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PHP – Doing Wonders With This Simply Yet Robust Language Specially Made For The Web

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PHP is a language that has been specially created for the purpose of web development. There may be several language around that can be used to develop websites however not many have been developed with the sole purpose of website development. The PHP language was released a long time ago and since then has gone through many changes.

One of the major changes was the introduction of the objected oriented concepts in PHP version 4. It has been a while since a major update has been announced. There was a lot of expectations for the PHP version 6 release. However PHP version 6 was cancelled and work began on version 7. The launch of PHP version 7 is expected sometime this year(2015).

This version (PHP 7) does appear to be promising and designed for to take on the World Wide Web of the future. It is expected to be one of the biggest updates yet. Hence if you need to hire PHP developers one thing that you will notice that there are many PHP Development firms around. However you need to have the ability sough out the more skilled and talented ones.

List of top 5 applications that use PHP

ecommerce Applications: It is very easy to develop a full blown ecommerce application using PHP and they also very effective. There are a few open source software in PHP that can be simply downloaded and installed to have yourself a state of the art shopping card with minor configuration. It is also possible to custom build a shopping cart using PHP programming language to suit the unique requirements that you may have.

Content Management System: Not every business is about selling items hence there is the Content Management System available to simple place information about firm (no matter which industry) on the Internet. It is possible to keep it simple or add all the bells and whistles to make it fancy. Opting for a open source content management system developed using PHP makes it very easy to accomplish this. These highly interactive software are free to download and install. Furthermore custom coding is possible using the PHP language.

Online Community: With the help of this robust programming language, PHP it is possible to build massive online communities with ease. In a world where people are always innovating and exploring it is possible for you to develop new and innovative features using this wonderful language (PHP). The fact that it is not very hard to learn makes it more attractive.

Mailing Lists: A mailing list can be invaluable for any business. In fact it is something that is very useful and can be used in a numerous methods. A mailing list developed using PHP lets you send images, text and even make your own customized design using basic HTML to make your own mailing list content. Once prepared this can be delivered to a wide range of people across the world in a flash.

Image processing: PHP makes it easier to process images from uploading to optimizing , resizing to editing. There are many feature available that make life much simpler.

AIS Technolabs makes it easier

AIS Technolabs is a PHP web application development company. The advantage of working with AIS Technolabs is that they are involved in the development of several types of software including web and others and utilize several technologies.


Sunny Chawla
Sunny Chawla
Sunny Chawla is a CEO at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App Design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He is having expertise in Digital Marketing, Game Development & Product Development.
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