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Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for AIS Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. by 11362 clients on over 17,600+ projects.
We share your liabilities

We work with the clients on a partnership basis. We have equal liability in the business success of our clients. It is when our clients business prospers that we achieve our business boom and enhancement of our brand image. We believe in nurturing common trust. The goals of the customers are also a joint goal for us.

Creating appropriate solutions which are sustainable is a combined endeavor. We have teamed up with companies of different size and magnitude. We love being associated with organizations of different domains and sizes to improve our competence levels.

We go into four types of partnerships with our clients
Offshore Partnership

Your operational expenses will be reduced by means of this, and you will be able to enhance your investment chances. We will help you stabilize your operations which will help you in your cost savings and increase in profits. The most difficult challenges that are faced by you in your regular operations will be rendered simpler with through help of our designed packages. Our Offshore partner can easily enjoy an edge over their competitors with the use of the high-ended tools designed as per their requirement.

Joint Venture Partnership

We can be a great help to clients who are going for Joint Venture Partnership with us.It will be a total shake hands procedure in the mutual partnership. Apart from the general business support through IT-based solutions, we will impart necessary training to your relevant staff members so that their skills of the customer dealing and client acquiring are enhanced. You can have access to untapped markets and give a boost to your sales. The best results from this kind of relationship can be obtained over a long term period.

Referral Partnership

This form of association will be based on a commission basis for the IT support provided to your new customers. You get to access technical support for your clients and get a fixed commission for each of the projects. We can also teach you on the updated sales tactics so that it would be easier to reap in more customers for you. In this concept, you have the benefits of getting hold of customers and earning a commission part from us. Referral partnership will be again a motivating form of partnership for both of us.

Reseller Partnership

In this form of association, we offer the best solution to our customers with our best solutions. The client can scale up his business with the help of the solution provided by us. This will be the best way of partnership considering the most cost effective offers and fastest results. You can easily earn greater profits with support offered by us. You also take up the responsibility for the promotion of the products offered by us to you and the services enjoyed. You can increase your business revenues to a great extent through the IT solutions offered by us.

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