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Lawyers usually rely on word-of-mouth and traditional advertising to bring in new clients and grow their practices. But in today’s times and in the online consumer-driven world, these tactics are not enough anymore.

Research suggests that approximately 75% of people go online to search for a lawyer as a part of their search process. This makes it extremely clear that lawyer marketing online helps to create an online presence of lawyers and helps them gain new clients. There are hundreds of lawyers competing for the same clients, and online lawyer marketing now makes it easier to find the best ones soon.

Lawyers who want to advertise their website online have many options to choose from these days, depending on their resources and their budget. Some of the most effective channels for online marketing for lawyers to create a robust online presence are:

Social Media

It is essential for nearly every business to have a social media account in today’s time. Social media accounts for businesses are free for lawyers. If they have a budget, they can choose to buy paid social media ads, targeting their potential audience based on their browsing habits. The web as we know is a two-way street where everyone is actively involved. Lawyers should be active on a selected list of social media sites including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is one of the best business social media site used by professionals.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Most search engines make money by offering pay-per-click advertising services. Law firms with a moderate marketing budget design text ads for their websites (that are visible on the top and bottom of search engine result pages). These text ads are designed for specific search queries and can be set to target certain cities and zip codes, helping lawyers to choose to only display their ads to their potential clients in the same town as their law firm.

Organic Search

Law firms must not forget that a high ranked website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing is a great benefit for their firm. A large site, with hundreds of pages of high-quality content, and a diverse array of other websites linking back to it, ranks highly on search engine results pages. Growing a website, however, is labor intensive and very difficult.

A site can rank high in the search engine result pages by merely using best SEO practices, and this makes it easier for clients to find the lawyer they are in need of. This is important early in their search when they want the most qualified lawyer who can handle their case. A website should be easily found, easy to navigate and share relevant information with users such as the lawyer’s contact information, credentials, office hours, location and areas of practice.

The Advantage of Choosing AIS Technolabs

At AIS Technolabs, our goal is to provide high quality, reliable web development, and search engine optimization services to lawyers and law firms. We’re here to help you craft your unique, individual story, sharing it with the world for the world to recognize you.

We believe that to outrank the competition and continuously gain new clients; a law firm needs a flawless online presence that visitors can trust. We think that online lawyer marketing is more than just an online business presence—it’s an extension of your firm and your unique identity for the world.

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