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The building of Medical mobile apps is the fastest medical device app development across the world. There is reason behind it, why this medical device app development growing at alarming rate.

Nowadays, healthcare center transforms from pay for services to pay for value. Earlier, health center had only to meet the criteria of performance to earn pay for performance bounce or government certificate. But after the launch of ACO. Now, these organization has to mainly focus on the quality of services rather than quantity of services to get certificate or payment from the government. To serve best quality services medical app development is the best option.

Why Go With Medical Device App Development?

There is number of ways in which healthcare organization can get benefited from mobile medical apps. Medical app development gives leverage to improve daily life and positive patient outcomes. The medical app allows your users to access and organize all information related their health. It helps your patients to monitor progress and recovery of their health, the benefits from mobile medical apps are limitless. They can get all valuable suggestion regarding their health in the fingertips. This all can be done by our expertise in medical device app development. Our medical device app developer assures you to develop a best medical app for your healthcare organization.

The Rising of Medical Device App Development

By the end of 2017, around 60% of smartphones users are using mobile medical apps for their health care.

According to Forbes report by the end of 2017, the total revenue generated by medical mobile apps reached to 26 billion dollars.

Around 80% of physicians treat their patient using mobile medical apps.

Epocrates is the topmost utilizing medical mobile apps which give access to users about drug information

Having a Medical Mobile Apps Idea But Don't Know How to Implement it?

This is the main reason today healthcare industry is lacking behind in medical device app development. Because the idea of medical services cannot be delivered by the team of mobile app developers they come from medical professionals. In most of the case, medical professionals lack specialized knowledge and skills needed to shepherd an app from concept to market. That’s where our medical app development team comes in.

AIS Technolabs is having a team of experts who are skilled in medical device app development and knowledge to turn your health care app idea into reality. Our medical device app developer uses a proven method for development and refinement process that helps you to understand how your medical app is unique in competition.

Getting your app noticed in the market is the most significant challenge for you, But with the help of our marketing experts, you medical mobile app will get noticed by millions of potential users.

What Makes our Medical Mobile App Development Process Unique?

Get highly secure touch id biometrics authentication option for both apple and android medical app.

Make contact with patient or physician 24/7

Interact with physicians using video call

Push notification option to get message from physician.

Hire the best Medical App Developers in the Market

We work with tech startups, Individual healthcare organization to build innovative mobile healthcare apps. With experience & willingness for excellence to mold up innovation, healthcare software development is our calling. We design apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and other high-end device.

Our Customized Medical Mobile Apps and Solution comes in:

  • Open and Flexible mobile platform
  • Update care plans
  • Instantly receive and respond to vital patient information, monitor health status or
  • Improved healthcare delivery without boundaries
  • World Class applications that can be created and used across iOS and Android
  • Wearables & Device Integrations
  • Decide upon the best treatment and care provided, anywhere and anytime
  • Efficient, protected and Encrypted Data Transmissions
  • Increase simplicity to accelerate the healthcare decision-making process
  • Peer-to-peer communication support
  • App Integration to integrate data (billing, registration and scheduling system)
  • Compliance with FDA and HIPAA guidelines.

Contact us today to reduce medical errors and for standardizing medical treatment using mobile medical apps.

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