website of our customers. We have a good understanding of the legal industry and we know what it takes to be the best. Our primary focus is on helping the lawyers achieve the rankings, leads and revenue growth they are expecting from their website. Here is a basic overview of how we work to achieve the top-rankings for our customers:

  • Before we start working, we collect important data of your company and your work and perform a comprehensive audit of your website.
  • After we are done with auditing, we provide you the details of our findings and explain to you the issues that are holding you back and the strategies we will follow to fix these issues.
  • After this, we follow these strategies and make any changes, if required, till you achieve the output that you were expecting.
  • After completion of your audit, we send you detailed report along with an estimate of what it would cost to fix the issues that we see which is holding your site back in search.

How Do We Aid You In Web Promotion Through Legal Social Media Marketing?

The main aim of our legal social media marketing is to provide you the reach to your local customers before you go out for global reach. Many people while performing an online search for lawyers do so by typing ‘lawyers near me’. Our goal is to make your website appear on the very first position when someone searches the lawyers near them. Global reach cannot come without local reach and frankly speaking if your law firm’s website fails to attract local clients, your site will become essentially useless. Now, the main question arises what needs to be done so that your company’s website appear on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). The best answer to this is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO not only improves your organic search engine rankings but also increases the possibility that the potential customers will land on your page and will become your client.

Our strategy to legal marketing is such that it offers unique solution for each field of law. A reputation management firm, an attorney firm and similarly other field of laws face different challenges and therefore require different strategies. Our digital marketing strategy involves learning about your practice’s target demography and finding the most profitable customer and case type for you so we know where to focus our efforts. Some of the strategies that we follow are given below:

  • We perform strong on-page SEO and off-page SEO that attract visitors and keep them interested
  • We implement web designing elements that enhance the local traffic and make it easy for users to reach out to your firm.
  • We provide new content as needed which includes social media/blog content to keep everything fresh.
  • We investigate the SEO areas that could use more improvement, and we’ll make those improvements.
  • We help build strong backlinks.
  • We report you about all the findings so that you can see the progress and add your input.

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