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MongoDB solutions and services come in many shapes and sizes and all of us at AIS Technolabs make sure to provide the best services. MongoDB is an object-oriented, dynamic and an open source database. However, this does not mean that building apps with MongoDB are easy by any means. Our database specialists at AIS Technolabs take great pride in bringing several complex functions together with the help of MongoDB. We make certain that the database is not just functional, but also highly secure. Since MongoDB is a NoSQL database, there are no chances of SQL injection hacks.

Instead of the usual row and column structure of databases, MongoDB deals with BSON instead of JSON object files for data storage and handling. This makes MongoDB a tough choice for rookies and this is exactly where we thrive. With several years of hard work, perseverance, and experience, the work we do at AIS Technolabs is beyond all comparison. The best part is that MongoDB offers a wide array of services and we serve all those sectors. One of the booming industries that MongoDB caters to is the cloud computing industry and we make it a point to provide superb MongoDB solutions. Here are some of the reasons to choose our MongoDB services today:

High Performance
Be it for a content management system or for an e-commerce product catalog, the database is a thing of the backend. For any website or app, a sturdy backend is a must and there is no better alternative to MongoDB where performance is concerned. The reason for the high performance is due to the fact that it uses BSON over JSON. BSON is Binary JSON and being binary, it reduces execution time and resources by a huge margin.
API Services
An API reduces data redundancy and a lot of effort that goes into creating an app. APIs allow access to the database without allowing the user to modify it. Using MongoDB Stitch, it is easy to provide the backend as a service to create powerful and flexible APIs. This keeps the backend robust and at the same time, allows for highly flexible data control options. Get only the best apps that last long function perfectly.
Effective Cloud Management System
There are far too many cloud management systems that are extremely buggy. This is the main reason why AWS, Google CloudPlatform, and Microsoft Azure all use MongoDB to support their cloud backends. Some of the most salient features in the cloud management system include data monitoring, data backups, and cloud automation in a custom-made MongoDB Environment.
Managing Geo-Specific Data
In almost every app nowadays, geolocation is a major component of the services. Managing location-specific data makes it easy to monitor local results, track a target audience, and take action on the data gathered. One of the most prominent uses of Geo-Specific data is in establishing geo-specific delivery charges for e-commerce apps and websites. MongoDB can manage and maintain all such data perfectly.
Managing Big Data
Big data refers to a huge pile of data that is complicated and complex to process. A prime example of Big Data use is on social media websites and apps that collect big data to predict consumer behavior and act on them. MongoDB not only processes big data, but also allows for modules to manage, maintain, and manipulate it. All this can be done from the backend itself and the use of BSON objects come in real handy.
Dynamic, Scalable, and Heterogeneous Data
Data handling is of different types and MongoDB allows for dynamic functions that have no rigid schema. It also uses ‘sharding’ to break up a huge database into manageable partitions or ‘shards’. The departure from the usual row and column structure also allows it to deal with different data formats within the same BSON. This makes for a scalable, manageable, and smart business.
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Why AIS Technolabs Provides the Best MongoDB Solutions?

The bulk of MongoDB solutions are highly flexible and advantageous but the simple matter is that it is difficult to execute. With our excellence and sound knowledge of your business needs, we make full use of one of the most impressive database systems. MongoDB makes use of some of the most robust systems ever created for management and analysis and we make it simple to use it.

Our cloud integration services are second to none; combine that with our capability to integrate MongoDB with Big Data, Hadoop and you have something of an enigma. The sheer power and finesse that we can provide from AIS Technolabs are unparalleled. Let us serve you better with our epic MongoDB solutions. All you need to do from your end is watch us do most of the heavy lifting while you rake in dollars. Get a completely automated and functioning database for your backend today.

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