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The introduction of the smartphone has made it easier for content creators to easily share and distribute their work over the internet. There are a large number of standardized solutions for both Android and iOS which allow content developers to incorporate superior mobility solutions for content that can provide consumers as well as content developers with a rich and easy-to-use platform to access and deploy content in the form of magazines, whitepapers, and journals. The iOS Newsstand which released with iOS 6 incorporates the best of content dissemination and consumption solutions for a broad section of the general populace. AIS Technolabs is a pioneering organization in the field of information technology which is deploying the very latest in technology for apt dissemination of content in an easy-to-access solution over iPhone and iPad devices using the Apple Newsstand solution.

How the Newsstand Solution Works

Apple Newsstand is an aggregator for newspapers and magazines, allowing consumers to peruse, browse, buy and subscribe to magazines of their choice directly from a single interface. It was launched alongwith iOS 6 and is one of the best ways for content developers to publish their material online directly, with the ability to reach a vast portion of the populace who are using iOS devices.

To create a seamless user interface, the solution has two segments; the server section for content creators and interfaced to the Apple Newsstand application which is accessed by the client on their smartphones and tablets.

Server Section
The server side consists of a CMS or content management system which connects the CMS to the Newsstand App. Whenever a new article, post or magazine edition is released, it is automatically updated to the client-facing app. In addition, the system allows for the generation of magazine covers which can be browsed directly by the clients. The CMS contains all of the necessary tools to upload and create content for both the front page, the cover and the internal textual detail. Since all of the data is being transmitted using the open XML protocol, the magazine can also feature interactive segments like those found in HTML5 web pages.
Client Section
The client side of the app is constantly updated from the server side, updating the cover page, the internal documentation and other details; allowing the client to access various editions of the same magazine through a single user interface. In addition, for content which is updated daily or hourly, new covers and documentation will be automatically fetched from the server and displayed on the iOS device.
Features of the Magazine App

For iOS devices, the magazine app would benefit those who prefer to obtain their news and information on their smartphone and tablet devices. The app has a multitude of features for consumers to browse, purchase and subscribe magazines.

Newsstand Integration
The app is directly integrated to the Apple Newsstand solution, with magazines and other content sources being directly available for view or purchase on the Newsstand rack. By default the Newsstand rack will display the latest issue cover or front page as the icon image. Upon clicking the icon, the user will be able to access the necessary magazine with ease. If there is an internet connection, Newsstand will fetch the information from the CMS server and display it. If no internet connection is available, the latest downloaded information will be displayed.
Purchase and Subscription Option
The Magazine app adds a purchase and subscription feature to the Apple Newsstand app. Once a magazine is selected by the user, he or she can purchase either a single copy or purchase a subscription for a fixed timeline, providing them with the magazine throughout the publication interval. The user will be able to only purchase the latest edition of the magazine, and will be able to pay through the Apple Store service; without providing the content developer with sensitive information such as credit card data. Upon purchase, the ‘Buy’ button becomes a ‘Download’ button which lets the user download the latest version of the magazine to their device. The user also has the ability to upload the magazine to iCloud, in which case the ‘Download’ button will be replaced with a view button. The subscription option lets them pre-select the frequency of downloads while making only a one-time payment for the entire value.
Renewal Notification
If the Magazine app detects a newer version of the magazine is being released from the CMS platform, it will notify the user to update their magazine. In case of a recurring purchase through subscription, it will notify the user to download the latest version of the magazine.
Archival View
The Magazine app allows users to browse through all of the archived magazines they have purchased in the past; with a long-press on the magazine bringing up the magazine download catalog; showing all of the downloaded magazines, or those stored in the iCloud cloud storage system.
How Users Will Read the Magazine

Since the magazine app is directly integrated with the Apple Newsstand App, the user can browse through all magazines just like any other magazine that they have downloaded from the Apple iBooks store; with all of the standard features presented to the user. In addition, the CMS can also specify the font, the color, the background and other design aspects through the use of CSS data which is also downloaded as part of the entire magazine. To enhance interactivity, the Magazine app also brings in features of HTML5 to the Apple Newsstand App, with the ability to view videos, send information and share articles on social media directly from the app.

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