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Real Estate Digital Marketing

A fundamental business for the growth and development of any nation’s economy, the real estate segment is the cornerstone for judging the growth and development of the entire GDP of a country. With the march of time, the internet has become a fundamental part of the society, with more and more people and businesses communicating, transacting and leveraging their businesses in the online realm; and the real estate industry too is not immune to this trend. With the growth and proliferation of the internet, it has become easier for individuals and property-seekers to look for their chosen real estate properties online, while for realtors, it creates a huge opportunity to be able to tap that market from the comfort of their office, providing a bulk of their services online; at a fraction of the costs involved. With the internet dominating the business sphere, unless a realtor has an online presence, they will eventually tend to fall out against the competition. With an aim to strengthen the online presence of realtors across the globe, AIS Technolabs, an organization devoted exclusively to the marketing of businesses in the online world, has created unique and tailor-made real estate online marketing and real estate content marketing services for its esteemed clientele across the globe.

Real Estate Content Marketing

An extremely competitive segment, the real-estate market is an industry segment which is primarily dominated by various macroeconomic factors such as the change in stock prices and changes in factors such as inflation and prices of essential commodities. However, quality housing is one of the basic human needs and there is always a latent demand for quality housing options amongst the populace. To ensure survival in such a market, realtors have to evolve to understand the requirements of consumers, and modify their business operations and marketing strategies in a similar fashion. With a shift in demographics, more and more internet-savvy users are coming of age and are looking to acquire properties, both as assets as well as investment options. As a result, it has become imperative for realtors to use the power of the internet to satiate the demand of the current generation of home-owners.

The internet is built up of content. This content is in the form of text, images, illustrations and diagrams, audio, video, and more recently, virtual-reality experiences. If the consumer is the king in retail, content is the king in the online realm. As a realtor, you can use the power of the internet and content marketing to enhance not only your own visibility, but the visibility of your properties as well. At AIS Technolabs, we strive to bring your content to the limelight, improving overall online visibility and enhancing customer conversion from prospects to home-owners through a methodical and thoroughly researched approach to real estate digital marketing.

Web Content Marketing

With an increasing focus on the web, it is imperative for your business to have a solid presence on the internet. To this end, AIS Technolabs creates customized and tailor-made content marketing strategies which will propel your business and place you one step ahead of your competition. The web content marketing entails various tasks such as improving your overall website speed through thorough optimizations of your site. In addition, the company employs some of the best content writers who develop textual content to ensure that your site stands on top of search-engine rankings. At AIS Technolabs, we generate the optimal real estate content marketing strategies through in-depth research of your consumer base using the latest analytics tools.

Social Media Content Marketing

Social media has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives, and is one of the most emotive and expressive modes of communication in the online sphere. Having a solid social media presence can provide you not only with greater visibility, but also provide quantifiable data metrics for qualitative factors such as when does your consumers visit your page, what your consumers are talking about and what are their requirements with regards to their dream homes. Using this data, AIS Technolabs creates easy-to-read and meaningful inferences to help you formulate the optimal marketing plan for your properties. In addition, AIS Technolabs create and fine-tune your social media message so that it reaches the maximum number of people at minimal cost.

Mobile Content Marketing
The advent of smartphones has made accessing the internet easier and more convenient. As per reports from Google, a majority of search and purchasing decisions are being increasingly made through mobile devices. In addition, with a large number of peripherals, it is much more convenient to communicate face-to-face using a smartphone device. In a similar vein, it is also easier to locate properties using the in-built GPS module. At AIS Technolabs, we fine-tune your website to ensure that your prospects can easily contact you through their preferred mode of communication. In addition, we optimize your website so that it retains all of the functionality as its desktop counterpart through the use of responsive web design elements. Finally, with the use of Google AMP, we ensure that your website and its associated content gets first-preference while people are searching from mobile devices. Using the latest technologies, AIS Technolabs help your business to propel ahead of the competition using sound real-estate digital marketing technologies.
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Real Estate PPC

Advertising online is one of the easiest and most effective methods to garner eye-balls, and the internet provides intuitive and data-driven advertising solutions that provide the maximum reach with minimal expenditure. One of the hallmarks of online advertising is the PPC model, or Pay-Per-Click model. As the name suggests, pay-per-click ensures that an organization only pays for the advertisements that are being clicked on by consumers. At AIS Technolabs, we provide the most optimal Pay-Per-Click advertising methodologies to enhance your real estate digital marketing campaigns. Real estate PPC campaigns are linked to online ‘landing pages’ which provide prospective home-owners with the option of providing their details to you, ensuring that you can communicate with them directly over the telephone. Since the realtor is required to pay only when a consumer clicks on the ad, AIS Technolabs creates simple solutions to track conversion percentage, lead generation percentage, and incoming request locations.
Pay-Per-Click advertisement is based on keywords, with advertisements being shown when a user is searching for certain keywords. Each keyword encompasses an advertisement group, with each stream consisting of multiple ad groups. Using this model of abstraction, AIS Technolabs finds out the target keywords for your real estate campaign, and creates groups and streams based on those keyword sets. To ensure complete transparency, keywords are tracked using sophisticated analytics tools, ensuring that you get to know who clicks the ads, where are the ads being displayed, when does someone click on the ads and where does those ads lead to. With the help of advanced analytics tools, all of this statistical data is collated into simple and easy-to-understand information which AIS Technolabs share with you regularly, ensuring that you get a proper understanding of how your marketing budget is being utilized.
As a marketer, AIS Technolabs focuses on high-performance keywords to ensure that your campaigns are successful. The company formulates a KPI or Key Performance Indicator strategy to encompass both local as well as global keywords, and incorporates them into web advertisements which are then displayed on search engines such as Google and Bing. To further accentuate the results, the company also weeds out negative keywords from the real estate ppc streams, i.e. keywords that do not perform optimally to enhance the overall effectiveness of the advertisement campaign.
With the exponential growth of online possibilities, it has become important for realtors to have a sound real estate digital marketing strategy to ensure that they stay ahead of the game and abreast of all the latest changes that technology has brought them. To this end, we at AIS Technolabs provide you with the best real estate content marketing and real estate ppc campaign strategies to enhance your lead generation and improve conversion rates.
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