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Paypal is a United States based company that helps users to make online transactions, online money transfers, electronic checks and money orders through internet.PayPal offers its IOS SDK to enable in-app mobile payments for any service through an Iphone app.The PayPal SDK integrates the PayPal or credit card payments to your mobile apps and is the easiest way to process your transactions.

If you’re looking to incorporate payment gateway integration in IOS app, we at AIS Technolabs have a team of highly resourceful software developers, who help in doing the same.

If you’re routing your existing payments to other channels giving away some of your power to others, then we will help you integrate PayPal IOS SDK in your payment gateway, with our team of experts seamlessly.

Your credit card or any other digital payment for any type of transaction through Paypal iOS SDK, provided by AIS Technolabs is secure, as the app boasts of the best fraud prevention in the market. We follow Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), hence you can rely on us.

One key difference between our SDK integration and the rest is that we have carefully studied the market by interacting with the key stakeholders and users to develop customer-centric payment gateway integration. Unlike other platforms, we have developed a robust, yet user-friendly application, known to solve all payment related problems.

Features you can look forward
to in our Paypal iOS SDK are:

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Card scan functionality

A unique feature that uses your phone’s camera to scan the card details in order to process the transaction.

Rise in sales

As your business can accept increased number of payments, you can acquire additional customers and generate more revenue. When your payment service is convenient, more people choose to use it. And, when they do, you get sales naturally.

Payment memory option

The mobile app has an option to remember the card details for future reference in order to avoid the complexity of remembering the details or having them handy at each transaction. You can also choose to delete it with just a click.

User interface

We ensure that all pages within the PayPal in IOS app are mobile friendly and optimized to give you the best user experience. Instead of integrating innumerable steps, we have embedded a series of simple steps to get the job done.

Payment analytics

We do our best to avoid any payment faults or drop-offs, however, we also make sure to track any transaction drop-offs, double payments or refunds and report them with details such as average loading time, transaction status, and receipt of OTP etc.

Easy integration

Ideally, payment gateway integration should be easy, which is why our developer team has made sure to keep IOS PayPal SDK to be straightforward and simple to consume as less time as possible. In addition to this, we have made sure to see that it occupies minimum space on your device in order to avoid delay or system issues.

Customer Convenience

In today’s digital business age, most transactions happen online. This led to rise of many options to make transactions. With so many options, the biggest customer need is convenience. For instance, the user being able to process accelerated transactions, though it appears small but makes a huge difference for someone looking for a convenient and fast way to make transactions.

Reduced Expenses

Imagine running a business with credit card and a point-of-sale system. The cost of printing receipts, maintaining records of transactions, getting paper for receipts in case of system failure sounds like a hassle and a costly affair. Replacing this with mobile payment system is not only cost effective but effortless compared to the traditional payment methods.

Internationally ready

If your customer is unable to buy from you, then you’re surely missing out a significant opportunity. But now, your business can be a global player as well since PayPal IOS gives you the access to global transactions. Our payment gateway integration takes care of accepting payments across a wide range of areas with a multi-currency facility in different digital channels offering digital payment solutions such as Apple Pay, PayPal and Visa Checkout.

Customer experience

We understand that most payment gateway integration providers often miss out on being there for the clients. For this reason, we want to put our best foot forward by taking our clients seriously and offering the best customer support in this crucial line of business. We have a team of professional customer service reps, who are constantly on the ball in order to offer highly responsive support at all times. We are also available via email or call 24X7.

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