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Challenges faced in mobility

At AIS Technolabs, we can take you to greater financial heights through the implementation of Mobile Strategy Planning by our expert technical staff. It so happens that this new form of technology is quite attractive to companies, and they embrace it without proper enterprise mobile strategy planning. If there is a deficiency in understanding and the vision of what is to be achieved is not clear, the whole exercise may lead to a failure. There are huge changes required in the commercial process once mobility is adopted so that these changes can be implemented only through a highly efficient IT solution provider. Our expertise in this field can help you go forward.

Mobile Strategy Planning
What are the mobility planning needs?

The path to creating an effective mobile solutions strategy depend on upon clearly charted out business strategies and visions. When we are entrusted to prepare mobility solutions for you, we take all features into account holistically. The transformation phase which is quite a sensitive issue is managed by us in the most efficient manner without hindering your regular business processes.

Examination of the potential of change

When the Enterprise Mobile Strategy will be imbibed; there will be a sea change in the business process. We will help you to perceive the effect of these changes, both in the long and short term period


We are capable enough to facilitate and bring about the entire change procedure. Having a seasoned experience in mobility, we can easily get a full understanding of the business scenario.

Understanding the affecting factors

We will study the entire process to have a holistic view of the different business factors that may be affected by the change.

Cost reduction

This can bring about cost reduction which has a direct impact on your business.

Enhanced employee productivity

Since lots of conventional work will get reduced you can deploy your employees with more work leading to the increase in their productivity.


Incorporation of enterprise mobility will make your business progressive and futuristic.

Amalgamation of business processes

Many types of business related activities can be performed together like marketing, HR, and sales.

Immediate Communication

All processes will take place on real time basis rendering fast business and speedy decisions.

benefits from mobility strategy

With the boom in mobile usage, the same can be leveraged for bringing in better business for you.

Tangible benefits obtained from mobility strategy

There are many obvious benefits that successful mobility strategy can bring in for your organization. With the boom in mobile usage, the same can be leveraged for bringing in better business for you.

Mobile Strategy Planning
Our approach methodology

With our professional approach, we will prepare the foolproof plan for going ahead with establishing the plan for mobility in your business.

Development of new insights:

We will try to delve deep into your business process and try to evaluate your present business processes and try to grasp greater insights and focus.

Planned transformation:

Since there will be a large need for the transformation of the business processes, the same has to be carried out in a systematic manner.

Development of mobile enterprise architecture

The enterprise architecture based on mobility has to be devised depending upon the thorough analysis of Business systems in place.

Present work to remain unaffected

The change into the mobility mode is a transition phase. When this change is to be implemented, we will ensure that the ongoing work scenario remains unaffected.

Optimization of resources

We will take care that your resources are optimized fully to get the best results.

Our solutions for you

You can easily control and monitor your business from anywhere with the enterprise mobility solutions. The mobile platforms of Android, Windows and iOS have become extremely popular. With the rapid evolution of these technologies, it has given the opportunity to control your businesses using these advancements.

Our core expertise areas

We have been in the business of providing solutions to our clients in the arena of mobility resources implementation. Following are our core strengths in areas related to this field:

  • Business consulting which will help to solidify the mobility objectives.
  • The linkage of the mobile strategies with the ongoing business processes.
  • Ensuring security of the business related information.
  • Provision of up-gradations depending on the customer flow through web traffic.
  • Making of mobile applications that can integrate with the back-end hardware.
  • Process of distribution of the applications to the users.
  • Maintenance and support activities.
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