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We render user-friendly and effective lottery management software that will help you to remain up to date with the processes. The software also ensures you have the best tools to develop and grow your lottery. With constant update and continuous improvements, we pride ourselves for bringing the industry’s leading services to our clients. We draw inspiration from the current user base and ever the changing market to make lottery solutions that can take your lottery business to its next level.

Features of our lottery
management software:

Tailored Reporting

We give you unlimited reporting potential by empowering you with the ability to run your own scripts. We help you to develop the reports that you need. With 100 standardized reports and round the clock support, you can view your data that has never been so simple. With the help of our reports, you can run your day to day lotteries easily. You can also generate formatted lottery commission report.


We work with our clients to bring a solution that suits their lottery needs. We understand that the lottery business is constantly changing and it has to be updated to keep up with the motivation of its members. We continue our legacy with our clients to stay relevant and dynamic for the changing environment in the lottery industry.

Bulk imports

This feature helps you to add the information of the large batches of new users easily. With the help of our bulk import feature, you can import thousands of records in just seconds. This feature enables you to recognize the duplicate user and compare or update his information with the previous database.

Why choose AIS Technolabs?

We offer traditional lottery prediction software with an opportunity for sensational long-term conversions and easy to operate lottery products.

Maximize profit

It is quite clear how we can increase your product sales quickly. We enable you to eliminate the cost of pre-printed tickets by offering e-tickets instead of paper tickets. This will save your money and also save the consumer the hassle of keeping a track of paper tickets from being lost. The software also reduces the costs for bulky physical lottery terminals with zero distribution cost. As you are targeting an entirely new sales distribution channel by marketing consumers with mobile phones, you have the access to potential consumers who previously avoided visiting stores and your physical lottery tickets. The end result is an overall increase in profit.

Control at your fingertips

We offer user-friendly lottery analysis software that offers an ultimate control on your fingertips. You can control the dynamic risk management parameters, which means that you can set specific parameters for each lottery or game. This ensures complete control on your business. You can also review betting trends, customer groups, winning trends, individual games, bets, transactions and other factors. Thus, above all, you can access the admin control remotely (anytime and from anywhere), and get full control over your business.

Security and safety measurements

With lottery, there comes a high risk of online fraud and theft. Being a lottery operator you must look out for such incidents and ensure security to each player. There are some consumers who want to get rich quickly and they are constantly trying to invent clever and new ways to beat your lottery system to win money. This type of fraud can bring disastrous results for your business and also damage the integrity of your lottery system. We help you to protect your business investment from dangerous frauds by tampering e-tickets that potential hackers cannot alter. We also use a safe and secure system with encrypted files for every financial transaction. This means that your consumers can be rest assured that their financial information is safe and they are not compromising with the security.


Your customers want freedom to play the lottery, but not all of them want to show their personal activities. Some of the genuine players simply want to enjoy their privacy. Our lottery management software is designed with the privacy needs of your consumers. Our software enable your consumers to access a range of options that help them to play from their home without having to divulge their true identity. There is a perfect harmony between your players and their games that they love to play.

Mobile Advantage

With the traditional lottery system the players had to go to their nearest store to buy paper tickets. But with the invention of mobile phones and innovative online lottery system which is compatible to all range of devices, it becomes very easy for players to play lottery from the comfort of their mobile phones. Our innovative lottery management system offer significant advantages to mobile phone users over traditional lottery systems.

A complete set of applications The lottery management software offered by AIS is more than just a platform for your lottery management. The software houses a complete set of applications that can deliver results for your business.It offers everything that you want in your lottery software. It is safe, secure, effective, productive, scalable, customizable and user-friendly.

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