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Real Estate Online Marketing

One of the core and fundamental businesses, the real estate business is one of the most important business streams for any nation’s economy. As it is with any other business, the dominion of real estate too has moved to the internet, with more and more prospective buyers looking for properties online real estate online marketing is gearing up. With the influx of the internet into the real estate realm, it has become easier for buyers to find and compare real-estate properties, while for sellers; it opens up a huge opportunity to tap into that segment and provide a bulk of their services online, ensuring that all of their requisite bases are fully covered. With the internet dominating so many aspects of the business, it has become imperative for realtors to build a solid real estate online marketing strategy. At AIS Technolabs, we assist realtors in building a rock-solid real estate internet marketing campaign, targeting all aspects of the real-estate business to ensure a smooth and recurrent flow of visitors, enquirers and assisting organizations which convert leads to sales online.

Real Estate Internet Marketing

The real-estate market has become one of the most fiercely competitive segments amongst all of the industries. This has been spurred by various macroeconomic factors such as the rise and fall of housing prices; also due to the latent demand for quality and affordable housing amongst the populace. To survive in such a competitive scenario, real-estate construction agencies and realtors have to change the way these solutions are provided to buyers; which is much more than just acquiring a realtor’s licence. However, with shift in demographics, more and more buyers are using the internet to scout for information about their preferred housing solutions. As a result, real-estate businesses are using the power of the internet to provide unique and customized solutions for their client base. To make maximum use of the power of the internet, AIS Technolabs provides unique and customizable solutions for real-estate businesses through real estate online marketing which can propel them one step ahead of the competition with their unique real-estate search engine marketing solutions.

At AIS Technolabs, we provide unique and tailor-made real estate internet marketing solutions for your real estate business in the following domains:

Data Analysis: Data is a key factor in all forms of marketing, and it is of much greater value in real estate online marketing. Simply due to the huge sums of money being exchanged, buyers are extremely aware of what they want, and use the power of the internet to scout for it. For realtors, gone are the days when data meant a notebook consisting of phone numbers for prospective buyers. Even a simple Facebook page provides a large volume of data from which certain key information points can be easily retrieved. Using data from multiple sources, AIS Technolabs build a complete and composite picture of what users actually want and present it in a neat and easily readable format to realtors, giving them the opportunity to tweak their ‘sales pitch’ in a more effective manner with real estate internet marketing
Social Network Monitoring: Social networks have become an important facet of our day to day lives, and is one of the most expressive and emotive forms of communication out there. As a result, it can provide unique insights about what consumers want, what they are saying about the realtor, and what they think and feel about the geographical location of the real-estate market in the area. With multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat; each with their own unique twist to allow people to express themselves, it is a gold-mine for realtors to literally tap into the mindset of their consumers through real estate online marketing. AIS Technolabs provide unique tools which help to gauge what consumers are saying, and use that data to create meaningful insights for realtors to enhance their business strategy.
Conversion Rate Optimization: All marketers know the importance of the sales funnel, and how important it is to quickly maneuver consumers from their desired objects of interest to the checkout counter. This process is completely different in the real-estate scenario; simply due to the nature of the ‘product’ being purchased. A real-estate deal not only encompasses the transfer of money from the consumer to the realtor, but also has various legal frameworks to ensure that the ‘property’ being transferred has well-documented rights of ownership. Therefore, to ensure a smooth transition of a buyer from a prospect; AIS Technolabs provide top-notch web-based sales conversion techniques that allow realtors to find the right prospect; and convert them into happy house-owners.
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Real Estate Search Engine Marketing

The cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign starts with Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The internet has allowed people to search for information on various computing devices, and companies jostle for space to come up on top of one another in search engine rankings. Almost all search engines today use an algorithmic approach to populate search results. At AIS Technolabs, we provide a set of unique and quantifiable solutions with real estate search engine marketing that ensure that your search engine rankings are amongst the top for any search engine result; covering end-to-end real estate search engine marketing solutions.
Mobile SEO: The smartphone has provided internet connectivity to users at their fingertips, wherever they are and whenever they want to. This trend towards accessibility, along with the ease of use of smartphones has made it the go-to device for searching information online. AIS Technolabs lets realtors create impressive internet portfolios with specific targets towards mobile users, allowing realtors to be on the top of search rankings done from mobile devices.
Speed Optimizations: With websites featuring more and more detail, it takes a greater amount of data to convey those experiences to the user. Unfortunately, this data transfer takes a large chunk of time, and research has shown that people tend to prefer visiting websites which are faster to display on their devices. AIS Technolabs undertakes a complete audit of your website, and enhances key areas which improves the loading and access speed manifold.
Keyword Ranking: Any search engine uses keywords as the basis of their algorithmic search. As such, it is important for any website to incorporate keywords in their real estate search engine marketing which make them unique from their competitors, and are easily defined amongst the common populace. At AIS Technolabs, we evaluate every requisite keyword suitable for your real-estate business or property, and incorporate the most useful ones to help you stand out amongst the crowd.
Local Search Ranking: The real-estate business is essentially a ‘local’ business, since it always deals with locations. With advanced search algorithms, search engines are able to pinpoint localities, neighborhoods, and other geographic details, and incorporate them in their search results. In addition, real-estate buyers prefer to purchase real estate based on the location of the project. AIS Technolabs provides highly tuned location-specific keywords and other optimizations which help buyers easily find out the right realtor for a specific locality or neighborhood with the help of real estate search engine marketing

As a realtor, it has become imperative to use all modern technologies at their disposal to improve profitability and enhance the experience of end users. To this end, AIS Technolabs creates customized real estate internet marketing solutions to put your business ahead of the pack and gain a strategic advantage over your competition.

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