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Mobile App prototyping refers to the act of creating a testing model of a mobile app, also known as an app mockup to be tested before investing the time and money in development of the actual app. Prototypes are used to encompass everything from simple sketches of the product interface to the dynamic, interactive computer models of the app.
Prototyping enables to create a mobile app mockup, doing the job of developing apps much easier these days. There are various software tools in the market that allow designers to create prototypes with ease. Some softwares are incredibly efficient in assisting the process of prototyping and eliminate the use of sketches in the UI mockup procedures and also iOS mockup.

Stages in
Mobile App Wireframe

To give client’s the best custom mobile app prototype design, enhancing the user experience and improving app usability, the following steps are essential to be followed.

Stage 1

The first stage works around creating the user story visualizing your app and creating a mobile app wireframe replicating the same. Visualising the app and creating a story for it helps to understand precisely how the user will feel while using the app.

Stage 2

After the story is ready, sketching the app idea is the second stage where sharp images replicate how your app should be like. The creative team and the development team then collaborate to define app screens and unleash their imagination to produce visuals for the idea.

Stage 3

The third stage is the final stage when the app prototyping is done by creating the wireframe. This is when the sketching is translated on the computer screen using different tools and software

After the prototype is ready, it is visualized concerning its usability and functionality that the user might be looking for in a mobile app. The truth is that with the mobile app technology there is no ‘one size fits all.’ Therefore, customized solutions are the need of the hour and so are mobile app prototyping services.

Benefits of
Mobile App Prototyping


Improves Clarity

Clarity is the most important thing before starting the development of an app. In case of uncertainties about any aspect of the app, the result can very easily vary from surprising to shocking for the stakeholders.


By the process of prototyping and building out interactions and interface, the stakeholders get a chance to see and interact with the app before investing a significant amount of money in developing it. Mobile app prototyping improves clarity by ensuring that the overall purpose of the app is turning out as intended.


Collaborative Efforts

App prototyping allow the creative team and the development team to collaborate and understand quickly and efficiently. Changes can be made much more rapidly, as the work is being done in design instead of development.


The client or the stakeholder has the right to ask for as many changes as they want until they are happy with the final prototype without incurring much cost.


Predictable Results

After the team works towards a common vision for the app, as portrayed in the prototype; development is exceptionally predictable and leaves no room for surprises.


The development team is better armed to make accurate estimates. Their comprehensive understanding of what is being built makes it easier for them to achieve what they have set out to achieve.


Market Validated

Exploration and experimentation through the medium of mobile app prototyping guarantees to produce better end results and creates apps that much more valued by the user as it has been developed keeping them in mind.


Like iphone app prototyping helps overcome the common mistakes and ensures a valuable, user-friendly product that is well accepted in the market.


Easily Funded

Prototyping helps reduce risks and provides a demonstration of how the app will finally work to ensure investors that the product is worth the hefty investment that they are making.

AIS Technolabs

With the world going digital, mobiles have already taken over the desktop. At AIS Technolabs, we are aware of the growing importance of mobile applications. Our primary objective is to design and develop an app based on our client’s customized requirements helping their businesses grow and achieve new heights. Our proficient developers and passionate designers turn ideas into creative and customer-centric mobile apps. They have expertise in developing apps for both iPhone & Android.

AIS Technolabs believes in combining technological expertise with specific domain experience, to deliver ace solutions. Our center of excellence constantly tries to achieve the best through our deliveries to the clients. We believe to be an extension of our client’s team and become their long-term strategic partners, helping them grow their business, solve real problems and achieve goals. Our services are cost-effective and we take pride in providing the right deliverable after a thorough understanding of the requirements of the business.

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